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Definitive Tech.... Definitely May-21-16
Reviewer: Kenny Z from Stuart, FL  
First it was a pleasure working with my advisor Kevin. The speakers arrived as promised, well packaged and undamaged. The included manual was easy to understand and the installation went quickly with no problems. Overall the speakers sound great, music is clean and crisp at all levels and movies sound great as well. Definitive Technology has hit the mark with the Mythos line; good looking well built and awesome sound. Strongly recommend both these speakers and Crutchfield.

A spectacular addition !! January-03-16
Reviewer: Daryl S. from New York  
Loving these speakers. There is just simply not to love about them. Previously with my B&Ws they just werent hitting the highs enough to really emphasize the speech and therefore some muddy vocals were coming through and movies were sometimes difficult to get all the dialogue. And then along comes Mary (as the Association once said).  The Mythos just shine whether its simply adding a stellar bass to the sound with there built in subwoofers or just sitting beautifully in the room blissfully making my film surround sound just reeking with brilliance. They are amazing on every level and I have yet to hear even the slightest bit of distortion. I cannot recommend them enough.

Recommended September-23-14
Reviewer: newrap from Phoenix, AZ  
I will start off with saying I have owned these speakers for about two years, very happy with the overall quality.  Made the step up from Klipsch Reference Speakers.  I took some time for my ears to adjust to these gems from the monstrous  bass and explosiveness the Klipsch line offered, they are still a guilty pleasure.  Anyways,  the bass is great and tight, highs clean and non fatiguing.  Very detailed  mid's and would recommend to anyone with a "medium" to "slightly" large room.  They speakers seem to play nice with the many receivers I own. Currently run with NAD C 356BEE.  When auditioned everyone I know is blown away!!  Recommend these speakers and the amp.

Reviewer: Walter from Pasadena Maryland  

Definitive Technology Mythos STS SuperTower July-19-13
Reviewer: TitoM from San Juan, PR  
Ease to install and excellent match with receiver.  Needs a a few hours (more than 10 hrs.) of "breaking" to reach a peak sound. Still pending to see if an extra sub will be needed.

Reviewer: SteveD from Corning, NY  
Beautiful design, clean rich sound, one of the top 10 Greatest  audiophile speakers;  under $3,500; CNET 2009.  Boxed well. beatiful black granet base.  I layed the speakers across the coach arms so I could assemble the stone bases,  They come with specialize feet for hard wood or carpet. The blend well into my room only the sound being the center of focus.

Exceptional sound July-10-11
Reviewer: Ken7 from New York, N.Y.  
The sound these speakers produce is truly amazing.  The built-in subs give it a sound and presence that I haven't heard in similar sized speakers.  I shopped at a number of audio shops and listened to a number of speakers, but to me these reproduced music the most faithfully without a hint of strain. Additonally, put in a home theater setup, they can produce startling impact when called for. The combination of musicality and an eagerness to produce all the sounds called for in a home theater setup, make these speakers real winners.

These things make you shake your head in amazement February-02-11
Reviewer: Rome from Houston, TX  
I shopped around for speakers for a full year. I wanted a full range tower and, being a man's man, I wanted a BIG full range tower. I've seen these "lifestyle speakers for a while and always passed them by thinking they were all looks & not much substance. After all, at only about 6" deep, how much bass could they possibly produce? Well, let me tell you... plenty. Not only that, they are extremely well balanced top to bottom.

You will have your friends looking under the sofa for the hidden subwoofer in the room. Pinpoint imaging. Lifelike vocal presentation. Amazingly dynamic. These speakers are truly unbelievable! I've been a fan of Def Tech since their inception. The BP10 was my introduction to truly balanced, full range sound. But with the Mythos STS speakers, they have truly come up with something special.

Anything more enjoyable is illegal January-31-11
Reviewer: Derick H. from Pittsburgh, Pa  
I wanted these for over a year, finally pulled the trigger and I can't stop smiling.  Bass is rich and deep, amazingly so especially when you see the size of the sub-woofers.  I heard these powered by a 50 watt integrated amp and  was sold immediately.  I own a full Definitive home theater set up but I enjoy just listening to the STS towers on their own.  My speakers are still green but I am still impressed by their sound, I can't imagine the level of detail that they are capable of but I am looking forward to finding out.  I don't regret a single penny that I spent on these

Reviewer: R.N. from Louisiana  
Went from Bose acoustimass to these, what a huge difference. Well worth the money.

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