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5-dot-Wonderful Sound January-09-16
Reviewer: DocOllie from Columbus, Ohio  
Purchased with a Yamaha RX-A1040.  We are still in the break-in period discussed in the manual, but right out of the box the ProCinema 800 system was significant improvement over the sound bar with sub-woofer that I had been using.  After running the Yamaha speaker calibration - Wow - the speakers "disappeared" and left a nice front sound field with surround from the rear speakers.  The 800's are small enough that they could be placed on the either side of the flat screen TV on the TV cabinet without the need for stands.  In our 12.5 ft. x 19 ft family room these are big enough to fill the room and small enough to be inconspicuous.

Big Sound in a Small Package December-30-15
Reviewer: Mike from Tennessee  
These speakers sound much bigger than they are.  I was very impressed once everything was tuned in and placed properly.

Procinema 800 November-30-15
Reviewer: Stand from Tennessee  
Great speakers!

Great speaker November-30-15
Reviewer: DaveB from Las Vegas, Nevada  
Wonderful speakers with big sound. Liked them so much that I bought 2 of the matching bookshelf speakers. I also have to say that the support guys at Crutchfield were a great help in deciding to buy these. They were very knowledgable and did not try to sell  me anything I did not want or need. They could have sold me more expensive speakers but after listening to my needs, they recommended the Def Tech 800 series speakers and I really like them.

Rich sound in a small package. November-19-15
Reviewer: Penguin Cyclist from New Hampshire  
Great sound for the size of speakers.  I have moved the speakers several times and the Audyssey calibration has managed to make the "sweet spot" better each time.  While watching our flat screen TV, my wife and I always complained of not hearing conversations, now it is a delight to watch movies on Netflix since we can hear the dialogue.  Listening to music has become quite a joy.

Husband is in love November-11-15
Reviewer: tmp from Arizona  
Just gave this to my husband for his birthday - yesterday. He set everything up right away. He is in love. He has been working to tune them to his liking. Heavy speakers, that seem like they will last. They sound great; even to someone like me that has "box wine" taste in audio.

Great surround sound home theater system October-29-15
Reviewer: LouP from South Carolina  
I upgraded from a Polk audio Pro system to the Pro cinema 800 speaker system. The difference was amazing! The self calibrating balance system using a microphone where you sit works very well. The surround effect is awesome. The sub woofer will shake your house. You have to adjust the center speaker treble to get crystal clear voices over all the other sounds, but that was easy with my Onkyo receiver. I had no problem with the 3 point stands on the surround speakers  some reviewers complain about. I highly recommend this system. I did consider the Bose equivalent system but after listening to my brother's Bose, I find this has an overall more satisfying sound. I did not consider the Klipsch because of the larger sized speakers. The Pro cinema 800 is almost invisible in my large den which is what I wanted.

Good surround October-09-15
Reviewer: NR from Boston, MA  
This is a good surround set up.  Certainly better than my prior cheap HTIB, though I'm not blown away by these speakers (though to be fair they have not fully broken in yet).  The sub really makes the system, it adds a lot of depth to the sound at any level; the center channel and surround speakers don't really open up unless I have the sound turned up higher than where I normally listen.  When they are cranked up though, the quality is very good.

Good sound from relatively small speakers October-05-15
Reviewer: Nuhuuu from California  
Very clear full sound. I read a lot of reviews and went to magnolia at BB to listen to a variety of speakers. I wanted to go with Bowers and Wilkins but decided on Def Tech 800 series because of the size and sound quality. I was looking to fit speakers into my existing entertainment center. The setup was easy and speakers looked great. I purchased the matching stands sold by Def Tech and was pleased. I can no longer listen to the sound from my plasma TV alone. I have a large rectangular shaped room with vaulted ceilings and the speakers provide plenty of sound for a normal individual. I can't even turn the volume up at night or it will wake my kids up. I paired my speakers with an Denon AVR-X2100 receiver. Couldn't be happier with the flexibility of sound this combination offers.

Rocks the house October-04-15
Reviewer: BruceB from New York  
Compared to previous home theatre at similar cost this speaker setup has wider dynamic range with exciting subwoofer response on special effects the only problem was the need to put a small carpet under the subwoofer to keep it from walking across the floor with action films.

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