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Video: Alpine's IMPRINT signal processing in action

Another informal vid shot by Matt sitting in the back seat with the Canon XSi camera. Gotta say, the content of the video aside, that the camera does an awesome job capturing HD sights and sounds.

This time, we're evaluating the performance of the stereo equalized with IMPRINT™ processing vs. unequalized output from our Hi-Fi 2.0-inspired system. We're listening to "Your Steps Alone" from the new Sokoband disc. If you haven't read my previous post about equalizing the system with Alpine's KTX-100EQ sound tuning kit, I recommend doing so before checking out the video to see if you can hear the differences.

To take a look at the HD version of this video, go to The Alpine CDA-9887's IMPRINT Sound Tuning Capability on YouTube.


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Video Transcript

Hey. This is Mike out in the Yukon, and I think I have a pretty cool demo for you today.

We've stored a couple of equalization curves that we derived from IMPRINT'S RTA, or Real Time Analysis, of the sonic characteristics of this vehicle using a microphone — placing it in various places around the cab. You'll have to read the last post to kind of get up to speed on that. But the difference I think is very dramatic and should be audible on your computer's speakers. Hope so. Or headphones, if you're using headphones.

So what I'm gonna do here is fade in a track from the Sokoband CD and it's called "Your Steps Alone." I'm gonna bring it in with the equalization curve defeated, just the way the system sounded normally before we did the IMPRINT tuning and then I'll kick it in and see if you guys can hear a difference.

Coming in on the bridge. A fully blown high end aftermarket audio system. Sounds pretty good right? Alright, check it out. Much greater focus. Tight sound stage. Well defined bass. Detail coming out of the mids and the highs. It's dramatic sitting here in the cab. I'm hoping it's translating for you.

Alright, now I'm gonna shut it off and go back to flat. The sound stage collapses, relatively speaking. Gets real boomy. The great Leroi Moore on saxophone. Let's bring him in better. Okay now I've stored two EQ presets here. This is the one I prefer the best. It's called Reference and it's the completely accurate RTA analysis, the Real Time Analysis of my car.

Now I'm going to give you an option that Alpine gave me which brings up the midrange just a little bit — boosts the midrange. The second stored curve. It makes it a little brighter, some might say a little tinnier sounding. Okay listen to the electric guitar here.

I'm gonna take off the IMPRINT. We're gonna go back to flat. Well I hope that's something that you all could hear. It's certainly apparent sitting here in the vehicle. Check it out and happy listening.

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