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Hot Import Nights - Atlanta, GA, August 10th, 2002

What's the story?
Hotlanta, meet Hot Import Nights, the nationwide, traveling show where Tuners get together to show off their rides, and spectators come to have a good time (and drool over quite a few hot cars in the meantime).

This was the last of our "scouting" trips. Our two-man car show team, Matt and Warren, were in the middle of putting the finishing touches on the official Crutchfield show booth (which was set to make its debut the following week at the NOPI Racing Series stop in Virginia; check out the story here). They just wanted to check out the scene one more time before diving in.

Show highlights
As far as vendors go, the usual suspects were there: APC, a major event sponsor, brought its tractor-trailer; StreetGlow had its booth and glowing cars fired up; Toyo Tires, Valvoline, Alpine, Audiobahn/Ichibahn, Kenwood, and many, many more all had put up booths, and were showing off their demo cars, plus independently owned rides that they were sponsoring.

Also true to Hot Import Nights form, the energy level of the whole show was extremely high. Tons of teams and individual competitors were doing their absolute best to impress the judges; to take a look at the list of winners, click here.

And, of course, the enthusiasts, many of them award winners in previous shows, were there with their teams. Believe us, it's an awesome sight to see hundreds of tuned cars, polished to a high shine, gleaming under the neon, strobes, and spotlights that dominate these shows.

Most of the major activity took place around the stage that was set up at one end of the hall. DJs were spinning, a killer light show was on display, and many of the models got up, whipped the crowd into a frenzy, and tossed T-shirts to an enthusiastic crowd. Definitely a good time for everyone.

What makes a Hot Import Nights particularly thrilling is the crowd itself. Tens of thousands of fans attend these shows, and you see a great cross-section of the automotive-enthusiast population. Everyone from Tuners seriously involved in the show and racing scenes, to casual fans interested in the vehicles come together for this celebration of automotive innovation.

There's something infectious about the spirit of Hot Import Nights. It's impossible to come away from one without having your imagination run wild, dreaming of the things you can do to your own car. With every event, the scene seems to grow by leaps and bounds — we think anyone can get into it. Check our Event Calendar to find out when these shows are scheduled to come to your area. And when they're there, get on down and enjoy them!

To see our gallery of more photos from the show, click here.

APC is a strong presence at Hot Import Nights, and they always bring plenty of demo cars, like this one, for display.

You'll find neon everywhere at a Hot Import Nights, but some car owners go the extra mile to put on a thrilling light show.

Tricked-out rides, like this Honda (complete with two visor-mounted monitors) always draw a crowd.

As in any good magic show, this one's tricks are done with mirrors. There's definitely no limit to the lengths some exhibitors will go to show off (and for that, we're grateful).

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