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  Infinity Kappa 60.9cs 6.5"/6.75" 2-way Component S
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6-1/2" component speaker system
For 6-1/2" and 6-3/4" openings

40 people say

Product Code: 108609CS

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Infinity built their Kappa Series speakers with improved technology and high-end materials to provide you with outstanding sound reproduction. The low-impedance design makes these speakers very efficient — you can even power them with your factory radio and get great results.

The Kappa 60.9cs component speaker system features 6-1/2" woofers with responsive woven glass-fibre cones that won't flex during a hard workout. The Plus One design offers a larger surface area for improved low-frequency output and efficiency, while longer voice coils add a little more punch to the bass. Large magnets keep the woofers running cooler by placing more steel close to the voice coils to act as a heat sink.

Textile dome tweeters
Infinity uses the same textile dome tweeters found in many of their popular home speakers with this Kappa system, so you'll hear the music the way it was recorded with minimal colouration or distortion. The tweeters handle down to 2,500 Hz, almost an octave below the tweeters in many systems, so you'll hear more definition and detail, no matter where you sit. Infinity includes mounting hardware to install the tweeters in custom or factory openings.

Premium crossover networks
The computer-optimized outboard crossover networks employ audiophile-grade components to separate highs and lows, so that the woofer and tweeter work together perfectly. You can attenuate tweeter response by 6 dB to get the perfect sonic balance if you've mounted the tweeters in a less-than-ideal factory location.

Pre-wired crossovers eliminate a time-consuming step in your installation, and terminals at the end of the crossover wires screw directly to the Kappa woofers and tweeters, leaving no chance for incorrect wiring.

   » 6-1/2" component speaker system includes woofers, tweeters, and crossovers
   » fit 6-3/4" openings
   » 2-ohm impedance for extra power (compatible with all factory or aftermarket car stereos)
   » Plus One® woven-glass-fibre woofer cone with hi-roll rubber surround
   » 1" ultra-high frequency textile dome tweeter with I-Mount™ and Starfish™ for multiple mounting options
   » 2-way external crossover network with tweeter level adjustment
   » direct-connect crossover dongle
   » power range: 2-90 watts RMS (270 watts peak power)
   » frequency response: 45-35,000 Hz
   » sensitivity: 93 dB
   » woofer top-mount depth: 2-7/16"
   » warranty: 3 years

Infinity Kappa 60.9cs Reviews

40 people say

Reviewer: from Maryland  
Good sound. The mid range is now alive. I got these because they were 2 ohm and wouldn't  reduce volume for the factory sytem and to require less power when I get aroung to installing an amp. Bought for front doors on my Ram 2500. Didn't use crossovers because Alpine system already installed in line. I'm no pro installer, but everything went well with the Scoche 6x9 to 6.5" adapters. I'm not a fan of the seperate speaker terminals. They were in the way and much more difficult to connect than std ones, especially since I had the connectors for the factory ones. Crutchfield says these do not fit front doors only back doors. The only thing I did different from what I've seen others do is place hole for tweeter on Scoche adapters to the bottom instead of top. A very minimal difference which may have help it clear the reinforcement for the windo bracket. I haven't installed to tweeters in the headliners yet. I had already upgraded the dash speakers so I didn't need anymore tweedance up front.

High Power Listening August-22-12
Reviewer: FoxThunder from Lansing, MI  
Install was a breeze, beware the tweeters are huge, also note Crutchfield has the impedance of this set at 4ohms when they are 2ohms, which is some what of a bonus as they will allow more power from the connected amplifier, I have these connected to a Orion XTR5004 80watts RMS x4 @ 4ohms but with the 2ohm it's 125watt RMS, so with that being said I have to adjust their level down a bit about -4 to -5 to balance them out with the rears, these comp where installed in a 02 Oldsmobile Bravada, so I had to custom mount the tweeters, so use a Hole Saw slightly bigger than 2 - 1/8, a nice feature with the tweeters is the ability to point them where you want for better sound imaging, now the sound of the tweeters are between what a aluminum like tweet and a silk dome tweet would sound like not to soft not to sharp, My Head Unit is a Pioneer DEH-80PRS I pretty much can get what I want out of the tweeters if I want them soft or sharp the option is their, the mid woofer is OK, the Bravada's doors are pretty well sound deadened and the mid's are just OK not great, a bit soft at low to moderate listening levels, but at higher listening levels you think you had a different set of speakers,  I have these X-over at 100hz /12db, using a DD1 to make sure their is absolutely no distortion from head unit and amplifier this comp set shines at about 3/4 volume they just come alive from their any higher and your asking for some hearing loss :) I am happy with the Infinity Kappa 60.9cs.

yes August-09-12
Reviewer: Scooby411 from Pikesville MD  
Brought a pair of these speakers for a 2005 Misubishi Galant GTS WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I love detail in music and these speakers are the very best i'v heard the highs that the sparate tweeter produced felt like i could shatter my car windows. The same tweeter also produced incredable mid rang detail as well i have no problems with these speakers what so ever. have resently brought another car 2010 Nissan Maxima with a Bose stereo system that sounds great but i'm still going to change out the speakes for two pairs of these infinity speakers cant wait to hear them in my new car.

excellent May-31-12
Reviewer: Terry b. from pa  
Bought these 3 months ago.have had no troubles or complaints other than that microscopic allen wrench.running them at 2ohm.have 250 Watts going through them. Best 360 I've ever spent on 2 pair of speakers.

I love my car again May-23-12
Reviewer: Friction Jack from Southern Oregon  
My 1998 Neon has a lot of road noise. It has always been a challenge to overcome it (even with Dynamat) yet these speakers are so clear, the road noise literally falls behind it and I can't hear it anymore. Upgrading to these speakers actually upgraded my whole car.  

I had a set of new Alpine SPS-610 up front, and after suffering with them for 3 months, one died and I new I wanted something better. The Infinity Kappas were a great choice. They deliver the full range of music with clarity - way beyond my volume tolerance. They are powered by an Infinity Kappa Five, along with a set of 6x9 Alpines in the rear. The Infinity Kappas make the Alpines sound like there's a pillow on them. Upgrading those next.  

For first generation Dodge/Plymouth Neon owners: The giant tweeters (with the cup that allows you to aim them) slipped right into the factory location. Couldn't have been easier. In fact I had a harder time finding a home for the crossovers. Woofers needed extra 1/2" spacing to clear the windows.

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