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  Infinity 6100M Wakeboard Sound System
Wakeboard Sound System

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Product Code: 1086100M

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Infinity leads the way for extreme summertime fun! The 6100M Wakeboard Sound System combines a marine amplifier and weather-resistant speakers, specifically designed for use with your boat's wakeboard tower. Now, when you're enjoying some wakeboarding, you and your buds can groove on some great-sounding tunes at the same time. The system even includes a "talkback" microphone for communicating with the boarder in the water.

The Wakeboard Sound System comes in two parts. First, two Wakeboard Tower Speaker Pods — each with two 6" polypropylene drivers and a 1" dome tweeter, housed in a tough polymer acoustic suspension enclosure. Each enclosure comes equipped with Infinity's rugged Multi-Mount, a specially-designed bracket that clamps the enclosure securely to your wakeboard tower.

To power the speakers, the sound system includes the 6100M marine amplifier. With two channels slamming out 125 watts of RMS power each, there'll be plenty of juice for blasting the tunes over the sound of wind, water, engine noise, and your whoops of joy! The amp has speaker- and line-level inputs, so you'll be able to hook the amp up to the boat's existing radio, tape, or CD player, or even a portable music player (with a line-level out).

Of course, don't limit yourself to wakeboarding. The rugged, weatherproof, and versatile design of the 6100M makes it a great way to provide the tunes for all of your maritime adventures.

Note: The 6100M includes speaker wire, but not an amplifier wiring kit. We recommend an 8-gauge amp wiring kit.

   » two Model 6000m speaker pods with speaker brackets and one Model 6100m 2-channel marine amplifier with microphone

Model 6100m amplifier:
   » 125 watts RMS x 2 (at 4 ohms)
   » input gain adjustment
   » voice projection with supplied microphone
   » selectable page output
   » speaker pods each contain two 6" polypropylene speakers and one 1" dome tweeter

Model 6000m speakers:
   » two UV and salt-spray resistant polymer acoustic suspension enclosures with two 6" woofers and one 1" tweeter each
   » frequency response 80-20,000 Hz
   » speaker sensitivity 93 dB
   » Multi-Mount brackets (fits any bar from 1.5" to 2.5")
   » warranty (speakers and amp): 1 year

Infinity 6100M Reviews

4 people say

Reviewer: Jerry from Milan, TN  
This is a well designed system.  This is the perfect option for retrofitting a wake board tower for great sound.  I recently completed the installation and was amazed at the sound.  I can hardly wait for the weather to warm up to hit the lake and turn it loose.

awesome April-27-07
Reviewer: zaf88 from ny, ny  
bought this set for my malibu couple years ago. works great and u just cant beat the talkback mic. i just bought an air nautique and am buying another set. highly recommended

Reviewer: John from Cincinnati, OH  
Great package! Easy to install on Malibu Titan tower and sounds great.

PA control handles tower speaker music level and PA sound level... great way to 'dog' the downed boarder and to call out to passing people on boats and the shore...

We would do it again... 1st class system.

Reviewer: Erling from Houston, TX  
I was a little skeptical of purchasing a packaged unit such as the 6100m but I have installed it in my Air Nautique and have found it to be a great combination.  The speakers and amp crank out plenty of sound to be hear by the boarders and the pa system is great to help my kids with their boarding.  The volume controls on the pa mic are great as you can easily control the volume of the tower speakers without changing the other speakers in the boat.

Infinity 6100M CAD $999.99