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  Denon DP300F Belt Drive Turntable w/Cartridge
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Belt-driven automatic turntable with pre-mounted cartridge

38 people say
Our Price: CAD $369.99

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Product Code: 033DP300F

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Still cherish your vinyl record collection? Treat yourself to warm sound with Denon's DP-300F turntable. Its precision die-cast aluminum platter ensures stable rotation for rock-solid playback. The tonearm features adjustable balance and anti-skating controls for proper tracking. And its sturdy base minimizes the vibrations that can compromise sound quality.

Automatic playback with manual control
Fully automatic operation makes the DP-300F easy to use. With the touch of a button, the tonearm swings over and begins playing your record, returning to its original position when finished. The manual lifter mechanism lets you accurately place the stylus on the record wherever you want without scratching.

Switchable phono preamp for hookup flexibility
DP-300F features a built-in phono preamp that lets you connect the turntable to an ordinary auxiliary input on your receiver or audio system. But if your receiver has a dedicated phono input, and you'd prefer to use it, you can switch off the preamp.

   » aluminum platter
   » built-in phono preamp
   » belt-drive system with DC servo motor
   » dynamic balance tonearm with universal mount
   » fully automatic operation
   » manual lifter mechanism
   » replaceable moving magnet cartridge included
   » removable dust cover
   » attached RCA audio cable
   » heavy base construction
   » minor assembly required
   » two speeds: 33-1/3 rpm & 45 rpm
   » wow & flutter 0.10%
   » weight: 12.13 lbs.
   » 17-1/16"W x 4-13/16"H x 15"D
   » warranty: 2 years

Denon DP-300F Reviews

38 people say

Great Entry-Level Turntable February-16-15
Reviewer: MGB from Massachusetts  
Put simply, I was looking for an entry-level turntable that is fully automatic and won't damage my records. The Denon DP-300F has exceeded all of my expectations. The build quality is great and it was a snap to setup. Though unlikely to please the audiophile, it sounds great on my system, and the built-in pre-amp is an added bonus for those on a budget. You can find turntables in this price range that sound a bit better, but they won't be fully automatic. I'm confident that I'll continue to enjoy this turntable over the coming years by gradually upgrading components (better cartridge, better pre-amp, etc).

Denon dp300f February-07-15
Reviewer: Cisco from Washington  
If you are going to do anything other than sit and critically listen to vinyl, this is your ticket to paradise if you want a budget automatic. Yes, the cover feels cheap, the buttons clunky, and the automatic mechanism is not exactly Swiss watch caliber. However, that doesn't matter after the arm drops nicely onto your record and picks up just as well when it's finished. The parts that move and transmit sound are more isolated than I thought they would be. Surprisingly so, actually. The automatic function will never quit in your lifetime if it works the first few times and you clean and re-lube the mechanism every decade or two. I play the horse poop out of mine and still going strong. You will need to buy an upgraded cartridge if you want quality sound. I already had an AT120E which I really like so this was a no brainer. If you want an Ortofon Red you should buy the upgraded package deal. Any other combination and the choice is up to you.

Failed after 2 weeks January-18-15
Reviewer: Dave from Pennsylvania  
Purchased as an entry level turntable as a gift.  Unit worked fine until the 3rd session with it when the music started to drag and distort. Changed out LPS, AMP to troubleshoot and it came back to the turntable.  Also ensured that the equalizer switch was set to 0 as this was connected to a phono input.  Seems fairly well but unsure how it would have performed in the long run.

Reviewer: Joe from Baltimore, MD  
I bought this unit almost a year ago.  I had it hooked up to new pair of B/W S2s through a Project and Cambridge Audio phone pre amp.  I always thought it sounded a bit muddy, so this weekend I decided to swap it with my Music Hall table that I bought in the spring (of course all from Crutchfield !).  Hate to say it, but the Music Hall blows it away. I cannot believe the difference.  Night and Day.  Music Hall is crystal clear. I moved this table down in the basement hooked up to Bose 901s.  It sounds good, but I really do need to check it out again.  Maybe it's the needle, I don't know.  However, not to thrilled with it.  That's just me though.  The difference though was huge.

Reviewer: Anonymous person from Illinois  
Great record player / good quality

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Denon DP-300F CAD $369.99