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  Rockford Fosgate Punch P500-2 125W x 2 Car Amplifi
2-channel car amplifier
125 watts RMS x 2

6 people say

Product Code: 575P5002P

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Rockford Fosgate continues to develop progressive sound technologies. Their aim to produce a smaller amplifier, with all the power and clarity you expect from a Punch amp.

The award-winning "Dynamic Thermal Management" 3-stage cooling system uses forced air to dissipate heat evenly across the amp and out through the heatsink. The internal components in these compact amps stay cooler, resulting in higher efficiency and lower distortion. You get more installation options, without sacrificing wattage or audio quality.

The P500-2 2-channel amplifier dispenses 125 watts RMS per channel to your speaker system, or you can bridge it to send 500 watts to a sub. You can tailor the sound with variable-frequency high- and low-pass filters, and use the onboard EQ to add some high- and low-frequency punch to compensate for your car's acoustics. An optional wired remote control lets you tweak the sound from the front seat for quick adjustments while you're on the road.

   » 2-channel car amplifier
   » 125 watts RMS x 2 at 4 ohms (250 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms)
   » 500 watts RMS x 1 bridged output at 4 ohms (4-ohm stable in bridged mode)
   » CEA-2006 compliant
   » Dynamic Thermal Management cooling system
   » variable high- and low-pass filters (50-500 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
   » variable bass/treble boost (0-18 dB at 45 Hz, 0-12 dB at 12,000 Hz)
   » optional wired remote bass/treble boost
   » Class-AB amplifier design
   » MOSFET power and output stages
   » preamp inputs and outputs
   » 4-gauge power and ground leads and a 100-amp fuse recommended — wiring and hardware not included with amplifier
   » no on-board fuses — when installing multiple amps in a system, an additional 100-amp in-line fuse between the distribution block and the amplifier is recommended
   » 13"W x 2-1/4"H x 8-1/2"D
   » warranty: 1 year

Rockford Fosgate Punch P500-2 Reviews

6 people say

Rockford returns September-12-11
Reviewer: Jesster from Tonganoxie  
First off performance sheet says-actual power (RMS)-223x2 @4ohms--359x2@2ohms --718x1@4ohms total RMS Power 718 --max power (is a joke)2153 I am a seasoned amp installer and I am currently running 2 12 inch  fosgate P2's so I got both 4ohm coils to run at 2ohms per speaker one speaker to each channel  getting that 359x2 I've owned several fosgate amps and their pretty good at running each channel at 2 ohms  It pounds those 12's good for the money hands down this amp is worth it the only thing i can knock on this is that the top plate with logo on it feels like cheap plastic the amp is solid and heavy just that top plate.

Reviewer: kangy3 from Kewaskum, WI  
Just got this in today, this thing says rated at 500w RMS at 4 ohms, my birth sheet says mine topped out at 716 watts RMS at 4 ohms, and 2148 watts max at 2 ohms. I bought this amp for the purpose of not overpowering my subs, but it does, and it's incredible. The lows are so much smoother and deeper than amps of similar power i have heard before. Very Impressed. My car is all RF equipment now except for the deck and the subs. Subs are JL and the deck is a very high end JVC. I will most likely be purchasing RF subs now.

Wowzers! December-13-10
Reviewer: John from green bay  
Tight, powerful,controlled,quality power you can afford thats what this rockford amp is, rated at 500 rms bridged, my birth sheet says factory bench tested at 600 plus rms, name another company that you can easily find at good audio outlet store thats not afraid to show there guts of every model of there amp on there website, name one brand/company that fits into that category. I used paired mine with an Alpine Type R 12inch very nice sounds perfect to me. Rockford quality and performance is legendary inside and out, they dont rely just on there reputation, they keep makeing high quality powerful amps from there very first amps to even the current models. Unlike mtx which used to be good back in the old school days 80's and 90's, and then there quality dropped like rocks inside and out, and they just seemed to ride there reputation for all it's worth downgradeing there quality inside and out for more profit. Alpine i can only reccomend there MRD series of amps which they dont make anymore the rest is made of low quality components. JL is high quality, but not there TMA stuff, overpriced for the power you get, and they seem to have reliablity issues,not uncommon read the forums.

Rockford Fosgate P500-2 April-16-10
Reviewer: Braddah Rick from San Francisco, CA  
Rockford Fosgate P500-2 I had this for 2 years now So Far REAL Good...Clean Sound  hard hitting no complaints "NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE POWER of THIS AMP.  I've Blown many SUBS such as a KICKER 15" CVX 4ohms  KICKER 12"  L7 Solo-Baric 4ohms (BLOWN).  I upgraded to a KICKER 15" L7  4ohms (BLOWN) as well just today April 10, 2010 im BUMMED ! But, now looking in on buying a KICKER SOLO X  12" 4-ohms or a JL AUDIO W7 13.5

quality solund March-21-09
Reviewer: northstar from Wisco  
I have this amp powering two 12's in a sealed box and they still pound
crazy. I am very impressed with the power this amp kicks out, and for the
price you can't go wrong. I could use a lil more power but this amp does
the job no problem.

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Rockford Fosgate Punch P500-2 CAD $349.99