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  NAD C427 AM/FM Tuner
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AM/FM tuner

21 people say
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Top-notch reception and convenient use

Listening to music, catching a ballgame, keeping up with the news.... There are several reasons why a strong AM/FM tuner can be a key addition to your home stereo system. The NAD C 427 tuner makes sure your radio stations come through clearly by using a low-distortion design and features such as "FM Mute," which eliminates inter-station tuning noises,.

With the C 427's 40 available presets and simple controls, you can store and scroll through your favourite radio stations with ease. The tuner's screen displays Radio Data System information, so you can see what station, artist, and song you're listening to (available with select FM stations). You can control it with the supplied remote, or integrate it with your existing external controller or universal remote. The NAD C 427 works well with NAD's highly-regarded integrated amplifiers.

Product Highlights:
   » 40 AM/FM station presets
   » 24-position rotary knob for switching between preset stations
   » displays Radio Data System (RDS) Program-Service and Text information for station name, artist, and song info (available with select FM stations)
   » auto and manual tuning
   » "Blend" feature narrows stereo separation for clearer reception of noisy stations
   » RS-232, IR input and +12V input for use with other remotes and controllers
   » stereo RCA output (cable included)
   » AM and FM antennas included
   » detachable power cord
   » remote control included
   » FM harmonic distortion: 0.4% (mono), 0.8% (stereo)
   » FM signal-to-noise ratio: 65 dB (mono), 60 dB (stereo)
   » 17-1/8"W x 3-15/16"H x 12-7/16"D
   » weight: 10.1 lbs.
   » warranty: 2 years

NAD C 427 Reviews

21 people say

NAD C427 February-18-17
Reviewer: Frank from Central PA  
This tuner and a Marantz PM8005 integrated amplifier replaced an aging NAD receiver.  The FM reception with this tuner is definitely an improvement.  I live in the country but still manage to get several distant FM stations fairly well during daylight, and a few extremely well in the evenings and onward.  Using an outdoor omnidirectional antenna sitting on the top of a hutch in the listening room  receives most of these stations from between 20 and 50 miles in one general direction.  Several larger stations 25 miles in the opposite direction seem to be totally blocked.  Such is a reality of FM and I don't consider it a fault in the receiver.  If a station is broadcasting a song with, for example,  good stereo channel separation this tuner will play it that way; unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of low quality transmissions from some stations.  The Blend feature works very well to reduce and often completely eliminate any hiss in a marginal reception; of course, switching to mono can often clear up what the blend function can't adequately mitigate.  I get only two very, very faint AM stations, probably in large part attributable to living in a brick house with a metal roof surrounded by hills.  Undoubtedly, mounting the antenna outside would improve reception and that is a to-do.   There is very little available today in component tuners; while this NAD seems a bit pricy I am generally quite pleased.

Very Good Tuner February-11-17
Reviewer: M. R. from Germantown, MD  
Bought this tuner to replace a Carver CT-17 tuner/pre-amp.  It's a very good tuner with several nice features (e.g., FM blending).  As others have noted, it's a bit pricey compared to the competition, and doesn't have a signal strength meter, which it should considering the difference in price.  FM in the DC area is fairly strong but it has no trouble pulling in stations from Baltimore with a dipole antenna.  The RDS info is displayed when the signals are strong enough (maybe that's the strength meter?).  HD would have been a big plus.  If it had the signal strength meter, it'd be 5 stars instead of 4.  Overall, I think it was worth the extra money...

Great tuner. December-04-16
Reviewer: Dave from Appleton, WI  
Great tuner! A little pricey but worth it especially if pairing with an NAD amp.

Reviewer: Ted from Green Valley, AZ  
I just purchased the NAD C 427 to replace the tuner that was built in to my Onyko 827. It does the same thing and it cost less than having the Onkyo receiver repaired.

NAD 427 June-09-16
Reviewer: Paul Z from Chicago, IL  
Good sound and build quality, nice display, but preset access via rotary encoder isn't intuitive (at least to me), so 4 out of 5.

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NAD C 427 CAD $529.99