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Fred Gundlach's 1992 Chevy CK 1500 pickup

Items installed:

Installation Description

Basically, I bought all my stuff from Crutchfield and and installed it all myself.

Q&A Section

Why did you decide to upgrade your A/V system?
Because the stock speakers sounded bad.
What's the first thing you show people about your installation?
My head unit.
Why did you choose these products?
Quality and prices.
What was the most difficult part of the installation?
What plans, if any, do you have for future upgrades?
Pop-out LCD screen and bigger subs.
Fred Gundlach's 1992 Chevy CK 1500 pickup 1992 Chevy CK 1500 pickup

Fred Gundlach's 1992 Chevy CK 1500 pickup A side shot shows this CK sits in the sky.
Fred Gundlach's 1992 Chevy CK 1500 pickup The Dual XD7600 CD receiver provides the tunes.
Fred Gundlach's 1992 Chevy CK 1500 pickup While the Blaupunkt subs provide the boom.
Fred Gundlach's 1992 Chevy CK 1500 pickup And they even match the blue theme to the truck.
  • Alexander Hrabe from Crutchfield

    Posted on 5/9/2017

    John, you won't be able to fit a double-DIN receiver in the dash of a pickup like Fred's, but if you'd like to know what fits your truck, you can use our vehicle selector to confirm which stereos fit your car and get some info on what else is needed for the installation.

  • John C from Clearfield, UT

    Posted on 5/9/2017

    Appears this guy replaced the stock tape player with the CD receiver and replaced the stock receiver with a CD storage rack. I don't expect an answer but I will ask the questions anyway: a) what modifier kit did you use for the CD receiver? and, b) would a navigation screen have fit in the slot where the stock receiver used to be? (maybe a crutch field tech can answer that, as I hope to replace the stock stereo with a navigation system and receiver combo, if one will fit)

  • Marcd from Billings, MT

    Posted on 2/19/2016

    next time, do what your title states, outline ALL Installation positions and Installation procedures instead of just showing photos of your truck and subs

  • Alexander Hrabe from Crutchfield

    Posted on 1/4/2016

    Luis, this article is a quite a few years old, so you may not get an answer from Fred, but if you need inspiration for tweeter mounting, check out this article.

  • Luis Aceves

    Posted on 1/3/2016

    Where did you mount your Tweeters ?

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