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  • Larry from Plainwell

    Posted on 7/23/2017

    I,vet had my Sequel II's for 25 years I love them no lack of bass with10in Woofers. You can buy a take them apart an gently clean in a shower,after they are completely dry there is a product you gently apply that will resurface the screens. Go to ML owners blog an it explains this process an where to get the material to resurface the screens. By the way new screens cost about 600 dollars ea. If you can get them.

  • Brian from Raleigh

    Posted on 7/5/2017

    Larry, You can vacuum them just fine. I've had mine for 17 years.

  • Alex Benton from Kingsville

    Posted on 4/7/2017

    Martin Logan does have a lack of bass, but that's what their stand alone subwoofers are for. I paired mine with a Klipsch R-112SW and everything balances out perfectly.

  • Larry from Ventura

    Posted on 3/27/2017

    How does one clean Martin Logans of dust?

  • Roger from Imperial

    Posted on 2/8/2017

    I had a chance to buy Martinlogans like these but I chose Thiel instead. THe highs on the MLs was religious. Lack of bass was my concern.

  • Kramer Crane from Crutchfield

    Posted on 1/20/2017

    Ben, great questions! I've passed them along to our Advisors. They'll be in touch with a recommendation for you.

  • Kramer Crane from Crutchfield

    Posted on 1/20/2017

    Hi Mark! We don't have any perfect matches for your beautiful Belle speakers, but the closest fit would be the Klipsch Reference RC-64 II.

  • Ben from Louisville

    Posted on 1/18/2017

    So I appreciate letting me know big speakers are the way to go as your showing off some $2000 speakers. I currently own 2 tsi300's for the rear and 2 monitor 60's for the front. I stupidly let go of some 10" Santo speakers from the early 90's that offered a huge punch. Now my question is, I know a 10" woofer can cost from 30-40 for a cheap one, 15 for a 5" mid, and another 15-20 for a good 1" tweeter plus the cost of a crossover and a little bit of wood, why do companies not use 10" woofers any more like they used to! They could really make affordable systems and a pair of awesome sound thumping room filling music for the $200 range! Any recommendations?

  • Mark

    Posted on 1/17/2017

    What center speaker would match with a pair of klipsch Belle speakers?