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  American International AS100 Noise Filter for Moto
Antenna noise filter

14 people say

Product Code: 003AS100

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This filter is designed to stop noise from entering your car stereo system through your antenna. It simply plugs in-line between your antenna and your in-dash receiver. Uses standard "Motorola" type input and output.

If you're hearing noise when you listen to the radio, but not when you listen to a tape or CD, the Xterminator may be the answer. Rerouting the antenna cable may help, too.


American International AS100 Reviews

14 people say

Surprised....It Really Works April-07-12
Reviewer: John M from Massachusetts  
Bought a new JVC HD head unit from Crutchfield....the CD/USB fine, but the radio was useless - a screetching and wailing mess from interference. I ordered this filter but frankly had low expectations. It should not have. Of course, incredibly easy to install, it eliminated all the screetching and wailing (which I think was caused by the very high sensitivity of the JVC's HD tuner), and the radio is now fully usable.  I haven't tried it on a long drive yet to see if it has significantly reduced the tuner's sensitivity. For $10, it is a no-brainer. (And yeah I know the production cost is about $1.25....) I wonder if this problem is more common on HD radios.....if so, Crutchfield should suggest buying this with any HD unit.

worked great in our race trailer September-07-11
Reviewer: Rhonda from Germantown, OH  
We installed this little guy along with the S-15A.  The combination of the two  worked wonders on our 12 volt radio in our race trailer.  We had a lot of  humming and static and noise whenever we started up the generator.  All better  now.  


Best bucks I ever spent November-05-10
Reviewer: Jeff W from Washington DC  
This filter took the AM station I listen to on my commute from largely unlistenable 80%  of
the time to virtually static free.  I can now listen to the station during the entire commute,
with hardly any static!  The only time it couldn't filter out was when the EMI was so great
(we have a 3rd world electrical infrastructure with wires everywhere), that other
frequencies actually bled through.

Freakishly simple to install and the difference is literally night and day. Get this if you
have a lot of antenna-driven RF.  It's a no-brainer.

Worked in reverse. April-08-10
Reviewer: Therian from LI, NY.  
I was getting lots of noise on the radio so I figured I'd give it a shot.  With this filter in  line, the noise level stayed the same, but the reception dropped by about 40+% so it  actually made things worse.  

When you check out, the website asks for the model of your car as you may need an  adaptor.

This filter is just one tiny little choke in a big plastic housing, it's easily 2-3 times larger  than it needs to be.

I've never been motivated to write an online review before buying this product. I hope I  can help keep someone from throwing away their money like I did. It would have been a  lot less work to just throw my money in the trash.

06 Acura RSX November-18-08
Reviewer: Bnguyen from Los Angeles, CA  
Installed in conjunction with the iPod adaptor and I noticed a reduction in noise and the clarity of radio stations was greatly improved.  Of course not the greatest but so far a thumbs up for me.

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American International AS100 CAD $16.99