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Obsessed with movies, video games, and music. Ready to help with your system!

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  • JL Audio Certified
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What customers say about David

Awesome job! Helped me find what I needed to install my amp/subs to my factory radio without having to deal with taking out the dash in my 2014 Silverado. Walked me thru the install and and hooked me up with a cart when we were done, fantastic job as always Crutchfield team! I've been ordering my stereos and install kits from y'all since 2005 and will always will, if for no other reason, because of the outstanding customer service and support which is almost non-existent in today's world. Thanks again

Bert , June 14

David was so helpful today. He was able to quickly pull up my order and help me purchase it via chat. He even remembered to apply my points. Crutchfield has fantastic customer service in general.

Lynn, November 28

David walked me through everything I needed, and put it all in a cart for me to just press Order!

James , November 22

David was the best. Helped me get the parts I needed to complete my install. Class act.

ATL, June 4

David was the reason I bought from Crutchfield and not from Amazon.

R, May 1

He was very knowledgeable and good sport (putting up with my humor). I appreciated his honesty about the pros and cons of my current speakers and offered what could be a reasonable solution. One of the best on line chat sessions ever!

Michael B., May 1

I was in the market for a soundbar, David was super easy to work with and we were able to find a soundbar that was perfect for me under 10 minutes. Highly recommend working with David!

Houston, April 25

Refreshing to find a company that employs people with an understanding of their product line! I was very much pleased with David and I truly appreciate his expertise! I am very excited at making the recommended purchases. While cost is a factor, I believe "quality" is an even more important factor. Thank you David and thank you Crutchfield. I will be in touch with David next week to start the purchases....

Joe, March 12

Give this man a raise!! He was the best help I have ever received from a business. He is very knowledgeable & will answer your every question with precise instructions or feedback with 100% accuracy!! GO DAVID! ! Your great work is not going unnoticed!! Keep it up!!!

John , February 18

Awesome couldn't have been more helpful. Told me the exact item I will need to fully upgrade my sound system and other suggestion and tips to install it

Ibro, February 13

I asked him a large amount of questions that had a very wide range from car radios to back up cameras and he was VERY knowledgeable about all 10/10

Jacob , January 16

Very thorough and helpful chat session with David a few days ago. I just purchased a new Oppo Digital Ultra Blue Ray/ Multi-disc format player to connect/ use with my Sony 65" XBR and a Marantz SR-7007. David is very knowledgeable, communicates his knowledge clearly and professionally. And now for the good news: The Oppo and the Marantz do play together nicely!!! The Marantz does pass full 4K video to the Sony using just one output from the Oppo. It installed and setup in less than 5 minutes! Thanks!

Brian L. Clair, January 14

During "live chat" I gave David the specifics of what I was looking for and to look at a past order history in order to decide on what equipment I needed to get. He was able to put together a radio package for my daughter's car that fit just what I needed. Once again, Crutchfield's excellent employees and customer service was top notch!

Tim, November 30

David was super helpful and efficiently answered every single one of my many questions and helped me make the right decision for my purchase.

Dom, October 19

David was awesome to work with. He made good recommendations and was fast to respond.

Jaosn , September 22

David was amazingly patient with my BASIC questions and explained the parts in ways that made me feel immediately comfortable with my decision to purchase. He was able to guide me to solution that fit all of my needs including the next steps of my build. Thanks again!

Jason, August 29

David did an excellent job in assisting me with a choice of radio that would fit my Explorer Sport Trac properly. Once again thanks David!

Rick, June 28

Great guy! Helped us with a 4k TV! Very knowledgeable and friendly, and made good recommendations.

Jack, May 8

David was extremely helpful, great knowledge on subwoofers and how to connect them effectively to audio interface.

Victor, April 6

David helped me with a few questions about a car stereo hookup. I really appreciated his attention to detail and how he got right to business. A+++++ Thanks David!

Peter, March 17

David was very helpful and quick with his advice and recommendations. Also instructed me where to turn for issues that could not be solved through chat.

Chris, February 4

Just wanted to say thanks. David helped me pick my car stereo in a short amount of time. Thanks, also, for the ridiculously fast delivery of the items. I placed my order around noon, yesterday, and it was at my door in Silver Spring, Md this morning. Just downloaded your installation PDFs, and will put in the receiver this weekend, hopefully. Again, many thanks. Another great Crutchfield experience.

John, January 6

David was awesome. Answered my questions quickly & accurately and saved me from making a purchase that would've cost me an unnecessary expense.

Carl, January 3

David was assisted me in picking out an amp for my car. He was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions. great guy!

Gavin, December 30

I am making my first foray into the world outside of OEM equipment. David answered all my questions (including the little silly ones that a noob would ask) and was helpful in assembling a cart for all the products, accessories and adapters I would need to go along with my previously purchased HU (AVH-4100 NEX). I would highly recommend David and Crutchfield support.

Jordan, November 24

David was great! Responded very fast! Answers were sweet and to the point no nonsense or sweet talking. Great advisor!

Austin, November 22

David is very informative and was very efficient in helping me find exactly what I was looking for. it was because of his knowledge and assistance that I purchased a new head unit and replacement speakers for my Jeep.

Graham, November 10

David was a huge help. I tried doing some of my own research but figured why not ask the company directly. David came through, big time. I was worried about over loading stock components with aftermarket ones. David got rid of those fears. Even had a shopping cart made up for me with detailed instructions. After talking to him, I feel very confident in replacing the speakers in my truck. I will definitely be back to Crutchfield to make my future stereo system purchases.

Ed, October 28

David was able to give me the answers I was looking for quickly regarding a specific touchscreen receiver and its capabilities. Afterwards he was also able to show me a link to a dash panel that I would need to actually install a new receiver in my vehicle. Quick. Polite. Knowledgable. Thanks!

Tim, October 20

David was direct and helped me select the part I needed quickly and efficiently!

Lee , July 28

David helped me with my new head unit. After not getting a certain harness I needed to integrate my amp he sent me a link to the right harness for my car.

Kyle, May 26

I am a new Crutchfield customer. I found your website on the recommendation of my friend, and mechanic. Your website had a great way to filter down only the things that would work with my vehicle and allowed me to narrow the options even further for specific features I wanted. That made the shopping much easier. The compare feature on your site was also really helpful as I dug in for more detail on some of my early favorites. After about 15-20 minutes searching around, I had a good idea which radio I wanted to buy, but I still had some questions. That is where my shopping experience went from good to great! I started an online chat with Crutchfield and had the fantastic experience of working with David. I asked him to help me make sure I wasn't missing anything that would be needed to install the radio in my vehicle. After only a few minutes, he came back with an already configured shopping cart link that I opened and could easily see the five or six other things that completed my installation kit. David had done it all for me. He also talked through my price to make sure I understood everything that was included. Finally, David gave me the personal confidence I needed to complete my purchase by providing his own recommendation to the system I selected. I was totally shocked by how helpful, easy, and exciting it was to buy my new car radio on! Please thank David for the great customer service he provided today! He is the reason that I spent $211 today on your site! Thanks again! I will be back in the future!

Mitch, September 17

Thanks to David, I am now a burgeoning audiophile. Yes, i have a ways to go, but David advised me to pick up the Teac UD-501 instead of it's little brother, the Teac UD-301. It was a well spent extra $300! In the 2 weeks that David helped send this little gem my way, I've been learning the tricks of getting the most out of my system and it's exceeded my expectations already. Thank you, David, for sharing your expertise and making my introduction into high-fidelity audio relatively stress-free and enjoyable. Crutchfield has a new steady customer when it comes to purchasing my audio equipment.

Lee, August 28

This will be my second car sound system upgrade and I didn't need any assistance before. So happy to get another system from Crutchfield, which btw i can say, a company that is more focused on the end result than on sales; other companies will say anything, tell you anything and advise you to buy more things just to boost their sales - and David did exactly the opposite - he focused on the customer's need. He's patient, esp. after i told him that I'm a newbie :) Of course he didn't know that i did my homework earlier, i just want to get confirmation from an expert (my apologies to that deception). I'm a big AMAZON loyalist, but when it comes to sound loyalty is to CRUTCHFIELD! Thank ya'll :)

Jim, April 30

David assisted me in what I could only describe as mind-numbing math, determining the appropriate AV rack for my relocated system, and quelling my uncertainties ordering in-wall speakers for an upcoming project. Because of David, I have the correct products that work the way I intended and met my ideal price point. David, I'll be coming back to you soon for a much, much larger order! :D

William, April 29

David is the man. He helped me pick out speakers, amp, and a sub without any complaints. I had many questions and he answered them without any confusion. I will be ordering the system we put together and will be installing it myself, which I never have before! Thanks again David.

Kenneth, October 10

David helped me with a very specific question regarding an install in a Sienna I had been researching. He saved me a big headache and a lot of money, as a result.

Bozanimal, September 6

I was interested in adding a Bluetooth interface to my wife's 2006 Pilot. David was quite knowledgeable of the products Crutchfield offers and directed me to a product that would plug directly into my vehicle harnessing and integrate directly with our factory Radio/XM/GPS. Thanks David!

Steven , November 25

First time ordering from Crutchfield and I am seriously impressed. David and I were originally disconnected in chat due to internet issues on my end, but he sent me an email with our conversation, a cart he had compiled, as well as his contact information which helped me get back in touch with him quickly and easily. I also didn't have to sit around and figure out what stuff we had picked out. Everything he recommended sounds fantastic in my vehicle (08 Honda fit) and I look forward to making another purchase through him.

Ian, April 14

David was very knowledgeable about the products I inquired about. I appreciate it and he even followed up with a thank you card in the mail for my order! Who does that nowadays? Thanks so much!

Jason, January 9

Just got done utilizing the online chat advisor help with David, He was very helpful, and from what I read on his page is the man I was looking for! I was alittle unsure on a JL product and he verified what I was looking for and sealed the deal on my decision. Thanks. (Sorry to read on the previous comment about the Mets thing... Phillies fan here...) If I have any more JL questions, David is the man to go to.

Chris, July 11

You can tell talking to David that he knows what he is talking about. I will never order anything from this website without talking with him first. i look forward to dealing with you again! Thank you!

Arick, December 30

David was great. I have never installed a car stereo before, and was on the fence about it. After speaking with David, he was optimistic that with the tools and instructions from Crutchfield I could handle the job. He was right! I uninstalled the old stereo and put in the brand new Pioneer unit in about two hours. I know that's probably much longer than it should take, but it was my first time! I soldered all the wires to the wiring harness, and everything fit perfectly. It looks great, sounds great, and works perfectly with my new iPhone 3GS. It is very satisfying to have done it myself, especially since my last stereo was installed "professionally" by Circuit City and the FM radio barely came in and I now know why my head unit would constantly slip out of the dash (they didn't flip up the metal securing tabs on the DIN sleeve -- rookies). I spoke with David for about 10 minutes and he took down all the info about my car and emailed me a cart which had everything I needed to fit the Pioneer unit in my 2001 Jetta. Had I not spoken to David there's no way I would have attempted this myself. David and Crutchfield saved me $90! Thanks!!

Mike, July 9

David was very knowledgeable about the products and was quick to point me to the perfect head unit for my truck. Thanks!

Bobby, March 26

David was very friendly and helpful. He answered my question quickly. HE is definitely an asset to your company. The fact that he is a NEW YORK METS fan has nothing to do with it !

Thomas, February 15