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  Kenwood DDX7019 DVD Receiver
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In-dash DVD/CD player with 6.95" screen
Fits double-DIN (4" tall) dash openings

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Product Code: 113DDX7019

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The Kenwood DDX7019 DVD receiver fits perfectly into any dash with a double-sized opening. Built-in features like DVD movie playback and touchscreen controls give you entertainment and convenience, while add-on features let you build a mobile media system to suit your lifestyle.

Play your favourite movies and music
Built-in Dolby Digital processing and a strong internal amplifier make all your favourite DVDs sound great. The DDX7019 plays all your CDs, even discs loaded with digital music files, and the premium digital-to-analog converter maximizes the clarity of your music and soundtracks. Zero in on perfect sound with the 3-band parametric equalizer, which allows you to adjust the centre frequency of your treble, midrange, and bass controls.

You can watch movies on the big 6.95" screen when you're parked, or use the touchscreen controls to run your system on the go. The simple and intuitive user interface allows you to enter commands and scroll through menu options without cracking open the manual. You can even add a personal photo as the wallpaper or use the screen to skim through your digital photographs.

Expand to fit your style
You'll find plenty of options for system expansion. Kenwood's Bluetooth® adapter allows you to send and receive calls from your compatible cell phone through your stereo. Connect an iPod® or any number of music players through the USB port, or use the port to charge your digital devices.

Kenwood's iPod adapter gives you total control over your music files, and you can use the screen to view stored video and images. You can also connect an XM or SIRIUS radio to receive satellite radio programming, or add an HD Radio™ tuner to improve the quality of your AM/FM broadcasts.

Kenwood's optional navigation system delivers complete turn-by-turn directions, and you can update yearly to keep the system accurate to changes in businesses and roads. You'll find an audio/video input for adding a game console or separate video source. Connect a separate back seat monitor, and front seat passengers can enjoy music while people in the back watch a movie.

Front, rear, and subwoofer preouts on the receiver give you the option of adding external amps for a powerful, realistic sound from your music and movie soundtracks. An input for an optional rear-view camera adds safety and convenience, especially if you have a large vehicle or tow a boat or trailer.


General features:
   » DVD/CD receiver with built-in amplifier (22 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels)
   » motorized 6.95" LCD video screen with touchscreen controls and selectable backgrounds
   » fits double-sized (4" tall) dash openings
   » direct touchscreen selection of DVD menu items
   » detachable control panel
   » wireless remote

Audio/Video features:
   » plays DVDs, DVD-Rs, DVD-RWs, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, Video CDs, JPEG images, and AAC/MP3/WMA discs
   » System Q EX Sound Control
   » System E's+ Advanced Crossover system
   » 24-bit digital-to-analog converter (DVD); 16-bit D/A converter (CD)
   » Radio Data System for on-screen information from radio stations
   » Installer Memory saves audio settings when battery is disconnected

   » compatible with Kenwood's Bluetooth adapter for control of Bluetooth phones
   » XM and SIRIUS satellite radio ready
   » compatible with Kenwood navigation module
   » compatible with Kenwood's iPod USB direct controller
   » USB port
   » CD changer controls
   » two audio/video inputs
   » rear-view camera input
   » input for Kenwood navigation system
   » TV tuner controls
   » audio/video input and output
   » dual-zone capability
   » front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs

Other features:
   » DVD signal-to-noise ratio: 98 dB
   » FM sensitivity: 9.3 dBf
   » warranty: 1 year
   » designed for use with "Region 1" coded DVDs

Kenwood DDX7019 Reviews

2 people say

Wow , This is a GREAT unit August-16-07
Reviewer: Mr. Bond from Mayaguez,PR  
I have the DDX-7019 in a 2006 Hybrid Civic and Im very happy with it. If you have a Video iPod, this IS the Head unit. HIGHLY Recommended !

KCA-iP300V (iPod Video cable)
KNA-G510 (Kenwood/Garmin Navigation Box)
KCA-BT-100 (Bluetooth Module)
SWI-JACK (Steering Wheel Remote Adapter)
License Plate Rear View Camera

After a lot of research I found that only 3 Kenwood head units (7019,8019 & DNX7100) have the ability to let you select and display videos from the iPod Video by using the iP300V cable (all from the Head Unit touch-screen). This is really nice because you can keep the iPod in the glove box and you control everything from the DDX-7019 screen. Another great feature is that iPod music mode displays a lot of song info, even the Album Art image! Or you can search the web for the singer photo and add it in iTunes so it will displayed along with the song info.(I will not charge anything for this idea)

The G-510 Navigation Box works great and I like the fact that along other options, you can browse the map with your finger to select any street as a destination. The navigation is always working in the background so you can have the unit in iPod music display mode and change the display to NAV anytime and still enjoy music. If you program a destination you can hear music and when the NAV voice needs to direct you to a turn, the music volume drops for a second so you hear the voice then the music continues.

The BT-100:one the best add-ons; people hear me clearly. When someone calls the music pauses,the number displays on the screen and you can even program it to auto-answer after a few seconds to be totally hands-free

DDX-7019, A very good unit March-29-07
Reviewer: Sean from Denver, CO  
I have had the DDX-7019 for about two weeks now and am very pleased with this unit. It is installed in a 2007 Dodge ram 2500 pickup. I went all out and got most of the add ons.

DDX-7019 Head Unit
SIR-KEN1 Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner
KTC-HR100TR High Definition Radio Tuner
KNA-G510 Garmin Navigation Box
licesnse plate frame rear view camera

1. Easy to install, with appropriate wiring harness/dash kit. Hardest part was find a good spot for all the extra boxes, which fit nicely under the center seat console storage bin thing.
2. Fast startup time. Music in 5 seconds, Display in 10.
3. Easy to ready display, nice and bright. Somewhat straightforward menus.
4. Rear view camera is awesome.
5. Garmin navigation is absolutely wonderful. Very Easy to read at a glance, intuitave.
6. Seamless integration of Sirius and HD Radio Tuners.
7. USB! USB! USB!. Instantly reads a memory stick and even a USB hard drive. Gives you room for tons of MP3s. Works great!
8. Display is not too distracting.
9. The Sirius and Garmin work fine with antennas on dashboard.

1. HD Radio Tuner breaks the RDS (Radio Data Service) display of FM stations. The song name does not display, even for HD FM stations. Sometimes even the station name does not display. The RDS works fine without the HD tuner connected. I think the problem actually exists with the HD tuner, not the DDX-7019. HD stations default to analog in Fringe areas. Other than that, the HD radio sounds very good.
2. I expected some sort of cool

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