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Music lover, concert and festival goer, water seeker, movie enthusiast

Tech I'm excited about:

Home theater and OLED 4K TVs to bring my concert and movie experience to life

Favorite music:

Just about anything as long as it is on and loud

Favorite getaway spot:

The ocean, the mountains, or anywhere with my dog Thor

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What customers say about River

River helped me in every aspect of getting my small system started. She was a welcoming host as our conversation started; she reviewed the chosen components for compatibility and for meeting my needs; she suggested a better way to hook up the components. She was yet another reason to come back to Crutchfield.

Martin, September 22

River was AWESOME. She was super friendly and down to earth. Answered every question I had and got me exactly what I was looking for. I will be back for more products in the future and would highly recommend River to anyone.

Brent Mason, August 28

Great CONVO...I did realize right off just how down to EARTH this company and their colleagues are. River was very helpful and a welcoming pleasure. Her assistance was tantamount in my decision to align with Crutchfield. Thanks so very much.

Michael , June 8