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  Scosche SLC4 Speaker to RCA Four Channel Line outp
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Out of Stock Four-channel line output converter

70 people say
List Price: CAD $21.99

Product Code: 142SLC4

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Overview: This is a versatile adapter that allows for multiple applications. If your receiver doesn't have preamp outputs and you want to connect it to an amp that doesn't have speaker level inputs, this adapter can be used to convert you receiver's speaker level outputs into preamp outputs. With this adapter, you can hook either a 2-channel or 4-channel amplifier to this adapter, and not lose fader control. This adapter also allows you to add an aftermarket receiver to either a common ground audio system in your vehicle, or an audio system that has factory amplifiers (like many of the Premium, JBL, and Bose audio systems). There are gain controls for both the line outputs and the factory amp inputs. Which gain controls you use depends on your application. Note: There is a plastic screwdriver that is physically attached to the adapter, and must be broken off to use. It is used to adjust gain controls and screw down the speaker terminals.

Speaker-Level-to-Line Level Conversion: The adapter can convert car stereo speaker outputs to RCA outputs so an external 2 or 4 channel amplifier can be added to a car audio system. There are line output controls that allow you to adjust the output level going into your amplifier(s). The adapter can handle up to 80 watts of speaker level input.

Interface with Factory Amplified Systems: This adapter allows the matching and installation of an aftermarket receiver with most factory amplified systems like the Premium/JBL/Bose systems.

Subwoofer Application: The adapter will allow for the integration of a subwoofer or subwoofers to nearly any audio system. There are line output controls that you can use to adjust the output level going into your amplifier(s).

Common Ground Audio Systems: With this adapter, you can add an aftermarket receiver to a common ground system in your vehicle without having to run new speaker wires. There are factory amp gain controls that you can use to adjust the input levels.

Common Ground/Factory Amp/Line Out Switch: Depending on how you are using the adapter will depend on what position the switch will be in. If you are adding a new receiver to a common ground system, then the switch is put into the "Common Ground" position. If you are adding the receiver to a factory system that uses Premium, JBL, and or Bose, then the switch is put into the Factory Amp position. You can also add an external amp to a receiver that does not have line outputs; in this case the switch will be in the "Line Out" position. There are factory amp gain controls that you can use to adjust the input levels.

Scosche SLC4 Reviews

70 people say

no room July-14-14
Reviewer: william from ca  
the product works fine, this is the first time that I have issues installing a stereo on a car, there is no room in the car to install this without modification and the instructions were not accurate at all,

Meh... June-28-14
Reviewer: mBrane from US  
So, Crutchfield indicated that this was mandatory for the pairing of my new JVC KWHDR81BT CD Receiver with my 2008 Kia Sorento.  No.  Not accurate at all.  Here's the trick; if you tune the SLC-4 using Bluetooth as the source, the output is louder and you'll leave the output pots cranked down a bit from max.  Then, after wrestling the SLC-4 into position, mounting my head unit, and buttoning up all the trim, I was *underwhelmed* when I heard an FM source.  I could max out the head unit without distorting the sound!  

It infuriated me that I was "leaving something on the table," so off cam the trim, out came the unit, and out cam the SLC-4 for more tuning.  I ended up maxing out the SLC-4, which is the same as not even having it in line at all!  

So, now I have an extra piece of gear in my audio system waiting to fail, while also creating higher-resistance connections, because I would have connected directly and used solder instead.  I just *love* knowing that there are 16 screws holding in the wiring in the SLC-4, any of which could work its way loose at any time.  So, I've got *that* going for me!

Madza Miata Boss System June-21-14
Reviewer: Anonymous person from Schaumburg, IL  
Excellent I was not sure why this was needed but wired per instructions. Set up in car bf closing to make adjustments all of the sudden I hear back speakers which I could not hear or adj in original Boss stereo!!! Balance all with pot adj and works great

Line Converter May-23-14
Reviewer: Frank C. from Bothell, WA  
My 2003 Miata has a Bose Amp and speakers installed at the factory however the inputs to that amp are wired through a wiring plug rather than using RCA inputs.This device allows your aftermarket stereo to use  factory amplifier systems without being overdriven. Without this device I would have had to run all new speaker line to bypass the amp. The factory Bose amp puts out more power than the aftermarket head unit by itself, so it would have been ludicrous not to use it.

Works, but can be a pain to install May-13-14
Reviewer: PD from Denver, CO  
This thing worked as promised, but not without some hassle. Splicing it in between the new stereo and the wiring harness was a bit of a pain, and then it was really challenging to get it into the dash behind the stereo. Seems like for what it is it could be more compact. Instructions on setting the gain levels were pretty cryptic. Seems to be adjusted OK but perhaps it could be better? Will never know.

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Scosche SLC4 CAD $21.99