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We are located in Virginia USA.




More about Chuck

Huge Kentucky Wildcat basketball fan helping customers find great sound.

Advisor since 1999|Located in Norton, VA
Tech I'm excited about:

Great 2-channel home audio/music

Instruments I play:


Favorite music:

Anything with acoustic guitar

Favorite teams:

Kentucky Wildcats

  • A/V Design Group
  • Denon CI Certified

What customers say about Chuck

Chuck was great, got me exactly what I needed. Somehow my chat got disconnected before I got to thank him for his assistance but I appreciated his help very much!

Joseph L., June 14

What a pleasure to deal with. Just a few questions and he knew EXACTLY what I wanted. So easy. The order was all set up and all I had to do was pay and we were done. Thank you Chuck for helping me out. " GIVE CHUCK A RAISE "

Donald D., May 26

Very good, fast and knowledge. Good time to work with people that can help you. Thank you Chuck.

Carlos R., May 25

I ordered the wrong speakers and Chuck helped me correct the order with zero headaches and understood exactly what my needs were, 10/10 fantastic help!

Preston H., February 28

Chuck patiently and knowledgeably answered all my questions (both the dumb and reasonable ones), in my quest to replace my old CD player with a new CD transport. Another great Crutchfield experience!

James R., January 25

Chuck helped me design the right sound system for my truck. he is a true asset to Crutchfield and I look forward to working with him in the future. Great job, Chuck!

Jose P., January 7

Chuck took the time to validate the part I was attempting to locate and when he found that he did not carry that part, offered a solution that could prevent me even needing the part in the first place! Well done Chuck! I was expecting 6 string service and Chuck provided all 12 strings! woot woot thanks!

Russell K., January 4

Chuck was very helpful. I was looking for speakers for a Christmas present for my husband. I told him what we had (which were no longer working right) and asked what would be equivalent and priced well to replace. He directed me to the ones I purchases and the husband was extremely surprise and pleased. Thanks Chuck!

Kathi G., January 2

Chuck is great! Took time to help answer the questions I had specific to my context, as well as help prevent me from unnecessarily spending. Pointed me to the right products, and smaller items that general searching won't always reveal. First class service I've come to love and expect from Crutchfield.

Thomas C., December 30

Chuck was great, he helped me find the perfect amp for my car audio setup!

Jeremy Q., December 22

Chuck was awesome. He helped me with some speakers for my daughter's Altima. It was a great peace of mind knowing I was getting the right thing and he was very patient and friendly despite all my questions. Chuck is the man!!!

Kevin Du, December 7

My goal was to put together a really cool stereo system. After perusing the Crutchfield site I had some basic concepts but I needed a lot of technical advice to see if everything would come together into a (great) system. I spent about 25 minutes on chat with Chuck and he answered all of my questions fully and even shared his recommendations on what would work well. He was spot on with everything and it gave me huge assurance that the investment I was about to make would pay off big time ... He really did an awesome job and I can't wait to add additional components in the future. Thank you Chuck!

Brian, June 23

Helped me find the pre-wire harness for my cart. Verified XM tuner which I passed on as they get poor reviews for service in rural areasor rainy weather. I'm in Oregon so it rains 8 months out of the year. He was very helpful.

Gail, November 6

Chuck was helpful and extremely patient with some questions that were surely beneath his level of knowledge. Thanks for helping this novice get off on the right foot!

Jackson, July 18

Chuck was excellent. Patient and thorough, he answered all of my questions, however stupid they might have been. He left no doubts in his answers and helped me to understand everything I needed to know. This is my first time playing with aftermarket car stereo equipment so I had a lot to ask. Crutchfield continues to impress. I will not go anywhere else.

Steve, May 16

I fell right into Chuck's wheelhouse looking for some quality bookshelf speakers for strictly stereo music. He suggested one of the models I was considering and set my mind at ease on deciding they would fit the bill. I could not of been happier with the suggestions and responsiveness.

Alan, May 9

Outstanding, friendly. Chuck is the best.

Lisa, April 18

Fantastic knowledge base and customer service. Thank you, Chuck, for taking the time to educate me and ensure I not only knew what I was getting but that I understood everything about it! As always Crutchfield has "old school" customer service.

Stephen, March 28

Chuck helped me choose the best way to use the wires to have the maximum power of my 2 subs that are able to give me. The wiring was very confusing, but he helped by sending the correct diagram, Thank you!

Vitor, March 28

Chuck was great to simplify what I was trying to accomplish and we landed on some great products for my boat. Thanks!

Phil, February 19

This man knows his stuff, Every question I had for him he had an answer for, extremely nice and polite. Excellent customer service there was no way I couldn't leave a good review for him!

Jordan, February 2

Awesome advice, helped me solidify my AV receiver choice between the two I had narrowed my choices to. After all that, when checking here, I find he is a KY Wildcats fan!! Never miss a game. GO CATS! Thanks for the help, Chuck.

Sam, January 8

For a first timer to install CD player Chuck helped me with my purchase and made it easy. Install with step by step instructions and install kit. Will definitely be back when I do wives car!

Joe, December 31

Chuck helped me finally push the buy button on a pair of new speakers. I'm so happy I did. I haven't purchased a new pair since 1990. I am a very old school guy. My sound room does not contain any piece of equipment with a remote control. Needless to say it all stops in the early 1980's. My range now is from 1948 to 1981. With Chuck's help it now goes to 2016!!! All my audio equipment is fully restored and up to as new specs. This was a big jump. Thanks Chuck I couldn't be more happy with the speaker choice you helped me with.

Craig, December 26

Thanks Chuck for your invaluable information as I selected a new radio for my daughters new jeep! I will be purchasing one for my jeep in the very near future!

Lori, December 15

Very helpful and saved me from having to return something I couldn't use. Thanks Chuck!!!!!

Darlene, December 4

Chuck and others have been very helpful in answering simple as well as complex questions. The team helped me with a complete home audio setup based on a blueprint. Impressive. Thanks for going the extra mile.

Brad, November 28

Chuck is straight to the point no BS when answering questions. If you need help ask for him, I like it straight instead of all that tech jargon. Great guy!

George, November 28

Chuck is a baller and because of him I might get friends!:D

Aaron, October 20

Chuck was the best! Gave me the best advice. Showed exceptional knowledge in his field. Trust him! Thanks, Chuck. You're tops!

Jerry, September 28

Great Service. He was very attentive and he also put me in the direction with the correct product I was looking for.

Andrew, September 22

Chuck could not have been more helpful or professional in helping suggest the best options for my replacement stereo for my GMC Envoy. He was very patient, offered the perfect options, and asked the precise questions to narrow down my choice, This guy is the BEST!! I'll second someone else's comments - he deserves a raise!! Thanks Chuck.

Quentin, September 11

Chuck did a great job helping me decide between AudioQuest HDMI cables. He was honest in his opinions and when spending lots of $$$ on HDMI cables, you want that honesty from sales rep of what you need and don't need. That shows he was more interested in providing excellent customer service over trying to make a few extra dollars.... like some big box stores.

jason, September 6

Chuck helped with getting the exact antenna cable i needed to replace my currently ripped off one and answered some questions I had. Thanks for your help. Give this man a raise!

Tim, August 25

Hi Chuck. I want to thank you for the help in getting the exact parts I needed to upgrade the audio system in my vehicle. I am really pleased with the new Kenwood receiver. I was able to get it installed and working nicely with the instructions provided. I had a wiring issue that Daniel helped me with and everything is now perfect. Once again I am very satisfied with my Crutchfield experience. Thanks!

Devon, July 9

Chuck was extremely helpful about my car stereo and my son's antenna adapter. He answered all my questions on 2 vehicles and I was done and ready to purchase my items in about 10 minutes. Thanks Chuck I appreciate the speedy response!

Gayle, June 23

Chuck is very helpful, and was quick to find the perfect amp for my subwoofers. He answered all of my questions, and helped me understand why certain amps would be best for my subs.

Antonio , June 20

Chuck immediately found the wireless speaker solution that met my needs but had eluded me forever. Great service. Not bad for a "Huge Kentucky Fan"...Go Duke!

Pete, May 23

Chuck was able to determine exactly what I was trying to do in our home theater room. I am a complete novice and my questions were rather...vague... But, he understood and gave me some great suggestions. Great job Chuck, and great job Crutchfield in having people like him working with you.

Jeff, May 19

Chuck helped me find the right stereo for my wife's minivan, very professional .

Ray, May 11

Chuck is very knowledgeable and helped me to pick out the right Bluetooth speaker for myself in seconds! I highly recommend him.

Moses, April 14

Had prompt service from him, no waiting, was able to make my purchase online quickly and get on with other things. Take the rest of the day off man, not many like you .

Dana, April 7

Chuck is the man! I've been working on replacing my factory stereo system in my car and I did some research online. However you can't always find everything on the internet and trust it to be 100% accurate. Chuck is incredibly knowledgeable in the car audio department and helped me with some of my setup and installation questions. He helped me to find adapters as well as an amp that works well with my new speakers. Incredibly patient and thorough, Chuck helped guide me to a perfect solution. As always I'm never disappointed with Crutchfield!

Reilly, March 27

Trust in Chuck. He helped me with a job that Google couldn't even handle. He knows his stuff, and set me up with everything I needed.

Johnny, February 14

I had two kinds of questions for Chuck. The first question had to deal with financing for a high priced TV. Chuck answered all my questions in that area fully. My second question was a technical question based on the formats of 3D in TV's. While this was a subjective type of question I completely agree with Chuck's response. FYI, I live the Fredricksburg VA area.

Jim, January 7

He was very knowledgeable and was able to give me answers that Best Buy's Geek Squad could not.

Justin Cardwell, January 3

He helped me decide what subwoofer was best suited for my old volvo 850. He was super helpful and I highly recommend him to anybody that needs help. He really knows his stuff!

Jacob, November 24

Very helpful and nice. I told him my budget, vehicle, and things i was interested in and he gave me some recommendations. Highly satisfied with my experience here.

Jeff, November 2

Helped me pick up new stereo equipment for my boat. Very helpful and highly recommended!

Brandon, September 13

Gave me great guidance in picking out parts for a new sound system in a 2001 Mustang!

John, August 24

I value directness and conciseness. I told Chuck what I needed, asked a couple of questions and within three minutes he had it in a shopping cart for me. All I had to do was enter my address and CC#. Customer service is a rare commodity in today's work world. Chuck and Crutchfield know how to do it well. Thanks, Chuck.

Jeff Andrews, August 6

As a senior citizen with very limited technical knowledge, I was very impressed with the assistance I received from Chuck. He explored my needs, asking questions and offering options that I wasn't even aware of, and made sure that I was purchasing exactly the compatible model that I needed. This was the first time I have ordered from Crutchfield, and it won't be the last; I was pleasantly impressed. I would recommend Chuck without reservation for his product knowledge, his thoroughness and his patience.

Denyse , August 3

Chuck answered my most important question when buying an AV receiver. It was an answer I could not find elsewhere online. Because of his help, I was able to purchase the best AV receiver for me needs. And of course I got a great price from Crutchfield.

Kevin, April 28

Very knowledable about the sub setup I am going to install in my car. helped me cement the choice I had made about the speakers and amp. I can't wait to hear how they will sound, thanks for the help!

2-D, February 10

I asked Chuck to get me a head unit based on some tough options but, never said anything about cost. Chuck came up with a sweet deal on a KD-AHD69 that does everything I ask and was on sale plus a few extra goodies.. (meaning that Chuck didn't promote the most expensive) Install went "ok" but, the unit is great ! Thanks Chuck !

Steve, October 11

I like the professionalism that Chuck exhibited from the moment he set his fingers on the keyboard to reply to my nagging questions :) In a fast NYC life where commercialism, too many work hours accelerate life beyond an enjoyable point, it's easy to lose good service, and even attention to details. Well, Mr. Chuck proved he is not a New Yorker, but a Crutchfield professional :) It felt good to see that somebody listens and tries hard to cover and finalize everything that the customer is looking for. Thank you, Chuck!

Dragos, March 10