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I am a family man, veteran, and video game fanatic with a love for car and home audio.

Tech I'm excited about:

Car audio, home audio, and surround sound systems.

Favorite music:

I have a wide variety of music I like - from rap to blue grass. I have multiple favorites.

Favorite TV shows:

Andy Griffith, Shameless, Stranger things, Longmire, and Gotham

Favorite hobbies:

Love to play golf, hunt, fish, and sit back and listen to my favorite tunes.

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What customers say about Buster

Thanks to the excellent service from Buster, you now have a lifelong customer. He was quick, polite and competent. I look forward to getting my new Tivoli Model One radio! Aloha, Richard in Hilo, HI

Richard, September 20

Very helpful. Helped me choose the the right headphones. Very pleasent transaction. A+++

norm, August 30

He was efficient attentive friendly and helpful. Wasn't planiing on buying until I got his help.

Al Morgan, June 30

Buster represents the exact reason I went to Crutchfield. It's the service that sets Crutchfield apart, and Buster is exactly the guy I want to take my calls. Very knowledgeable, courteous and listens, and helped ensure I had the right product for my needs.

Andrew, June 23

Three reasons to buy from Buster: Knowledgeable.... his good ole boy accent... he's a Wolverine fan........ and finally, why wouldn't anyone want to buy from a guy named Buster?

Roger, May 19