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  Universal Plastic Trim Ring E opening, 0.5-inch
1/2-inch, chassis size E

2 people say

Product Code: 176U43


This kit fills in the gaps between your new receiver and the dash opening for an improved appearance.

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Universal Trim Ring Reviews

2 people say

trim ring September-02-12
Reviewer: Joe F from Boston  
used it to fill in space after radio upgrade in a goldwing

That trim ring is the WORST July-14-08
Reviewer: AshaLynn from Virginia  
I bought a Kenwood Stereo and paid for installation.  I was disappointed that the trim ring was my only available option for my car.  It is not very pleasant looking and makes it pretty impossible for my stereo to operate the way it should.  It has a flip down face and due to the ill fitting trim ring, it never flips down on the first try (sometimes it takes up to 10 attempts).

Universal Trim Ring CAD $9.99