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More about Hogan

Call me Mr. 2 channel. Love the sound of a great stereo setup, and controlling it all from an a

Advisor since 2005|Located in Charlottesville, VA
  • Hi-Fi Advisor
  • Marine Audio Advisor
  • Personal Audio Advisor
  • Home Theater Advisor
Tech I'm excited about:

Whole house wireless

Favorite music:

Rock, the harder the faster, the better

Favorite streaming service:


Favorite getaway spot:

Outer Banks NC

What customers say about Hogan

Hogan was quite helpful when I made the decision to move up from an entry level receiver to an integrated amp system based in my home office. I opted for the Yamaha WXA-50 with MusicCast and I'm quite pleased. There are other choices out there but I've always been impressed with Yamaha's engineering and quality. Thx and nice work.

Keith C., February 20

What a wonderful helpful person to talk to. Pleasant voice, great knowledge and very helpful. Thank you Hogan, I hope to do more business with you!

JT R., November 3

All was great working with Hogan ... He set me up within a short while and came in with a good price.. Thanks again Hogan

Dan K., June 2

Very appreciative of all the Advisors at "The Crutch". I call it that because they are my go to folks for all my Home Audio needs. I've been buying stuff for years from Crutchfield b/c they help me sort my needs. Today Hogan walked me through some in ceiling speaker options and helped me make a "better" buying decision. Same for the amplifier: he knew I was partial to Yamaha brand and, although he mentioned other choices for my current application, he didn't oversell the other brands. This will be my third Yamaha amp in 13 years, all from Crutchfield. Also, I'm kind of a DIY'er and I know the advisors will be there if I have any issues with setup and installation. Looking forward to the most from my new ATMOS setup!

Robert, February 5

So patient and thoughtful and helpful. Thank you Hogan!

John, January 16

Hogan was very knowledgeable and helped me identify an upgraded car system for my 2005 4-Runner, while I was driving. When I was able to check my cart, there was a minor edit needed in the package deal (per the local Crutchfield installer), and he promptly made the edit so I could purchase. He also didn't try sell me the most expensive system, but one with great value and function for my specific needs. Thank you Hogan!

Bill, January 16

Hogan was very friendly, helpful, and I appreciate his professionalism! Thanks Hogan for getting my Okki Nokki RCM and accessories shipped today for arrival before Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and the Crutchfield Team!

Mike Diamond, December 18

Hogan understood my main emphasis was value for dollar, outfitting a 2000 Cherokee with new speakers, got more than I was expecting for less than I thought I would have to pay, Christmas just came early and Santa's helper is named Hogan.

Barry, November 28

Hogan was very patient with my questions and answered what I needed to know about marine CD players. Needed silver to match my Chrysler Crossfire motif. I am happy with the purchase and with Crutchfield.

Ron Saathoff, October 16

Big thanks for the help from Hogan at Crutchfield. Seriously very friendly and cooperative

Cody, August 31

All I can say is WOW! I needed a powered sub, a center channel speaker, and a receiver for my home theater. Hogan listened to what I wanted and took me straight to about three options for each component that would fit what I needed (as well as my budget). He knew everything there was to know about each product including "ears-on" experience with each one. He never rushed me, never pushed me for something more expensive, and took his time explaining options. I had about a 7 minute wait on the phone, (I called during a busy time) so it could have been easy for him to rush me along to get to the next sale but he efficiently (and patiently) made the whole process confident and easy. Bottom line: He knew his stuff, never suggested more than I needed, didn't use fake sales-y language, and just helped lead me where I needed to go by knowing what I didn't. I have been using Crutchfield for years and I will keep coming back BECAUSE of people like Hogan.

Curtis, August 27

He makes you feel like a friend and not a customer.

sidney h womack, June 20

Hogan floored me with his knowledge. Helped me make the right decisions. Crutchfield is my new "Go To" place.

Louis "Mike" West, June 7

Hogan was great to deal with. I had some concerns with a Bazooka Bass Tube and he answered all my questions and helped me find the right bass tube for my Audi A6. After hanging up I felt completely confident in my purchase thanks to Hogan

Lou, May 11

Hogan was EXTREMELY helpful figuring exactly what I needed for our Avalanche. Not only that, he found the best set up that saved us the most money! It's people like him that make Crutchfield the best company to deal with when it comes to car/home audio. The competitors should be taking notes.

John, May 1

Hogan exemplifies superb customer service. After 10 minutes on the phone with him I felt like I was talking to a trusted friend. He found exactly what I needed, within the budget I gave him, and even recommended some products to make my setup easier. When, not if, I buy from Crutchfield again, I will be calling Hogan!

Jordan, April 19

Hogan sealed the deal for me to buy from Crutchfield! Thanks for your help. I have to call you when I start looking at my home audio.

Margherita, April 11

Spoke with Hogan regarding the suggested and very inexpensive wall-mount for a TV we were purchasing. Very glad to know that Crutchfield actually tests these wall mounts before selling them. Many are going for up to $100 in other stores. We knew what TV we wanted, and being able to confirm that the wall mount suggested was a good deal AND tested by Crutchfield sealed the deal. Of course, we love Crutchfield and their helpful reps. Thank you, Hogan.

Harold , March 17

I sold home and car audio for 24 years and I'm skeptical about advice from an invisible advisor. But Hogan was never pushy, took his time answering my questions, and helped me with some important decisions by pointing out some facts I might have otherwise missed. He's my go-to guy for my future purchases too. I'm really happy with the entire process and highly recommend Hogan and Crutchfield.

Rick, February 27

Hogan provided the most thorough and complete guidance one could ask for. I went in the online chat (for the first time) simply looking for the speaker sizes in my vehicle, and I ended the chat with a complete sound system because he patiently spent the time to help me pick out products. I cannot thank him enough for the information he shared was invaluable. Thank you, Hogan.

Zach W, February 20

Thank you Hogan! I really liked Hogan's candidness and joviality. Speaking to a customer as if you already know them can be a difficult skill to master, as you may come off as strange and a little uncomfortable. However, Hogan has this skill and it definitely made my call to Crutchfield memorable. Hogan also knows this business and is knowledgeable about what he is selling and advising. This gave me confidence in my purchases, and Hogan took the time to explain all of the options available. He never seemed rushed, he listened to my questions and answered all of them to my satisfaction. This is what you get with excellent customer service... a repeat customer.

Rocco, February 8

Hogan did a great job helping me today in identifying all the accessories needed to retain all the factory goodies for an aftermarket radio. Being a Cadillac Escalade, there are a bunch. He took the extra time to meticulously check that everything would still function as expected. Great service!!!

Cory, January 16

Hogan was extremely helpful as is all of your staff. I am going to be purchasing a whole new home of electronics this year and every bit of it will be through Crutchfield due to your customer service alone plus your reasonable pricing. I tell all my friends to deal with your firm with confidence they will be treated well.

William, January 10

Hogan is amazing! He helped me with a ton of advice and then install assistance on a new cd deck for my car as well as a speaker install. He was awesome! Now, many months later, I placed an unrelated online order and received a video response from him thanking me for my order and offering assistance and his direct line. It literally feels like I have a dedicated sales representative at Crutchfield. They never cease to amaze me. Thanks Hogan!

Shayne, December 6

I got on this site looking for help as I know next to nothing about car audio systems and Hogan helped me on every detail and even properly informing me about the products. He was completely nice and knowledgeable about what I needed. Made me feel welcomed and not at all pressured. I can say solely that it's because of him that I will come here for any of my car audio needs. Thank you Hogan.

Joshua Sandoval, December 4

Hogan was very helpful and patient with while I figured out what I wanted to do. He helped me explore all the options I asked about. Also very knowledgeable with all the products I asked about. Thanks Hogan!

Doug , November 22

Hogan was awesome. I talked to someone else, about the same things a few weeks back, and Hogan took the time look up my previous purchases and said they would work with my new car, from the last car. Saving me about $80. So I then added on a $100 purchase. Thank you to Hogan for taking the extra time to make sure everything would work for me. I understand the existence of a business is to make money, but Crutchfield's customer service is always helpful, and Hogan is a perfect example of exactly that. Thanks!

Matt, November 20

Thanks to Hogan for helping me figure out a hopefully-workable mounting solution for my phone in my car--he picked up where my online browsing left off. Crutchfield customer for 30 years and it's always the same--never hesitate to talk to a live human there because it's always helpful and stress-free.

Phillip, October 31

Couldn't have been more helpful if he tried! Even when one of the items I was looking for was not available through Crutchfield, Hogan turned to google to research an answer. Hogan is representative of a customer service group that keeps my business at Cruthfield. This just can't be beat.

Jeff, October 25

Honest answers and straightforward response.

Bargamon, October 4

Hogan was great and knowledgeable and helped me to find exactly what I wanted within my budget.

Matt, August 27

Extremely professional yet very friendly. Helped me pick an item I needed. Took his time and answered all my questions. He patiently listened to my story and give his recommendation. Thank you Hogan. I loveeee Crutchfield. Always have, always will!

Raymond, August 24

Hogan really helped me out when I have very limited knowledge with car stereos. Very understanding and respectable guy. Thanks Hogan!

Ruvym, August 11

Hogan provided clear, unbiased product comparison information as well as a specific product capability which made my purchase decision an easy one...Thanks!

Oscar, August 1

Hogan helped me out big time when I wanted to replace my entire audio system in my truck. He was very knowledgeable and wasted no time sending me links to items I needed. Hogan you are the man and thank you so much for the help and advice!!

samuel, June 19

Hogan was a great help!! He seemed very knowledgeable and shared his own experiences with equipment to help me. A great guy to get help from when you need it..!! Thanks again Hogan!!

Scott, May 22

Hogan found speaker dimensions for me that I was unable to find on my own. He helped me decide which speakers will work best for my specific application. Great customer service.

Bryan, May 22

As stated in other reviews, Hogan is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. He never tried to push me one way or another, knew his products and policies well and was a pleasure to interact with via the chat session. I have been burned previously by other retailers selling televisions and Hogan and Crutchfield put me at 100% ease.

Mark, April 26

I had heard that Crutchfield has some amazing products and an amazing set of people who can help you make the decision. My short chat session with Hogan proved it. This was my first interaction with Crutchfield and the experience was impressive. I needed some advice and insight into Dolby Atmos supported A/V system. And he seemed to have all the answers at his finger tips. Plus, he has very good knowledge on other aspects of home A/V very well. He was patient and a highly knowledgeable person.

Chida, April 25

Why buy from Crutchfield? Folks like Hogan! He helped guide me to the right turntable and speaker setup for my budget. When everything arrived, one of his co-workers helped me make sure everything was set up properly. Thanks to Hogan and the rest of the team, I am listening to the first vinyl record I bought and sharing the experience with my kids. Thank you Hogan and the rest of the Crutchfield staff!

Robert Adams, April 21

This is the man to talk to when buying any HIGH END TV, Receiver, or any component pertaining to VIDEO and AUDIO. This man thinks before giving answers and of course giving the right answers. I'm having a problem in listening through my wireless headphones from my receiver. Please don't get me wrong. There's no problem with my headphones or my receiver. It's just because I had to move my audio cable (RCA'S Red and White) of my wireless headphone to any of my components I have to listen to. Mr. Hogan gave me the answer so that I can listen from my Wireless headphones without changing or moving my connection to the receiver. All I need is an adapter. THANKS HOGAN!!!

Doc, April 18

I did a chat session with Hogan for some general advice on an amplifier, he was fast and very friendly and knowledgeable about the products and was able to answer my questions perfectly.

Tom, April 10

Hogan shared from his experience information that helped me decide what to purchase without being pushy. He gave me options and great information. When my product comes I am sure it is what I want thanks to his input. thanks Hogan I appreciate it.

Alan , April 9

What can I say? Hogan was fantastic. I really appreciated the time he spent with me helping decide between a 3.1 and 4.1 stereo system for my exercise room. He was quick to confirm my suspicions and also provided insight that I had not thought through. I work in the customer service industry and lead the development and implementation of training initiatives for a large office, and can tell by my conversation with Hogan, that Crutchfield should harness the knowledge and skills he possesses and utilize him to base their expectations of service delivery from all of the advisors on its staff.

Scott, March 23

Hogan was outstanding. he was quick and knowledgeable in the items I needed and I couldn't ask for more.

Daniel, March 16

Hogan answered several questions about swapping radios between 2 Subaru vehicles and if the current wiring adapters would fit the 2nd vehicle, which it will. Thanks for the information. That's why I've bought all my car stereos from Crutchfield. Great technical help even after the sale.

Bill H, February 27

Crutchfield really has some amazing people working with them. Hogan just "gets it". I know that may not seem like tremendous compliment to some but to me, it is the highest honors. He understands how to help customers and that is a skill many lack today. Ask him a question, he'll get you an answer. Thank you Hogan and thank you Crutchfield for being a place that has people like Hogan.

Scott, February 5

Hogan was absolutely fabulous. When I originally called and got Hogan I had called about a Sony 4K TV. I wanted the latest and best TV and have been a dedicated Sony customer for many years. Hogan recommended I check out the LG OLED TV. I was completely unaware of the OLED TV's. Over the next several weeks I spoke with Hogan numerous times with many questions. I also wanted a Blu-ray player and sound bar. Hogan was very patient and always had an answer for any concerns or questions. HE KNOW'S ABOUT THE PRODUCTS AND CAN MAKE INFORMED SUGGESTIONS!!! He is one of the reasons I have been a Crutchfield customer for over 30 years!

John, January 12

Hogan was wonderful. He exceeded my expectations...knowledgeable with terrific customer service. His suggestions and guidance were spot on for what I needed (Hi Res portable audio gear). Really a pleasure to work with quality, passionate people like Hogan. It is why I chose to call and buy from Crutchfield. Mahalo from the Big Island of Hawaii.

Lee, December 20

Hogan did a great job answering all my questions during a chat session. It felt as if he was sitting next to me and he TOTALLY understood my car and what was needed to make it sound and work great.

Bob, December 1

I wanted to thank Hogan for his help with my purchase. He made my buying experience very comfortable and helped me out tremendously!

Dinesh , November 13

Hogan was the most helpful person that I've talked to so far at Crutchfield. My cart balance went from around $570, and when he looked at it, showed me different options to help save some money, he brought it down to $320! This has been the best investment for the money so far! Thanks Hogan!

Zack, November 4

Hogan, you were an awesome help. Everything I needed help on was resolved by you. Where other reps here and at other audio outlets and websites struggled to even comprehend my questions and my needs, you came through with the quickest, most affordable solutions. Thank you, buddy.

Octavio Solis, October 17

Hogan was very helpful. He assisted me by comparing products with the NAD D 3020 amplifier. I needed something that would pair well with my two Infinity RS3 speakers. I feel a lot more comfortable spending money on a NAD D3020 after talking with Hogan.

maxim, October 16

Very informative and a great help!

Louis, October 1

Called tonight for advice on a new BT head unit for a Jeep, and learned a lot! Hogan is very aware of the latest products, but also knows what has a good history. Ended up with a different radio than I was looking at, but also with a small amp and subwoofer to replace the low powered factory one. Thanks for your help, Hogan!

Steve, September 21

No pun intended, but Hogan is a Hero!!! Thanks Hogan you have saved me money and gave me great advice about my car stereo issue. As I said in the conversation, Crutchfield, its products, its customer care Rock!!!!

Leonard, September 15

I just had a great conversation with Hogan about upgrading a 14 year old home theater receiver. I had done a good bit of legwork beforehand, and I was a little disingenuous with him just to sanity check my thinking about what I needed. He did a great interview about my current setup and my needs and wants, and pretty quickly zeroed in on the two brands I had been looking most closely at. A little more conversation made the choice clear. Hogan was very knowledgeable, and the whole process was a pleasure.

Lewis Barnett, August 5

Just wanted to thank Hogan for his excellent knowledge in helping me understand Samsung TV models.

Lisa, June 22

Hogan was extremely helpful in helping me put together a cost effective and simple system an older car that was in desperate need of upgraded components. He even noticed that a wire harness was missing from an order and before I could even look up the phone number to he had already corrected the issue. That is customer service!

Cullen Hall, February 15

Just wanted to thank Hogan and Crutchfield for a great customer service experience. Having little car audio installation experience, he patiently described the positive aspects and limitations of my factory installed audio setup. Then we discussed what the options were and what I could gain or lose by replacing both the receiver and or the speakers. The entire experience left me feeling confident about the purchase I made. Really impressed by the detailed knowledge of my specific car setup.

Art, March 20

I called Crutchfield this afternoon and had the pleasure of speaking to Hogan concerning a new surround speaker setup for my home. I was inquiring about a discontinued unit (Polk 6880) and Hogan advised me of other possibilities since this one was no longer available. He answered all of my questions and is very knowledgable about home audio/video. During our conversation, he never tried to push any certain brand, but did take the time to explore different brands, options, what to look for, price, and old vs. new speaker efficiency. After talking to him, I have gained more knowledge about surround speaker setups and after a little more research and decision making I hope to be purchasing my new setup from Crutchfield very soon! Hogan is definitely an asset to Crutchfield and, more importantly, to the customers of Crutchfield. Thanks for your time this afternoon Hogan!

David, March 8

I had narrowed my list down to a couple of head units and a couple of speaker choices. I called and spoke with Hogan, pure luck I guess. He was very knowlegable about the products I was interested in and even pointed out a brand new model head unit that combined all the important features of my original two choices. He even came up with a coupon and saved me some money! Great job Hogan and thanks for the help. Love my new Pioneer set up.

Curtis, February 19

What a pleasant experience! Hogan was very knowledgeable and at no time did I ever feel pressured to buy anything other than what I was interested in. He even took the time to talk muscle cars with me! I will find a reason to order again soon! Thanks Hogan! and by the way, it only took me less than 2 minutes to modify the speaker holes so those Infinity 6x9's would fit! Thanks again! -Tim

Tim Hedderly, November 7