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  Denon DP300F Belt Drive Turntable w/Cartridge
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Belt-driven automatic turntable with pre-mounted cartridge

32 people say
List Price: CAD $369.99

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Product Code: 033DP300F

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Still cherish your vinyl record collection? Treat yourself to warm sound with Denon's DP-300F turntable. Its precision die-cast aluminum platter ensures stable rotation for rock-solid playback. The tonearm features adjustable balance and anti-skating controls for proper tracking. And its sturdy base minimizes the vibrations that can compromise sound quality.

Automatic playback with manual control
Fully automatic operation makes the DP-300F easy to use. With the touch of a button, the tonearm swings over and begins playing your record, returning to its original position when finished. The manual lifter mechanism lets you accurately place the stylus on the record wherever you want without scratching.

Switchable phono preamp for hookup flexibility
DP-300F features a built-in phono preamp that lets you connect the turntable to an ordinary auxiliary input on your receiver or audio system. But if your receiver has a dedicated phono input, and you'd prefer to use it, you can switch off the preamp.

   » aluminum platter
   » built-in phono preamp
   » belt-drive system with DC servo motor
   » dynamic balance tonearm with universal mount
   » fully automatic operation
   » manual lifter mechanism
   » replaceable moving magnet cartridge included
   » removable dust cover
   » attached RCA audio cable
   » heavy base construction
   » minor assembly required
   » two speeds: 33-1/3 rpm & 45 rpm
   » wow & flutter 0.10%
   » weight: 12.13 lbs.
   » 17-1/16"W x 4-13/16"H x 15"D
   » warranty: 2 years

Denon DP-300F Reviews

32 people say

Good buy December-04-14
Reviewer: VT Dad from Jericho, VT  
I purchased this unit as a gift, but I set it up and checked it out before wrapping.  I found it performed admirably both with music and a Stereo Review test record.  I was quite impressed at how low the rumble was. Other reviewers have pretty much covered it, but several complained about the rubber "feet".  These "feet" are actually vibration isolators, and pretty good ones at that.  It is important to ensure that the turntable is resting on the isolators, not on the cheesy plastic faux feet.  Otherwise, you will get accoustic feedback when you crank the volume, as one reviewrer complained.

The Denon DP-300F Turntable October-22-14
Reviewer: BryantM from Weeki Wachee, FL  
I shopped other less expensive turntables before deciding on the Denon DP-300F.  I feel that it is definitely a step up from some of the entry level turntables which cost only slightly less.  While I make no claim to being an audiophile, this unit with the factory supplied cartridge provides all the fidelity of sound that I expected and more.  Most of my LP collection was acquired back during the days of console unit "record players", which means that many of the albums were "rode hard and put up wet".  Nevertheless, these well used albums sound great on the Denon turntable and I feel that this turntable is ideally placed between the entry level and the more serious audiophile models available.  

I gave a five star rating only because there was not a 4.5 rating available.  When I unpacked and assembled the turntable following the included instructions, the setup for balancing the tone arm simply wasn't working.  The lift mechanism was stuck at full height and would not allow the tone arm to balance freely.  I eventually determined that the small screw visible on the top of the lift mechanism was backed out too far.  Lacking any reference in the instructions, I tightened the screw all the way down and thought I had solved the problem.  However, at the end of play of the first album, the needle "ripped" all the way across the record on its way to the resting position.  Okay, the tone arm was not lifting high enough,.. adjusted the little screw and all is well.

Happy Day October-16-14
Reviewer: GBATL from Atlanta, GA  
As far as turntables go, the DP-300F is a fantastic value. Quality components, and a durable construction make this a go-to choice whenever I'm suggesting/purchasing a turntable for a friend, family member, or place of business. Beyond that, for budding audiophiles, one can simply upgrade the cartridge and take this already great workhorse player to a whole new level. Unless something drastic changes in the turntable market, the DP-300F will continue to be my choice for the everyday turntable!

Denon DP-300F Turntable Review August-13-14
Reviewer: David from Iowa City, IA  
Excellent turntable for the price! The cartridge is less than spectacular but at this price who am to quibble. I have already purchased a better cartridge and installed it and the sound quality is much improved. I really like the full-auto function. My other turntable has an $800 cartridge. Yes, the MusicHall sounds better but at 4x the cost.

Nice turntable February-26-14
Reviewer: mick from Florida  
I was in the market for a turntable and wanted a fully automatic as my tremors would prove disastrous for both a tone arm and record if I had to play them manually. This Denon is a smooth, quiet, nice looking turntable and is easy to set up and I even installed a cartridge upgrade myself with a Sumiko Pearl which I ordered with the turntable from here. It's a great performer and the price is very reasonable....Denon has been making record players for over a hundred years....they got it right.

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Denon DP-300F CAD $369.99