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  Definitive Mythos ST Each Slim Tower Speaker With
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Floor-standing speaker with built-in powered subwoofer

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Contemporary looks and high-performance sound for serious listeners

The Mythos ST SuperTower combines stunning cosmetics with impressive, high-end sonic performance. It features a sleek aluminum cabinet and many of Definitive's most advanced components and technologies. But what really sets the Mythos ST apart from typical speakers is the SuperCube® powered subwoofer built right into the cabinet. It allows this speaker to generate startlingly deep bass, for big home theatre sound. In fact, Home Theatre magazine's Darryl Wilkinson wrote, "You'd have to spend gobs more money to get anything else that offers this combination of performance and beauty. The Mythos STs are an audiophile's speaker wrapped in an interior designer's cabinet that sells for much less than you'd expect to pay for either."


High-tech components and design for exceptionally detailed sound


Closeup of the subwoofer.


Closeup of the midrange.

Near the top of the cabinet are two 5-1/4" midranges flanking a 1" dome tweeter, all acoustically isolated in their own sub-enclosure to prevent interference from the bass drivers. Each midrange features Definitive's Balanced Dual Surround System (BDSS) technology, which employs rubber surrounds on both the outer and inner edges of each speaker cone, for more stable, precise motion, resulting in exceptional clarity. The pure aluminum dome tweeter has a special ceramic coating, so you'll hear every subtle sonic detail without the edginess of lesser tweeters.

Powerful bass built right into the cabinet

The lower section of the cabinet holds a 6" x 10" racetrack-shaped woofer reinforced by two bass radiators. This combination creates a total surface area that's actually greater than that of a traditional 15" woofer, but the three-driver approach provides better low-frequency control, speed, and detail. A built-in 300-watt amplifier powers the subwoofer, delivering massive bass that eliminates the need for an external sub. Aside from saving you some floor space, the built-in subwoofer ensures balanced system sound because the bass is already perfectly blended with the mids and the highs. The subwoofer also has an adjustable volume control so you can fine-tune the bass to suit your room or taste.

Granite bass

Each speaker has an aluminum cabinet and a polished granite base.

Gorgeous aircraft-grade aluminum cabinet

Definitive took a step away from the traditional look of boxy floor-standing speakers, and designed the Mythos ST's slim, curved cabinet using contemporary design principles. The enclosure is made of black hand-polished aluminum, and rests on a polished granite base to ensure total rigidity and stability. Hooking up the Mythos ST is as simple as running one set of speaker wires from your amplifier or receiver to the speaker.

Build a complete home theatre system using perfectly matched Definitive Technology centre and surround speakers. The Mythos ST pairs well with Definitive's Mythos Ten centre channel and Gem XL surrounds.

BDSS driver

Got wire?

Most speakers don't include any. Learn about choosing and installing speaker wire at the Crutchfield Learning Centre.
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Did you know?
Your new speakers will probably sound better after several weeks of use than they do right out of the box. That's because the material surrounding the woofers will loosen up, allowing the drivers to move more fully. Definitive Technology estimates a break-in period of 24 to 48 hours of playback before the speakers will deliver optimum sound quality. For more information and helpful tips, check out this article from Definitive's website about conditioning your speakers.

   » frequency response 14-30,000 Hz
   » sensitivity 93 dB
   » 8-ohm impedance
   » handles up to 350 watts
   » one 1" pure aluminum dome tweeter
   » two 5-1/4" BDSS midrange drivers
   » one 6" x 10" long-throw racetrack subwoofer reinforced by two 6" x 10" racetrack bass radiators
   » built-in 300-watt subwoofer amplifier with adjustable volume control
   » subwoofer auto on/off
   » one pair of 5-way binding posts
   » line-level LFE input (optional connection for use with receivers with LFE output)
   » aircraft grade extruded aluminum cabinet and granite base
   » gloss black finish
   » 10-foot AC power cord for built-in subwoofer
   » 11-9/16"W x 51-1/8"H x 15-9/16"D
   » warranty: 5 years for speakers, 3 years for amplifier

Definitive Technology Mythos ST SuperTower® Reviews

4 people say

Worth Every Penny March-16-14
Reviewer: BillH from Hollywood, FL  
I've had these speakers about a year now and absolutely love everything about them.  The sound quality is simply amazing, whether you listen to classical, jazz, country, movies or dance music every facet of the sound is dead-on, highs are clean and clear, mid-range is pronounced and the bass is equally stunning.  I use them in a 7.2 configuration paired with Definitive Center and 4 - in-ceiling speakers and they are worth every penny.  I'm extremely happy with my purchase.

As Advertised March-11-14
Reviewer: ChrisS from Louisville KY  
I bought Mythos STs for left and right channels in a rig for both music and home theater. They are paired them with a Sony DA5800ES.  The reviews from the introduction of these speakers back in 2008 are strong and they perform as advertised. They sound great. They look quite nice. They have a small footprint on the floor and are forgiving in response to placement in the room. They are especially well suited for someone who wants great sound straight out of the box. Definitive is not kidding when they say that inclusion of the sub in the speaker allows for precise balancing of the sub with the other components. There's only one dial. The recommended setting of that dial sounded great in my room.

Response to other review April-02-11
Reviewer: Angel G. from Tucson, AZ  
Just wanted to post a response regarding your subwoofer reference.  Multiple subwoofers are always more difficult to setup than a single sub.  The reason why you have the differences in output even if you have the same setting on each speakers is because of your room and speaker placement.  Unless your room is uniform and the distances are exactly the same behind and to the sides of the speakers, the subwoofers are going to perform differently.  To set them up properly you should use an spl meter.  I setup the subs on my BP7000SCS one at a time and a little louder than the rest of the system.

Reviewer: Steve from Las Cruces, NM  
I've had my pair of ST's now for a month. I'm very pleased with them. They  are set up in a dedicated 2 channel audio only acoustically treated room.  They sounded promising right out of the box. Def. Tech. recommends  40 to 60 hours or more of break-in time to start sounding their best. I have  about 90 hours on them. The sound continues to improve. The midrange is  getting smoother and warmer. The highs are getting cleaner and more  open. And the bass! It's amazing the amount and quality of it in this small  package. After finding the right location for them, and getting the bass level  adjusted, I'm getting solid clean, tight bass to 30hz. I can't forget to mention  the imaging. They produce a wide and deep soundstage like a mini  monitor. In my room these speakers do acoustically dissapear.  

The only thing that I see that could use improving is the calibration of the  bass level knob. It is very touchy. A 1 or 2 millimeter amount of adjustment  can change the bass level by 1 to 2 db. Plus I found that the knobs on my  pair don't track the same. Meaning that when set to the same apparent  level, are off in actual output level. It was a little frustrating until I discovered  the source of the imbalance.  

Overall I think they are an excellent value considering you are getting high  quality speakers, along with a pair of powered sub-woofers.

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