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Better home audio, Tip #6: Use your receiver's direct mode

Crutchfield Hi-Fi 2.0

Sometimes getting better sound out of your home audio system is as simple as pressing a button -- it's knowing which button to press that's the trick. When you want to just listen to music through two-channel stereo (as opposed to a video soundtrack through a surround sound system), the less that happens to the signal as it moves from your CD player or turntable to your speakers, the better. Almost all multi-channel home theater receivers as well as stereo receivers have an option that helps minimize the interference and processing the audio signal's subjected to.

Tip #6: Use your receiver or disc player's "Pure" mode for better sound.
Sending music signals through unnecessary circuitry can add unwanted noise and distortion to your favorite recordings. That's why some receivers and disc players offer a "Pure" or "Direct" mode for playing music. These modes give you the option of switching off unused or unneeded portions of your component's circuitry to provide the cleanest possible signal path, and minimize potential electronic interference. If any of your components provide these types of options, give them a try. You might find that the resulting sound is clearer and more detailed.

This post is based on the article "15 Tips for Better Sound from your Home System" by the Crutchfield Writing Team.