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  Sony BDP-S5200 3D blu-ray/DVD player with WiFi
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3D Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi®

7 people say
List Price: CAD $139.99

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Product Code: 158BDP5200

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Three dimensions of viewing pleasure

Have a 3D capable HDTV? Why not see what it can do? Pop a 3D Blu-ray disc in the Sony BDP-S5200, and enjoy a theatre-like visual spectacle — while in the comfort of your own living room. You can even display standard Blu-ray discs in 3D using Sony's optional conversion feature. Of course, if your TV is not 3D ready, or if you're watching something that lends itself better to two dimensions, you're covered there too. The BDP-S5200 plays Blu-rays in full 1080p HD, and video upconversion for DVDs ensures a quality picture with your older discs too.

Wireless setup and phone mirroring

Forget the clunky, sluggish streaming experience of years ago. Connecting to your home Wi-Fi network is faster and simpler than ever with the BDP-S5200. Its user-friendly menu and built-in Wi-Fi combine to speed everything up. The 'S5200 offers over 200 online apps to choose from, including Netflix®, YouTube™, HuluPlus™ and Amazon Instant Video. Sharing personal photos and videos has also never been easier. Using Miracast™ technology, the BDP-S5200 lets you “push” what you see on your smartphone or tablet onto your TV's big screen. This type of stuff used to only exist in the imagination of science fiction writers, but now it's a reality.

Binge-watchers welcome

Say you're catching up on that show that everyone talks about. You plowed through the first two seasons on one of the streaming services. Now you're ready to jump into that Season Three Blu-ray box set you received as a gift. Pop the first disc in the 'S5200 and within seconds you'll be immersed in the beautiful scenery and hanging on every line of dialogue. You'll find the BDP-S5200 very accommodating to your marathon viewing habits.

Key Features:
   » plays 3D and standard Blu-ray discs, DVDs, CDs and rewriteable CDs
   » built-in Wi-Fi for wireless streaming with 200+ apps for playing TV shows, movies, and music, including Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube™, and Pandora (subscriptions required for some services)
   » Miracast-compatible — screen-mirroring with Miracast-compatible smartphones and tablets
   » 2D to 3D conversion option for Blu-ray and standard DVDs
   » Quick Start/Load mode swiftly queues up a disc from the "off" position
   » Socialize™ feature allows you to make posts about movies, videos and music to social media
   » control the player and stream content from compatible smartphones and tablets with Sony's SideView app for Apple and Android devices (requires both devices to be connected to the same wireless home network)
   » BD-Live and BonusView support for added bonus features with compatible discs (requires external USB storage device)
   » remote control
   » plays Region A Blu-ray discs and Region 1 DVDs
Technical Specs:
   » selectable video resolution up to 1080p, with video upconversion for DVD
   » built-in audio decoding for Dolby® Digital, Dolby TrueHD, DTS®, and DTS-HD Master Audio
   » front-panel USB port for use with external hard drives and thumb drives
   » HDMI output
   » coaxial digital audio output
   » Ethernet port for Internet connectivity
   » 10-1/2"W x 1-3/4"H x 9-1/16"D
   » warranty: 1 year

Sony BDP-S5200 Reviews

7 people say

Reviewer: Anonymous person from dyke  
Cheap and loaded with features

Great for what I need it for June-27-14
Reviewer: JoshB from Reston, VA  
I use the S5200 for just playing blue rays and 3d blu rays through an hdmi cable.  I don't use any of the wireless features or apps.  That being said for movie playback and 3d playback, it is extremely fast and gives a great picture.  Great for the $.

Sony BDP-S5200 is an adequate Blu-ray player May-29-14
Reviewer: AlanP from Austin, TX  
Our Sony BDP-S5200 has been used over a month, satisfying our needs perfectly.  I was already looking to replace to our outmoded Blu-ray player when lightning damaged our Panasonic plasma tv through the TiVo box.  We chose a Sony LED-LCD set to replace it and this player seemed a no-brainer with all the boxes checked.  It is 3D capable, networks wirelessly w/streaming apps, has a separate digital audio out (for occasional use of an antiquated but adequate pre-HDMI 5.1 Surround Sound receiver), and it plays MP4s and other digital files from USB or disc.  There were few reviews to read, but I took a chance on it anyway.  

It was a 'scratch-and-dent' unit from Crutchfield's outlet.  There's no printed manual included, and the warranty materials were missing, but no problem.  Out of the box it seemed more substantial than expected.  For its diminutive size, it seemed heavy enough.  First-time-on setup was intuitive.  It found the home wifi and was connected easily.  It immediately found and installed several system updates.  I did not need to change any of its defaults.  It has played any media I've put into it.  HD streaming from YouTube and Amazon has been free from problems.  It operates much quicker than the old Blu-ray player.  CDs sound better than if played on a retired Magnavox CDB650 player which is also connected to the AV receiver.  I would recommend this as an excellent basic all-media player for a more casual video user.

Real issues with 3D, connectivity and occasionally May-19-14
Reviewer: PerryR from Saint Charles, IL  
My bandwidth is 24.3Mb/S. There are no errors or dropped frames; When I launch a Netflix 3D movie, I get the message "connection speed is too slow for 3D". When I launch the 3D movie again, it may give the same message or it may play. When it does play, it can play right through to the end of the movie; however, sometimes it plays only for 20 seconds, then stops the movie to reload. This can repeat every 20 seconds, continuously. At that point, as advised by Sony, we unplugged and plugged back in the BDPS5200. Sometimes this worked but sometimes it did not. When it did not work, we loaded the same movie as 2D. In 2D it played right through to the end of the movie with no loading issues. It may have something to do with the fact that you must go through Sony's network to get to Netflix. I and many others believe it is going through their network that may be the problem, regardless of which Sony player you have.  

Sometimes I get the message that the network is not accessible when launching Netflix. I am using wired Ethernet so I could eliminate any WiFi connection issues. Its a solid connection. To test the connection, I disconnected the Ethernet from the BDPS5200 and attached it to my laptop. No problem. Blazing fast. Connected back to the BDPS5200, "network is not accessible". Pulled the plug on the player, plugged it back in, waited for 1-2 minutes, tried it again and it worked.  

The player didn't recognize a Blu Ray DVD.  Had to unplug the power and plug it back in to work.

Strike Two May-01-14
Reviewer: BSDDS from Little Rock, AR  
The unit froze up twice during setup, and froze up twice again while playing a Blu-Ray disk.  Crutchfield cheerfully let me return the player and apply the price toward a Yamaha Blu-Ray player.

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Sony BDP-S5200 CAD $139.99