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Reviewer: Anonymous person from Troy, MI  
So far sounding great; had to return sub; first one had a rattle. Return was very smooth no issues.

Reviewer: Paul from Champaign, IL  
This was an open box set. 2 of the small speakers didn't work but that is likely a side effect of being an open-box set.

The speakers sound great. They are a little power hungry so make sure your amp is suitable. I love the size. The small speakers mount easily and look sharp.

The whole setup, powered by an Onkyo 747 receiver rocks our small room theater.

Great Value, Quality Build, Rich Sound October-25-16
Reviewer: Marcus from Brooklyn, NY  
My loyal Denon S-301 finally gave out, and I decided to replace them with these speakers and a new Denon AVR-X2200W receiver with the help and advice of Crutchfield.

I'm quite pleased with the sound. The sub has more pop than I had originally expected. I'm tempted to add another one to really take the system up to the next level. Too bad living in Brooklyn with roommates has some limitations...These speakers are setup on the Definitive stands to allow for optimal listening height.

The build on these speakers show their quality. They are heavier than they let on. They feel dense, made of solid wood casing. They are sleek, and elegant. I expect them to last far longer than the 5 year warranty.I love them. They are growing on my girlfriend...

I'm no audiophile, but the sound just sounds full and responsive. You can really feel the audio. I had these up pretty high during "The Walking Dead" season premiere. It was an awfully visceral experience for me and my roommates. The audio made the episode that much more traumatic...

I mostly use these speakers to play video games. I was originally going to get a Sonos, but for the same price, I feel like I got a much better deal. The atmospheric sound on my PS4 makes for an immersive gaming experience.

I'm sure there are better speakers out there, but for someone who wants to spend approximately $1000, I can't imagine a better set for your money. I got mine much cheaper...around 720 I think. They're worth it a

Reviewer: Anonymous person from Denton, TX  
So far, so good. The sound is very clear from the speakers and good bass from the sub. My living room has large open space and still sounds good. The sub will move around if you turn it up, but not an issue. Good quality for the price.

My theater room rumbles!!! June-13-16
Reviewer: JP from Bowie, MD  
Excellent sound... they make the walls rumble in my theater room... I'm really impressed  (14' x 22' room)

Great, Rich Sound May-28-16
Reviewer: JT from Torrance, CA  
Really amazing sound from this speaker system! It replaced my older Bose Lifestyles 35 system and I really like it better. Paired it with a Denon AVR-X2200W receiver and couldn't be happier with the choice. The speakers are beautiful looking and super quality. Also couldn't be happier with going with Crutchfield for purchase. Great support team!

Solid value April-28-16
Reviewer: jt from Raleigh, NC  
Very good quality speaker set for the money. I am definitely a value shopper and this fit the bill.  Also great sales help and technical support.

compact and great sound April-10-16
Reviewer: mogie from Jersey City, NJ  
Small, sleek, solid built with excellent sound. Easily fills up a large living room with sound.  The subwoofer is powerful and u can feel it rumble.

Another excellent product! March-24-16
Reviewer: RD from Columbus, OH  
After having the Pro 600 series, I was ready to buy it again for my new theater.  With Crutchfield's sale, I was able to buy the 800 series for the same price.  Why not go up a level??  Very easy setup and quality sound!!

5-dot-Wonderful Sound January-09-16
Reviewer: DocOllie from Columbus, Ohio  
Purchased with a Yamaha RX-A1040.  We are still in the break-in period discussed in the manual, but right out of the box the ProCinema 800 system was significant improvement over the sound bar with sub-woofer that I had been using.  After running the Yamaha speaker calibration - Wow - the speakers "disappeared" and left a nice front sound field with surround from the rear speakers.  The 800's are small enough that they could be placed on the either side of the flat screen TV on the TV cabinet without the need for stands.  In our 12.5 ft. x 19 ft family room these are big enough to fill the room and small enough to be inconspicuous.

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