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  Scosche SLC4 Speaker to RCA Four Channel Line outp
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Convert speaker connections to line-level preamp connections in mobile audio applications

84 people say
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Product Code: 142SLC4

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Overview: This is a versatile adapter that allows for multiple applications. If your receiver doesn't have preamp outputs and you want to connect it to an amp that doesn't have speaker level inputs, this adapter can be used to convert you receiver's speaker level outputs into preamp outputs. With this adapter, you can hook either a 2-channel or 4-channel amplifier to this adapter, and not lose fader control. This adapter also allows you to add an aftermarket receiver to either a common ground audio system in your vehicle, or an audio system that has factory amplifiers (like many of the Premium, JBL, and Bose audio systems). There are gain controls for both the line outputs and the factory amp inputs. Which gain controls you use depends on your application. Note: There is a plastic screwdriver that is physically attached to the adapter, and must be broken off to use. It is used to adjust gain controls and screw down the speaker terminals.

Speaker-Level-to-Line Level Conversion: The adapter can convert car stereo speaker outputs to RCA outputs so an external 2 or 4 channel amplifier can be added to a car audio system. There are line output controls that allow you to adjust the output level going into your amplifier(s). The adapter can handle up to 80 watts of speaker level input.

Interface with Factory Amplified Systems: This adapter allows the matching and installation of an aftermarket receiver with most factory amplified systems like the Premium/JBL/Bose systems.

Subwoofer Application: The adapter will allow for the integration of a subwoofer or subwoofers to nearly any audio system. There are line output controls that you can use to adjust the output level going into your amplifier(s).

Common Ground Audio Systems: With this adapter, you can add an aftermarket receiver to a common ground system in your vehicle without having to run new speaker wires. There are factory amp gain controls that you can use to adjust the input levels.

Common Ground/Factory Amp/Line Out Switch: Depending on how you are using the adapter will depend on what position the switch will be in. If you are adding a new receiver to a common ground system, then the switch is put into the "Common Ground" position. If you are adding the receiver to a factory system that uses Premium, JBL, and or Bose, then the switch is put into the Factory Amp position. You can also add an external amp to a receiver that does not have line outputs; in this case the switch will be in the "Line Out" position. There are factory amp gain controls that you can use to adjust the input levels.

Scosche SLC4 Line Output Converter Reviews

84 people say

Willing to sacrifice audio quality? April-12-15
Reviewer: DenCon from Ellensburg, WA  
Let me start by saying that I'm a tinkerer (I'm an IT tech) - I repair electronics that are not meant to be repaired and I'm not afraid to experiment; I'm a perfectionist - perhaps a little OCD. This LOC (line output converter) does what it is supposed to do - supports a variety of installation challenges; but audio dynamic range suffered in my situation. I used it to connect a Nakamichi NA250BTR to my 1996 Saab 9000 Nokia amp (has a good reputation). It killed ground loop noise, but bass and treble were flattened - the music lost its audio soul (all that survived was mostly midrange). I tested this by switching from line-level connections without the LOC to line-level connections with the LOC and I noticed a big loss in audio quality. If I tried grounding this unit with its built-in ground, the ground-loop noise returned with a vengeance. The included instructions are somewhat unclear. Connecting and adjusting this unit is a delicate operation, as the tiny pots (volume controls) are delicate, as are the wire clamps, and the included tool is pretty wimpy. Take extra care to make the adjustments uniform, as there is no indexing or other means to assure uniform adjustments from one channel to the next. Having said all this, if you have a complicated installation and are willing to sacrifice some audio quality, this unit will get you going. But if you are willing to put in more money, time and effort, you might be able to do without - and get better results in the bargain.

I guess it works April-01-15
Reviewer: Dude221 from Florida  
I guess it works because there is no popping noise and the stereo sounds great. I went by Crutchfield's recommendations to install this and everything works fine. As a newbie, I did not know how or where to install the device--I thought it went through the RCA jacks into the car's amp. After removing removing the rear seats and interior trim I discovered the amp had no where to attach the converter. I called Crutchfield support and they told me to install it between the car's wiring and the new receiver's wiring. The converter takes the place of the wiring connectors. You unscrew tiny screws in the converter, slip in the correct color-coded wire from the car's wiring and tighten the screw. Then you do the same on the new stereo. I wish the instructions on the converter were a little more simplified for novices like myself who have no clue as to what the device is doing. A picture of the new stereo wiring---> converter---> car's wiring would make things simpler. Make sure all the wires are tight and not touching each other ( or else the speakers won't work).

Junk March-22-15
Reviewer: Anonymous person from Leesburg, NJ  
Speaker wires kept coming out. Screws are so small I had to use eyeglass screwdriver. Cheaply made junk.

SLC4 March-17-15
Reviewer: Shane from Florida  
First off, let me say that this product works in my 2007 Scion tC with a stock head unit. With that being said, the product is very average.Would i recommend this to you? If you have after market subs, then yes, however, if you do not, I would pass because this LOC has little to no bass. I don't know if they just made it that way or what, but it just doesn't push any bass through, and i actually about the bass problem after buying it, and can confirm it. It does do its job though, and I am happy with my purchase. Lastly and please read this! You must use 16 gauge speaker wire! You might be able to get 14 gauge to work but it will be a pain in the butt. The screws that hold the wiring are too small for 14 gauge. Please, lol, use 16, it will save a lot of frustration. It holds 16 tightly.

Didn't work March-08-15
Reviewer: BrianS from Oregon  
Didn't work. Even after talking to Tech support.

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Scosche SLC4 Line Output Converter CAD $21.99