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I disappear for centuries at a time, but on Earth, you can find me at Crutchfield selling gear

Tech I'm excited about:

laser honed blades, iphones, ipods, and other distracting toys...oh wait...I mean, NAD receivers, Klipsch Speakers, and wireless CarPlay!

Favorite music:

Icona Pop, BobaFlex, GodSmack (haha), Joan Armatrading, Thousand Foot Crutch

Favorite streaming service:

Streaming service? You humans and your toys...Netflix is a great thing to distract

Favorite books:

The Dark-Hunter series by Sherilyn Kenyon

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What customers say about Jaden

Nate found and explained to me how good the Sennheiser Bluetooth headset I bought was. They worked beautifully for me with an iPad and I thank him very much. Thanks, Nate.

Susan, September 9

The Marantz A/V receiver I was looking at was marked down by $400 and I was worried that it was discontinued or there was something wrong with it. Nate checked into it and assured me it was just discounting from the factory. I had just listened to the same receiver earlier today at a "Big Box Store" where they were selling it for list price. Nate closed the deal for me.

Tim, July 19