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PC builder and gaming enthusiast sharing ideas to help customers create their own dream setup.

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Home Theater

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Miami Vice

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Portland Timbers

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What customers say about Troy

Troy really helped me figure out which brand and model suited my needs. Great customer service. Thank you

Robert, June 16

Troy was very good in helping me with picking out my subs and helping me know if they would fit. I would give him a five star and recommend him to a friend

Chris, June 6

Troy was patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive. Thanks.

Vince Dicks, June 1

Fast service and was willing to grab the last two items in stock so they would only be available to me... Really great customer service. God Bless Troy on this Easter Weekend.

James D, April 14

I'm completely clueless on networking, and Troy was able to help me select the right model of cable modem and router to do WiFi for my new internet service. Thanks Troy!

Wendy, April 8

Troy was patient with my many questions and provided full, precise answers that were appropriate for my configuration, desires, and needs. Good job!

Tom, March 25

Provided exactly what I asked for. Wish help was like this everywhere!!! Thanks Troy.

Daniel, March 24

SUPER 1st class service and advice, enough said.

tom, March 21

Troy was very helpful and able to see the equipment and parts needed to complete the installation. Now I have a 1994 updated to a 2017. Fantastic! Thanks Troy!

Guy, February 11

I am by no means an audio expert. So having run into Troy was a great benefit. He was able to clarify what size speakers I needed, all 8 of them, and also provided a recommendation. Thank Troy for taking the time to find what would work best.

Ben, January 17

Troy was very helpful. I asked for a replacement for an old audio product and of course, there is no documentation available easily for old products but somehow he found it, and was able to guide me to the replacement. Good job.

Mack B, October 11

Great guy. very concise answers - perfect advice and very knowledgeable! Highly recommended.

kevin, September 27

I was looking for a NEW secondary battery for my audio system; Troy pointed me in the right direction and this was the PERFECT battery. It's great customer service that keeps consumers coming back! - Thanks Troy!

Mike , September 19

Knowledgeable, fast, polite. Excellent, as usual.

hazen, September 18

Troy is very knowledgeable person.He knows his stuff well and give you a very wise advice. Thanks Troy for helping me today.

Taj , September 18

Troy was able to confirm my choices for home stereo speaker components in an unbiased manner. I am very pleased with the service and product offering from Crutchfield.

Brad, September 15

Troy is an outstanding Crutchfield Advisor! Troy addressed my speaker questions and provided me with a recommendation including technical facts to back it up. Did I mention very QUICKLY and as PROFESSIONALLY as possible? ...That too! Thanks again for your help Troy!

Andrew, August 25

Troy gave me direct and useful answers and did it in a very timely manner. Superb customer service.

Eddie L, July 1

Outstanding service. Very knowledgeable. Provided info I needed ASAP.

Harry, June 25

Great, quick, and concise service. I am very pleased.

James , June 17

Very helpful, double checked to make sure everything would work.

Derek, June 9

Troy uses facts not opinions to help you choose the best audio option, Very helpful, When i have questions or concerns he will be the one I contact. Thanks Troy.

Travis,, May 30

Provided exactly what I needed ASAP. Appreciate his help and skill-set, thanks!!

Kevin, May 30

Awesome Job Troy !!! Quick, educated advice !!! Like A Boss !!!

Randy O, May 19

Troy was fantastic in providing thorough information I needed on new speakers being purchased for my car.

Mike , May 10

He was awesome! Helped a total audio n00b like me set up a system that I love!

Daniel, May 7

Troy explained my speaker options in regards to my factory stereo with Monsoon System, keeping me from making a purchase I would not be happy with.

Scott , April 21

This was a smooth and amazing experience. He was a wonderful help and was concerned about me achieving my goal in getting the best sound quality. Thanks Troy.

Jameson, April 6

Troy was awesome! He was polite, answered all of my questions, and provided me with an alternative stereo to compare. Between the price and Troy, it was a no brainer to purchase at Crutchfield!

Towanda, March 5

First off, there was no pressure from Troy, even though I went with my own choice. That man Troy is cool and is now my Advisor for future purchases.

joemac, February 10

Troys was patient, knowledgeable and very helpful. Steered me in the right direction and allayed my fears about installation. Thanks, Troy!

Doug, January 31

Troy is the best. Very patient with a Nana wanting to replace her grandson's stereo system in his first car. I spent some time at a store and left with only one set of speakers because I didn't feel confident enough that they really knew what was going on. Troy helped me use the speakers I had already purchased and build on to them. Crutchfield, this Nana thinks Troy needs a raise!

Terri, December 28

Troy helped me pull the trigger on placing an order for a new stereo for my daughter and made sure I had everything I needed for installation. After spending 45 minutes in a box store with no support I gave up and came to Crutchfield. Excellent customer service!

John, December 21

Troy was very helpful and quickly provided me with the assistance i needed. He seems very knowledgeable about his work! Great experience overall

chris, December 4

Troy was an amazing advisor when I was shopping for my wife's car audio. Not only did he research the trunk size, he helped me stay within my budget.

Sal, December 2

Troy helped me pick the right speakers for my truck, told me what was and what was not necessary. I appreciate how, even as salespeople, how honest the advice is from the support at Crutchfield. They are not out to sell the most expensive, they want you to have what works best for you.

Titus, November 30

Troy is truly an asset to the Crutchfield family!!! Thanks for all the help

Lee Gatewood , Pine Bluff, Arkansas, November 27

He answered some very complex questions regarding bluetooth functionality for my Alpine headunit. Very thorough and knowledgeable.

Emmanuel, November 13

Troy is an expert. Thanks for everything Troy!! You are the best!!

MARY, October 29

Troy researched for me while I went back to work. Found an option for my specific need. Then I saw in his profile that he is just like me. Home theater, games, and Techno. Props.

Jerry, September 9

Troy provided me with valuable assistance in purchasing a new car receiver . Very quick and helpful .

Patrick, August 14

Too easy to get the right stuff, thanks Troy....

Ricardo, August 24

Troy guided me through my first Crutchfield purchase, but certainly not my last. He took the time to work with me on my purchase, (auto head unit), and advised on all the additional components necessary to work in my car. I couldn't be happier with the advice. Received all the components the next day, installed and works perfectly. Thanks Troy.

Joe Roundy, July 14

Troy really knows his stuff. I was looking to complete my car audio system, and he knew just what I needed. Based off what I currently had and wanted, he recomended the Polk Audio DXi651 6-1/2" door speakers. After doing more research, I was sure that his recomendation was spot on! I am happy to have Troy as my advisor and I will always use him as my advisor. Thank you Troy!!

Anthony, June 18

I want to thank you Troy for your assistance in advising me to go for this Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray player with Wi-Fi. It was a wonderful decision. You were indeed extremely helpful and attended to my requirements and explaining the recent changes to the new technologies available at a reasonable prices. It is so nice of you to listen to me and suggest different devices at different price ranges and your opinions to each. I thank you for your time and experience. I look forward to the opportunity of shopping with your mentoring and with Crutchfield again soon. Happy Holidays. :)

Mike W, November 24

I was teetering on two options regarding a sizable purchase and I didn't quite know which choice to make. Troy gave me some very insightful advice which bolstered my confidence in knowing that in the end, I made the right choice and saved money too. Trust Troy is my advice.

Stephen, November 5

I just ordered my Bose Headphones, and Troy was very helpful. He even setup the cart for me ready to checkout. It is my first time ordering from your company but I'm sure I'll come back for other electronics. Thanks Troy.

Marilyn, April 27

Troy helped me select a remote start system and then helped to make sure I had everything I would need to make it work. He was extremely efficient and friendly. I highly recommend Troy!

Greg Abbott, March 13

I chatted with Troy today and he was very very helpful and I learned some stuff from him today, Once again thank you very much Troy. Look foward to your help again.

Raj, October 7