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  Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar Speaker System
Powered home theater sound bar with separate subwoofer

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Product Code: 158HTCT100

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Overview: The Sony HT-CT100 Component Home Theatre System is a two-piece surround sound system which includes a front/centre satellite speaker unit (SS-MCT100) and a powered subwoofer module (SA-WCT100). This two-piece home theatre system brings simplicity and performance together by pairing a centre/front speaker and a powered subwoofer to create a surround sound experience in a compact and easy to install package.

Front/Centre Satellite Speaker Unit: The HT-CT100 Home Theatre System's front/centre satellite speaker unit (SS-MCT100) is equipped with 3 magnetically shielded 1-5/8" x 2-7/8" cone type drivers in a bass reflex enclosure. The front/centre speaker unit features a 10' proprietary cable which plugs into the rear panel of the powered subwoofer module (SA-WCT100). The front/centre satellite speaker can be securely placed on a stand or shelf using its eight rubber-feet or mounted to the wall with its two rear-mounted keyhole slots and mounting screws (screws sold separately). The SS-MCT100 act as your home theatre systems front and centre speakers as well as giving you the effect that you have rear speakers positioned behind you.

Powered Subwoofer Module: The HT-CT100 Home Theatre System's powered subwoofer module (SA-WCT100) is equipped with a 6-1/2" cone type subwoofer in a bass-reflex enclosure powered by a built-in digital Sony S-Master amplifier. The built-in digital amplifier also provides power to the connected front/centre satellite speaker unit (SS-MCT100). The digital amplifier is rated at 50 watts per channel for the front/centre speaker unit and 100 watts per channel for the subwoofer. The powered subwoofer module also features the HT-CT100 system's inputs and outputs as well as basic controls and an LCD display. The SA-WCT100 is equipped with the following connections.

  • HDMI: The SA-WCT100 is equipped with 3 HDMI inputs and 1 HDMI output which supports x.v.Colour as well as 1080/24p. The system can detect and receive the best possible video and audio signals from all connected devices via HDMI, making connection and performance as simple as plugging in a single wire. Sony's HDMI Active Intelligence, transmits both audio and video signals through one HDMI cable.
  • Digital Audio: The powered subwoofer module is equipped with 3 optical inputs and 1 coaxial input.
  • Analog Audio: The unit is also equipped with 1 pair of RCA stereo analog inputs.
  • DM Port:  Sony's DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMP) interface is a proprietary interface that adds networking and connectivity options to your home theatre system. Just connect optional accessories (sold separately) which provide the ability to control and power devices while making set up easy and operation simple to use. The DMP will be compatible with various accessories which include a PC Client ready device (158TDMNC1, sold separately), and iPod Docking station (158TDMIP50, sold separately)
  • Proprietary Port: The powered subwoofer's proprietary port is used to connect the front/centre speaker (SS-MCT100).

S-Force Surround: By using a powerful 100% digital Sony S-Master amplifier and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology, realistic surround sound can be generated from this two-piece surround sound system. Unlike other "virtual surround" technologies, rear sound is generated from the front/centre speaker using sophisticated digital sound processing and does not need to be bounced off of side walls. No matter what the size or shape of the room or what is on the wall, it is possible to hear sounds from behind you without needing to place speakers behind you.

Digital Surround Formats: The HT-CT100 supports the following digital audio formats.

  • Dolby Pro Logic II: Creates five full-bandwidth output channels from 2 channel sources.
  • Dolby Digital: All six channels in this format are recorded separately for superior channel separation.
  • DTS: Provides 5.1 discrete channels of high quality digital audio.
  • Linear PCM:  Linear PCM is a method of encoding audio information digitally which can have up to 8 channels of uncompressed audio. This wider bandwidth allows for high resolution audio which is closer to the original. This system can accommodate 2ch LPCM through its digital audio or HDMI inputs, as well as 5.1ch and 7.1ch LPCM through its HDMI inputs.

Note: This system does not support Dolby Digital Plus,, Dolby True HD, DTS-HD or Linear PCM sampling frequencies of no more than 48 kHz.

Sound Fields: You can select from one of the following sound fields to optimize your surround sound experience.

  • Standard: Normal Sound.
  • Movie: Powerful sound in which low-pitched sound is emphasized with enhance presence.
  • Music: Best for listening to music with full surround sound experience.
  • Sports: Allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of a game, and listen to play-by-play description.
  • Portable Audio: Enjoy enhanced sound when you listen to MP3 or other compressed music files using a portable audio source.

Speaker Level: You can adjust the level (+/-6dB) of the centre/front speaker and the powered subwoofer. This setting will be applied to all sound fields.

A/V Sync: You can delay the sound using this function when the image is slower than the sound when you are playing a Dolby, Digital, DTS or Linear PCM source connected by a digital audio input or HDMI.

Audio DRC: This feature narrows the dynamic range of a Dolby Digital/DTS sound track for enjoying movies at low volume.

Max Volume Limiter: You can limit the maximum volume level of the system from 1 to 49 in 1-step increments.

BRAVIA Sync: When combined with a select number of BRAVIA televisions and other Sony audio and video products, control functions will be transmitted via the HDMI cable. With "One Touch Play," operations that took several steps have been reduced to one. Press the PLAY button on the remote, watch the audio and/or the video component(s) turn on then the BRAVIA television turn on and switch to the correct video input.

Wireless Remote Control: The HT-CT100 comes supplied with a full-function IR wireless remote control which is pre-programmed to operate other Sony audio/video equipment.

Sleep Timer: The Sony home theatre system features a built-in Sleep Timer which turns the system off automatically after a preset duration between 10 and 90 minutes in 10-minute increments.

LCD Display: The powered subwoofer's LCD display can be set to one of two brightness levels.

Sony HT-CT100 Reviews

31 people say

Reviewer: No more a customer in from Kathleen GA  
Sound was ok, system crashed in less than two years. I thought Sony built better quality.

Not bad! June-01-10
Reviewer: Ben from Chapel Hill  
I got this because I already heard it at my uncle's place and really liked it.  Its clean and sounds nice.  There are enough sound options to adjust to find a tone that works.  I  mostly watch Dish-TV and play PS3 games with this TV and I don't have the space for a  full blown surround sound system.  Voices are clear, bass is strong and the rest of the  audio is much cleaner and more well defined than before.   Setup was confusing, I don't  understand why, if HDMI carries both audio and video, do I need to run an optical cable  from the TV back to the sub to get my sound.  Shouldn't the HDMI cables from the PS3  and the DISH box carry the audio to the sub already?  All in all this is a really sweet  system that delivers great sound in a good looking package.

Reviewer: Alton from Cape Cod, MA  
This Sony Sound Bar was chosen to mate with a new 50" Samsung Plasma TV.  It is excellent!  It performs just the way I wanted.  That is, when set at a low volume I still hear the base woofer, but it isn't over powering.  The overall range is excellent.  It comes with a remote that allows you to set the sound bar to various presets like movie, games, music as well as level mode.

I would recommend this to anyone looking for a sound bar that performs excellently in a middle size room without breaking the bank.  I also highly recommend Crutchfield as an excellent on-line source for electronics.  This was my first purchase from them and it was flawless.

Good solution for smaller rooms January-13-10
Reviewer: Tom from North Jersey  
Bought this system to replace my old 5.1 system. Was not even using the surround speakers- room wasn't big enough to justify.

-Very impressed by the sound quality- fills the room nicely and imitates surround sound   quite well.
-Plenty of inputs for hi-def components
-punchy bass (when sub is turned up)
-A/V synch- hook all your HDMI components thru this unit- say goodbye to the sound being out of synch with the video.

-No standard def video inputs. Bad if you have a VCR, DVD (non-blu ray) player, or Nintendo wii. (no s-vid, composite, or component inputs)
-Only one RCA audio input. Could use more- I have a record player & Wii- both use RCA audio cables.
-fine tuning the sub levels requires fumbling with remote & menus. Should have a one touch sub adjustment button on remote! Come on!

If you are looking to de-clutter but don't want to give up good sound- go with this unit. Just keep in mind the connection limitations if you have components using standard def video & RCA audio cables. You will still have to plug directly to your TV for those. Overall- I am happy with my purchase. Thank you Crutchfield!

Poor product, Disappointed November-25-09
Reviewer: Anonymous person from Apopka, FL  
Can you imagine a home theater system without adjustable tone controls and only  6db adjustment to set the levels between the sub and main speaker?   This thing sounds like a 250 watt thumping "Boom Box" with a few useless sound fields.  The TV speaker provides better sound. Crutchfield support was no help in search for tone controls/set up - two calls and two reps - no help.   Forget Sony support! Their service rep (Foreign) claimed TV tone control would work if audio was output direct from TV to Home Theater via separate cable bypassing HDMI cable.  It doesn't.

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