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Good but not excellent November-14-11
Reviewer: JoeG from Lexington, KY  
I was literally able to start the car, back up from my garage, and start driving forward and the rear view camera had not kicked in yet! So many clicks to make one phone call. It does not cache the menu you follow to select the song on the iPod - each time you start from the beginning. When you go into the phone mode, it stops the sound system although you have not made a phone call yet! Also, if you make the call and you are done with it, it doesn't go back to the sound system you were using just before the call. You basically have to keep on clicking to make the device do what you like. iPod doesn't always work if you leave it hooked into the device. Would be nice to have settings like RBE set separately depending on what system is playing. Although it has vehicle speed sensor input, it does not have Auto Sound Leveling (get louder as the car speed up & vice versa). All in all, it is a good device, but is not user friendly at all. You have to be prepared to click your way through, which defeats the purpose of paying attention to the road. I expected better from SONY.

Basic October-04-11
Reviewer: Natem from greenville, SC  
Unit is sufficient.  Has all the features you need and more, but lacks style.  Pretty  slow too.  Reaction time from touching the screen is far too slow, and this is made  by Sony???  Anyway, I wish I had spent the extra 200 bucks for a Kenwood.  You  should too before you regret it.

It works July-05-11
Reviewer: Zach from San Jose, CA  
The Unit: It works. Because it tries to integrate 2 systems- the TomTom nav and the Sony entertainment system, there are some limitations. I like that you can update your maps (with a fee) by separating the nav unit and connecting it to your computer. Getting back to the Sony system from the nav system is clunky, taking several steps unless you opt to show an obviously added set of intrusive screen buttons on the nav screen. A screen dimmer works when turning on the headlights but to get nighttime colors on the nav system, I need to manually turn on the nighttime colors (dark background, reversed colors etc) each time. The interface itself looks nice and polished for both the nav and entertainment system. No traffic info option. Issues with Crutchfield. The GMC required adaptor (LAN-01) that Crutchield supplies is cheap and also happened to be broken, had to pay for a more expensive one (LAN-03) from an installer. The lag improved when I replaced it. The faceplate that came free with the unit didn't fit, once more had to pay for a different one.
[Editor's Note: Items that arrive broken or defective are refundable under our return policy. ]

ok unit March-09-11
Reviewer: john from york, PA  
the unit seems nice . it is user friendly but i do not like the fact that there is a  seperate unit for the tom tom that has to be mounted in a location that is  accessible to be removed.the mounting hardware for this tom tom unit is terrible. this  should have been built into the unit itself and downloadable through the  seems like a after thought for sony. the kit that crutchfield sends out to mount this  unit into a 07 honda fit  sport is poor quality, it looks like someone put the a/c  control strickers on with a 2nd graders glue stick. the body lines do not match up  . the color is ok. the install sheet that came with it for my car from crutchfield was  not very clear about the speed senor wire location(if you are sending a install  sheet for my specific car they could at least let you know where the wire is)( in  the 07 honda fit it is the purple/white wire in your factory radio harness)the  manuel for the sony 660bt is about 100 pages long but only about 20 are for  english and it does not go in depth about much just a general overview for the  features that it has.

Excellent Unit March-05-11
Reviewer: Eric from St. Louis, MO  
As with all Sony products, this unit is excellent!  Sound is fantastic and the screen resolution
is great.  Navigation tracks very well and always has a strong signal.

Reviewer: SamY from Highland Village, TX  
I am extremely pleased with this unit.  Everything works great!  From the CD/DvD player to
the radio the sound is exceptional.  A sound equalizer is built in and settings can be
adjusted.  The bluetooth interface with my iPhone was easy to set up for music and the
handsfree telephone.  The iPhone contact list can be browsed from the unit or actually
loaded in and can be dialed by voice or by making a selection on the touch screen panel.  
The navigation system by TomTom works great and it came with a variety of voices that
speak the directions aloud.  One drawback by TomTom was only one computer generated
voice available while there were several other more human voices.  Computer generated
voices have the advantage of more options available such as speaking street names.  
Sometimes the street name pronunciation is off but this would be true of all navigation units.

Some Software issues, but great overall December-11-10
Reviewer: Matthew Shohen from Greenville, SC  
Pros: Start-up is under 5 seconds, Nav, DVD player, IPOD integration is great for the most
part, Blue tooth, radio tuner has many presets and even has ability to search regular FM
for genre specific stations (great for traveling). Buttons are large and it feels very user
friendly and there aren't a lot of layers to get through when trying to switch through your

Cons: Sirius Satellite radio integration is PATHETIC!  It only displays 1 line and 8
characters and scrolls.  In order to get all the information you need to hit the Display
button 4 times (while waiting for scrolling time) to get the radio station name, song name,
artist, and channel number, just plain awful as this was the primary feature I was looking
forward to using.  Sony's website states "seamless" satellite radio integration, biggest lie I
have ever seen.  

Second con is with the IPOD, but when your listening to a song and you want to go back
through the layers to the album then artist etc, it doesn't let you.  It will make you start at
the beginning of your library and have to dive back into the artist then album to get back to
where an ipod would normally go with one click.  Kind of annoying when you just want to
change albums by the same artist or even when you want to skip from track 2 to 10
without pressing seek 8 times.

Last con, SENSE ME software is only written for windows, and I don't have a windows
computer, leaving this function of the radio completely useless for me.

I wanted so bad to like this unit November-30-10
Reviewer: hohider from Crestview, FL  
While it does have a lot going for it, it has some huge usability issues
associated with it's ipod operation.

This unit sounds good, has a brilliant screen, and has flawless GPS
capabilities.  The interface is pleasing to the eyes and is uncluttered.
Bluetooth works perfectly and making and taking calls is a breeze, as well as
streaming music to the unit.

Where the unit brings me down is with it's ipod navigation and the number of
steps involved to listen to a song.  To pick a song off the ipod, you first hit
"list", then "music" (even though I have no videos), then "Artist", then the
Album name, then the song.  When it comes time to listen to something else, you
have to start all over (list, music, artist, album, song) rather than just
hitting a button that takes you back to where you were in your library.  This
might not be so bad if you could queue up music to listen to while you were at a
stop light or something, but there is no queue function.  I spoke with Sony
support to see if I was missing something and was told that this was the only way.

The "shuffle" feature, as listed on page 35 of the user's manual says you can
shuffle music from the entire "Device".  However, there is no "Device" option
when shuffling as stated in the book.  Sony support said that I can't shuffle
the whole device as stated, just songs within an album.  So apparently what is
listed in the book was a feature that never made it to fruition.