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I enjoy creating solutions and simplifying everyday needs.

Tech I'm excited about:

Home Automation, Voice Control

Favorite TV shows:

The Blacklist, Gotham, Silicon Valley, Game of Thrones

Favorite books:

Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly

Favorite hobbies:

Modifying cars, racing and just about anything automotive.

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What customers say about Morgan

MORGAN WAS FANTASTIC! He stayed on with me well over 30 minutes and answered all of my questions quickly and provided EXPERT product advice. This was my first Crutchfield experience but because of won't be my last. GIVE MORGAN A YOUGE RAISE PLEASE ;)

Geno, February 23

From the design of the system to the setup in our restaurant Morgan has been a tremendous help. Questions are answered within minutes and has superior knowledge of all the products that Crutchfield sells. Look forward to working with him again soon!

Bill Carbone, June 13

I worked with Morgan over several months to purchase and setup a sound system for a new yoga studio. Morgan was incredibly helpful, walking me through the entire process. He was very patient with me and helped me work through purchases, exchanges and returns. I would highly recommend Morgan and Crutchfield. Don't know what I would have done without him!

Dan, April 24

Morgan, thanks for helping me select my new home theater system. I'm glad that Crutchfield still provides wonderfully trained staff and provides equipment at very competitive prices.

James, November 29

Morgan! You're the man! Thank you so much for helping me figure out exactly what I needed for my restaurant to sound beautiful!

Will, August 29

I had a really wonderful customer service experience with Morgan. He was professional, knowledgeable, and turned what was shaping up to be an overwhelming project into one that I now feel I can manage. Very highly recommended.

Jared R., May 9

Morgan gave me useful information without going into complex details that likely wouldn't affect my setup plans. He answered all my questions quickly and helped me decide between products I was considering. Rather than giving me the pros and cons of both and leaving me right where I started, he instead offered his expert opinion and feedback and made me feel more confident about my decision.

TB, April 11

Morgan was so helpful!

Dylan, April 9

Morgan helped me order the correct speaker cables for my system. He was knowledgeable regarding my specific questions, and resolved my concerns very quickly. I will definitely order from Crutchfield again.

Jay , February 28

He was helpful and explained everything very well!

Chase Czapnik, February 8

Morgan was awesome to deal with! He helped me quickly determine what I needed, added it to my cart for me and then I was done! As easy as could be....THANK YOU MORGAN!

Rusty, December 17

Knowledgeable, and helpful

ZJ, December 8

Morgan was very helpful and I was able to avoid a big issue! Thanks again.

Aaron, November 30

Morgan is a real pro, answered all my many questions about the intricacies of the new Bluetooth capable Pioneer head units, installation, file system navigation, etc. He is patient having a great command of pertinent information.

Paul, November 28

I had a bunch of questions about which door speakers to install into my car and Morgan answered them all! He is your typical Crutchfield Advisor: Very knowledgable and extremely helpful!

Daniel Powers, November 22

Very helpful! Got me the dash kit I needed quickly, and told me it would be included with my purchase.

Nathan, October 12

Morgan, sent me a link that placed an item in my cart. He was very helpful. thank you!

hunter hansen, September 4

Morgan was able to answer all my questions and made improving my car's audio much easier.

David, April 30

Morgan was very helpful with determining what wire harness and bracket was needed. He put an ease to my order completion.

Mark, March 18