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We are located in Virginia USA.




More about Sonny

I enjoy traveling to new places, mostly to wilderness or natural areas. In addition, big music

Advisor since 1998|Located in Charlottesville, VA
Tech I'm excited about:

Dolby Atmos and wireless home audio

Instruments I play:

Air Guitar

Favorite movies:

Lord of the Rings Trilogy- movies that make me think!!

Favorite getaway spot:

Goshen Pass, New River Gorge, Bear Fence Mountain

  • JL Audio Certified
  • Denon CI Certified

What customers say about Sonny

Sonny was great with the short phone call we had. I will for sure be calling him to order the rest of the stuff I need for my system in my truck.

Donald G. , April 12

Sonny is simply a Professional. Gave me great service and product support so I could make a dash-cam selection.

Eric J., January 5

Sonny's Support was Grade A++. I'd heard very good things about Crutchfield from my son. I figured that mostly applied to "products," so I decided to research a surge protector, but couldn't decide on which to buy. After speaking with Sonny I knew just what to buy AND also realized that Crutchfield's "people" were just as excellent as it's products. Thanks for your help Sonny!

Rick M., June 5

He very patiently listened to all my questions and concerns about prospective purchase. He gave me good answers and enabled me to make the right choice for myself. He was not pushy but he was very helpful and earned my loyalty to him and Crutchfield. Because of his help I decided to purchase from Crutchfield.

Robert Hall, November 27

Sonny definitely knows products, helped me choose between a few brands of car audio radios that I had questions about, made my decision easy where as before I was banging my head against the wall trying to choose...Thanks again Sonny! #youtheman

Chris, September 17

Sonny was a great help finding a way to work around a retrofit in an old truck I bought for my son. I'm sure he will be knocked out by his new Infinity speakers. Would have liked to have a beer with this guy. Very cordial and down to earth, not your typical salesperson.

Scott Baekeland, July 18

Sonny was really helpful. Stayed late to help me choose the right speakers for my car. I appreciate the extra help. Looking forward to getting the parts he recommended installed and running.

John, July 13

Sonny is an excellent advisor with great customer support skills. I highly recommend him and will be reaching out to him for future needs.

Mark, June 4

Sonny was easy to talk to and completed my order quickly and answered my weird questions thoroughly!

Alex Kemper, May 30

They don't come much better than Sonny! Super friendly on the phone and his product knowledge is outstanding. Had some trouble ordering online but Sonny was able to get it done for me quick and easy! Sonny is a true asset to Crutchfield! Wish all companies offered great service like this!

Zachary, April 26

Sonny knows how to get the job done ad he didn't waste anytime getting me the right product that I needed for my Lincoln ...Thanks for your professionalism and knowledge Sonny you're an asset to your company.

Abraham, April 23

Sonny was super helpful and resourceful. In spite of my complicated request, Sonny worked to come up with creative solutions.

Richard, January 31

Sonny was very upfront and knowledgeable about my situation. I was considering a soundbar and his analogy was spot on. I ended up purchasing the satellite speakers for the surround and even added a new center speaker to my older JBL for way under the soundbar price. Thanks for the help.

Scott, December 26

Sonny took the time to resolve my issue and make sure I was able to get the item in time for Christmas. He gave exemplary customer service in a personable, yet very professional manner, with the outcome being better than I could have hoped for. With service like this (not to mention better pricing), I will not be shopping on Amazon further.

Jared L., December 20

He helped me pick out some great in wall speakers. The fact that he has actually listened to most of these speakers helped me make the best decision for the type of sound I want.

Todd, December 13

As usual, Crutchfield goes above and beyond with their customer service. Sonny was warm, helpful, and informative. I purchased my second Sonos speaker - excited for the improved sound and convenience. Thank you!

Johanna , December 6

Sonny was wonderful. He helped me put together a compatible set of speakers and a stereo for my 2005 F150. The results are great. 10x better sound. Much more functional stereo. Thanks again Sonny.

Hunter , November 30

Sonny is very knowledgeable and very helpful in making sure I get what I really need.

Tony, October 18

Sonny was a very nice guy and provided excellent service! Very knowledgeable.

Johnathan, September 14

I just got off chat with Sonny. All my questions were answered extremely well. He put in the time to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for... Very impressed.

Mike, August 24

Sonny took the time to patiently answer my questions, even when I sent a follow-up email. Great service and directly responsible for my order. He is the kind of employee that any business would want - thanks for the help!

Mark S, August 23

Perfect Service. Made a purchase

Derel, August 10

Sonny provided excellent service. He was engaging and more importantly knowledgeable of my product. The transaction was seamless and smooth. Thanks Sonny.

Prince, July 17

Sonny did an amazing job recommending a new car CD player to me. The entire process was quick and convenient!

Carl Evans, July 5

Sonny was extremely patient as well as knowledgeable. He never once pushed me to purchase but made sure I had the information I needed to make an informed decision. (I did buy!) Thanks Sonny.

Gary, July 4

Sonny was very knowledgeable and a straight shooter. He gave me honest advice and his own opinion as well. Ultimately, my Dad was extremely happy with gift purchase I made. Thanks, Sonny.

David, June 24

I made a mistake in the model year of my car and Sonny found the correct harness and mounting kit. He was quick, professional, understanding and outstanding! Thank you Crutchfield for providing customer advisors like Sonny; he is the reason that I will purchase from you again.

Brett, June 7

Great customer service and patience. Took the time to explain the solution. Many thanks!!!

Miguel, June 4

Sonny was very knowledgeable! Great advice and was one of the reasons I will only shop at Crutchfield! You can't beat the advice from trained professionals.

Raymond , May 22

Sonny was very helpful and he took the time to make it right for my Harley. He wasn't the type of sales person to sell you the most expensive item but he found the right gear for the right price. Now that's how to do business that keeps customers coming back. Quality items and reasonable prices. Quantity equals profit. Great job Sonny, you too Roy . Both guys were awesome.

DANIEL, May 14

I'm a rookie with sound systems and Sonny answered all of my questions along with giving me extremely helpful advice and suggestions. Awesome dude.

Kody, May 8

Very prompt and knowledgeable. Helped make my order the right order and answered all of my questions. Thanks again Sonny!!!

Tony, May 7

A GREAT buying experience !!! I have been in sales for 30 years and Sonny is as good as it gets at taking care of a customer. I was impressed by the website but called to "just check" on my choices, Sonny asked what I was looking for and carefully explained my choices and some options that would better suit my needs. I never take the time to plug a company, but I will tell all my contacts to check them out.

Ed , April 14

Sonny is a talented individual. He was quick and genuine about helping me piece some car audio equipment together. He is very patient and cares about the outcome. Virtual handshake bud!

Jeromy, March 8

Gave me all the information that I needed, quickly and without a problem. A very friendly support agent A+

Dylan, February 24

Sonny helped finish my system needs by loading up all the wires, cables and camera's to match up with my previous purchases. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to as you describe your objectives and system needs.

Jim Guthrie, February 20

Sonny was fantastic!

Warren , February 19

Sonny was very helpful and knowledgeable. You guys have great customer service!

Andy L, February 18

He helped me out with a lot. I learned about things I didn't even know existed. Glad we got to chat, time to fill my cart up!

Alec A, January 31

Sonny just made my day. After talking to 4 guys in 4 separate visits to Best Buy (with 4 contradicting opinions) and becoming very frustrated, I called Crutchfield and had the luck to get Sonny. He spent 40 minutes answering every question in full detail and explaining things clearly in layman's terms. I'm confident that the system will do what I want and I am confident that I ordered it from a good company. I run a hospitality operation with several hundred employees and I can tell you honestly that Sonny's knowledge and customer service are outstanding. I'll be back to Crutchfield based on this experience.

Carl, January 25

Sonny was excellent in answering all my questions related to an A/V receiver and the speakers. Thank you for all the help again.

Venku, January 5

We are outfitting a retired 4x4 ambulance and Sonny was a huge help in making sure everything fit. Cannot wait to get the new system cranking after mountain biking, skiing, boating, hiking....

Keith, December 10

Sonny was Light-Hearted, patient, and offered insight to help me decide on an amplifier.

Quinlan, December 6

I am restoring one of my boats and had a Pioneer stereo in mind to go with speakers that were given to me. Sonny saved me a big headache as the speakers that were given to me as gifts would not work with the application I was going with. His advice showed me that my components would not work with each other. Thanks Sonny

Sammy Joe , September 12

Sonny was fast and extremely helpful as are all your advisors. Thanks a lot

Ben, March 15

Sonny was very helpful and easy to work with on my Denon AVR order. I do a lot of shopping online, but sometimes I prefer to talk to someone when making a purchase of something that will last for years and Sonny made it easy.The free shipping was great too, less than 48 hours after my phone call with Sonny it was already at my home!

Mitch Johnson, February 9

Sonny helped me with selection of a television, sound system (definitely a must with my hearing) and support items. I have to say Sonny's suggestion regarding the ZVOX was right on. This system has almost eliminated me asking someone what they said or going back and listening again. He is right. The dialog enhancement is great. Combination of TV and sound is a pleasure now. Very knowledgeable.

Ron, January 16

Great help from Sonny! Answered my quesitons and provided solid recommendations and customer service!

Neil J, September 10

Sonny did a great job on educating me on what setup would be best to meet my objectives. He receommnded great products that fit my budget. A pleasure to work with and highley recommended.

Joe C., February 6

For two days, I bugged Sonny at all hours to get a $9K order finalized and I was able to save $2K from my initial estimate due to the wealth of information available on Crutchfield, and also how Sonny educated me!

Extraordinary pre-sales support, September 16

Sonny helped me pick out a great setup for my car and made sure I got what I needed and nothing more. He was also very helpful when I required some help in the installation; it made my first attempt at upgrading my car stereo go smoothly and successfully! Thanks!

Mark L, March 4

Sonny was very helpful in assisting me with the purchase of a head unit. i would have purchased a unit that wouldn't fit because it was a fold down unit and the install kit would hinder it from functioning properly. the unit he suggested had the exact same features without the folding face for close to the same price. thanks for saving me the headache of returns and re-installs.

james, December 1

I am very glad that I talked to Sonny over the phone. He was very helpful in telling me that the amp I chose would work for the subwoofers I chose. He even told me of what way I would have to set it up to make it work. So all I have to say is, Sonny thank you very much for your help!

Stephen, July 17