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More about Peyton

I love new tech in all its forms and I am thrilled I get to play with new stuff here every day.

Advisor since 2014|Located in Charlottesville, VA
  • Hi-Fi Advisor
  • Home Theater Advisor
Tech I'm excited about:

Home A/V equipment. TVs, projectors and sound systems.

Favorite books:

Lord of The Rings. Song of Ice and Fire. Kingkiller Chronicles

Best thing about working at Crutchfield:

Hands on with all the latest tech

What customers say about Peyton

I just got off the phone with Peyton and completely enjoyed the experience. I was looking for a replacement receiver, had a lot of requirements and needed to solve a convoluted problem with connecting streaming hearing aids. Unlike ANY sales people I've recently encountered, he didn't jump to an ill-advised answer, he listened to my requirements, we discussed the various options and arrived at the best solution.... how refreshing! It appears everything I've heard about Crutchfield sales and support is true... and invaluable.

Jim H., March 19

Peyton helped me clear up some questions I had about my previous setup vs my incoming equipment. Clear concise answers, no salesmen-styled conversating, loved it. Crutchfield continues to impress me with their over-the-top service, thoughtful inclusions such as kits, financing options (the over $300 payment plan especially that was amazing) and fair pricing! Crutchfield will continue to be my preferred and recommended source of car audio equipment. 10/10 would recommend!

Eric H., February 5

Very knowledgeable, courteous and sincere. What more could be asked for. Thanks

Craig R., January 21

Very knowledgeable and fast. He's able to recommend products for the exact purpose you are looking for. This is one of the best customer support chats I have had in a very long time.

Sherry S., November 20

Peyton has mastery in the field of tech combined with a helpful manner. He guided me through the process of buying a fancy car radio and made it easy.

Andrew, June 27

Super helpful and friendly, knowledgeable, and most importantly, pleasant. Great customer service! Thank you!

Schuyler H., June 20

Peyton was well informed about this and other similar products and provided sound advice. Purchased from Crutchfield ... based on Peyton's help and Crutchfield name.

Ed, June 6

Peyton was extremely patient and helpful for me on the most expensive electronics purchase I have ever made. He was able to answer all of my questions. Probably one of the best sales experiences I have ever had. Thank you!

Ron, May 22

Payton was excellent. Listened to my concerns and gave me excellent feedback on my choices. He also ensured that my choices fit my automobile. Thanks!!!

Julio, March 6

Peyton has excellent customer service skills. He was very prompt and courteous and helped me get my order placed. I wish all companies customer service was like this! Thanks so much Peyton!

scott, February 26

Super cool guy, like all the people I have dealt with at your great company. Bill, thanks alot for all the great years with you guys and girls! aloha n mahalo

hank, January 8

Peyton assured me that the Russound 2 channel power amp will replace my 25 year old Carver with no compatibility issues to worry about. My music will be back up and running in just a few days. Thanks Peyton!

David G Pearce, December 13

Peyton was knowledgeable about the particular surge protectors I was looking for. He was patient and did not rush me to the most expensive product, instead he listened to my needs and showed me the products I would most benefit from. Thanks Peyton!

Wanda, September 15

Very friendly and knowledgeable about the TV I was purchasing and didn't try to Up sell me the most expensive add ons. Pleasure to deal with.

Joel Simkins, July 22

I had so many questions about purchasing replacement home speakers for a set that were 25+ years old and just worn out. Peyton answered my questions with much patience and even looked up my old speakers to inform me on what I had and how to get compatible sound quality I was accustomed to. I had no knowledge on what I had previously nor what I needed now. Peyton had the expertise to help me order the correct replacements. I could not have made an informed decision without his input as I had no idea what to look for. Thank you so much for the great customer service and for all your patience.

Joyce M DeBene, June 18

Peyton helped me find the perfect combination of components from the receiver with the options I wanted all the way to the speakers I liked for my home theater and multi media system. Peyton helped me make the decision in my own mind because I knew there were going to be no worries in the equipment supporting my needs. Thanks again Peyton. he even located the items and placed them in my Basket.

Bobby, June 17

Peyton helped me immensely! He provided me with insight, recommendations, and most importantly peace of mind. Thank you again Peyton.

Skyler, April 15

Peyton, is a kind, patient, and knowledgeable person. He took the time out to help me select the RIGHT receiver I needed to power my Bose 901 series speakers. This is what every company needs, sales reps that are not pushy but patient. I Appreciate you a lot Peyton. Thank you.

Marcus, April 9

Peyton was the reason I bought my new speakers. I had technical questions and he answered all of them. And was able to price match and that was enough for me to buy when I should have waited. Thank you. He's definitely an asset to Crutchfield.

Robert , April 1

I had questions about the NAD M12 preamplifier. Peyton quickly contacted NAD on my behalf and sent me the answers I needed in order to decide if the M12 and its matching M22 amplifier were right for me. Peyton also searched in the information that he had at Crutchfield while we waited for NAD. Today, I confidently ordered both NAD devices thanks to Peyton. I've been a Crutchfield customer for 40 years and its employees like Peyton that keep me coming back.

Louis, January 23

Peyton provided much needed insight into choosing the right subwoofer for my Honda Pilot. Wow, what a difference. Thanks for the help Peyton.

Dave, January 11

Peyton is really good with people. He listens, advises where necessary and has real depth of knowledge. He did a great job making sure the wireless speakers would work with the turntable we purchased. He really knows his Tech. Information and how to apply it. He has excellent Product knowledge. He is very patient, and made sure that everything purchased will work together for the end result we were trying to achieve and explained why we needed items that I was not familiar with. Excellent Job Peyton, You made a difficult purchase seem very easy.

Donita, November 29

Peyton is Great! Spent the time with me, listened to my needs and requirements and helped me make an informed choice. Thank you so much!

Zev, October 25

This will be my first car audio install and I plan to tackle it myself. Peyton was a great help in sanity-checking the components I picked out. He pointed out the accessories/add-ons that I didn't know I'd need, as well as steered me in the direction of some better choices to get the result I was looking for. I appreciated that there was no pressure to hurry up and make the sale.

Shawn, August 8

Peyton was a great help, answered all my questions and was able to direct me in the right direction.

John, August 1

Peyton was a great help in answering my questions and in the purchase of my Sanus Audio/Visual stand. Thank you Peyton for your patience and help!

Clifford, July 13

Peyton was a great help in answering my questions and in the purchase of my Sanus Audio/Visual stand. Thank you Peyton for your patience and help!

Clifford , July 13

Peyton helped an old guy get back into the car audio world- he was patient and kind answering all my questions- as well as when I changed my mind. Peyton exhibited excellent product knowledge yet didn't overwhelm. Thank you Peyton!

Tim, July 10

Gave some great advice. Didn't try to sell me something I didn't need. Thanks for the help.

Brandon Jackson, July 3

Excellent product knowledge made the purchase seamless.

Richard, June 24

Peyton is a great salesman. Was a big help with my purchase.

ART, June 17

Peyton was very knowledgeable and helpful with info on replacing/updating the radio in my C6 Corvette. I appreciate his insight and will shop again.

kirk, June 11

Peyton put a whole cart together with everything I needed. Go Peyton!

Bobby, May 19

Peyton did an awesome job helping me. I appreciate everything he has done for me

Kyle Rattling Leaf, April 30

I was pretty frustrated after trying to place an order through my smart phone and a weak WiFi signal when I finally called the phone number and successfully placed my order. Good service

Philip, April 29

Peyton gave me great advice to help me solve my problem. Thanks so much!!

Andrew, April 8

Did a great job answering all my inane questions and dealing with my indecisiveness! Helped me select the products that best met my needs.

Ben, April 4

Peyton was a huge help and made sure I got the best bang for my buck. Cant wait to install my new system and start rocking. This time I know I'll have all the required parts for the job. Made a customer out of me that's for sure!

Chris B., March 31

He did a great job answering my questions, and helping set up what I needed.

justin, March 24

Peyton was more knowledgeable than anyone I've spoken to in person at local competitors; both big chain and small. Thanks for helping me figure out exactly what I needed to know.

Justin, March 21

Good talking to you on the computer. You helped me a lot. Answered all my fears.

Asbjorn, February 22

Peyton made my night! Excellent communication with the customer and outstanding product knowledge.

Stan, January 21

I couldn't have asked for anyone more helpful than Peyton. He helped me with the best recommendations I could get for my car and I'm excited to get it all together; thanks, Peyton!

Jesse, January 11

I just ordered the Sumiko Pearl phono cartridge that you recommended. Thank you, Peyton, for your assistance and expertise.

Ed, January 10

Because of being not too tech savvy myself, Peyton was very patient walking me thru my purchase. Obviously a great deal of indecision was eliminated by his handling of all my questions. Thanks, Peyton!

John, December 28

Peyton was an awesome advisor! Answered all my questions and showed me appropriate products. Would recommend him to anyone!

Josh, December 17

Peyton was extremely helpful! Thank you so much for taking care of my order quickly and efficiently.

Michael, December 14

I could have purchased my Jenson VX7020 for $80 less at another site but was happy to pay the premium due to Peyton. I had a lot of questions which he answered professionally, patiently and quickly. In today's world of off-shore customer service, it is refreshing having a company which understands customer service. Great job Peyton!

Kevin Loomis, November 29

Really helpful, answered questions with ease and re-directed me!! Thanks for your help 5 stars!!

frederic, November 19

Took the time to research my questions on AV Receivers. Particularly on what "built in support" for SiriusXM meant. Without his advice I would have purchased one that would not pick up the Sirius internet stream. I mentioned a few brands and he recommended one that best fit my needs. I really appreciate his expertise and time chatting with me. I am ordering the receiver from him this afternoon. I'll only buy from Crutchfield because of their knowledgeable sales staff and the highly trained technical help experts.

Paul, October 23

Peyton was fantastic! He answered every question quickly and thoroughly! Definitely provided excellent customer service and went above and beyond to make sure I wasn't missing any thing I would need to have my car audio set up completed! I'd rate him a well deserved 6/5 stars

eli, October 22

Peyton was very helpful and took the the time to look up technical data...made me feel confident to order from Crutchfield !!

tony alario, October 22

Great advice on car speakers. Answered 10+ questions. Knew exactly what he was talking about. Recommended a specific speaker. Great great advice. 5/5 stars.

Luke, July 24

I called in for some advice on headphones. I spoke with Peyton, who was very knowledgeable about a couple of the headphones I was interested in. After his help, I couldn't be happier with the selection we made. He was super friendly and great to chat with! Thanks again Peyton!

Christopher, October 1

Provided thoughtful, detailed advice via e-mail and promptly returned my call for a follow up question. Quality support -- greatly appreciate the help.

Andy, September 15

Very helpful and patient! Guided us through several questions.

Ryan D, July 24