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How to add Bluetooth to your home stereo system

Play music wirelessly with a home Bluetooth adapter

Audioengine B1 Premium universal Bluetooth® music receiver

The Audioengine B1 premium universal Bluetooth® music receiver boasts up to 100 feet of wireless Bluetooth range.

Want to play music from your phone through an old stereo system? Try a home Bluetooth adapter.

Bluetooth lets you play music wirelessly from your phone or tablet. Any audio that you can hear on your device, can play through your stereo speakers — including downloaded tunes, podcasts, Spotify®, Pandora®, or even audio from YouTube™.

Easy, simple setup

You’ll only need one wire to connect the compact adapter to your A/V receiver or amp. You’ll also have to plug the adapter into an AC outlet.

Diagram of bluetooth adapter for home stereo

Next, you enable Bluetooth on your phone or tablet and put it in pairing mode. Then you select the Bluetooth adapter from the onscreen menu. 

iPhone bluetooth settings

From there, you can walk around freely and enjoy wireless tunes from your phone. Some adapters, like the Audioengine B1, even offer an extended wireless range. 

Why I’m a Bluetooth adapter fan

I’ve been a big fan of Bluetooth adapters ever since I added one to my own home setup. The adapter was an affordable alternative to replacing my old receiver. And it got music flowing through my living room tower speakers again.

(In fact, I hounded my editors for the chance to write this article.)

For about two or three years, I rarely listened to music through my nice speakers. My Onkyo receiver worked fine for surround sound when I watched TV, but it didn't offer an easy way to play tunes from my phone.

I'll admit that I can get a little snobbish about my main entertainment system. I once tried a super-cheap Bluetooth "dongle." But I immediately returned it after I got shoddy sound and choppy wireless reception with tons of audio dropouts. 

Then I tried a premium Bluetooth adapter. It gave me reliable access to all my music downloads and Spotify. So now my 4-year-old could dance in the living room to her Disney playlists — and I could revisit classic albums, while reclined in my favorite chair.

Audioengine B1 Bluetooth adapter

The Audioengine B1 offers both digital and analog audio connections to your stereo.

And most importantly, the sound was full, powerful, and detailed. I never feel like I compromised audio quality for convenience. While these adapters may look small and unassuming, I learned that some perform like a top-notch audio component.

If you're ready to buy a new home stereo system, consider getting one with Bluetooth built-in. To learn more read our guide to Bluetooth home stereo.

Need help?

Our Advisors know home stereo gear inside and out. Contact us today.

  • Veronica stone from Pensacola

    Posted on 7/20/2021

    Hi what station do I need to put my home stereo on so I can use my Bluetooth music from my phone and my stereo is a Pioneer thank you

  • JW Ohler from Grants Pass

    Posted on 3/2/2021

    Hey Man ! LOL I have Klipsch sub & PM51 I would Like to Blue Tooth to My Denon Stereo 1025 , Yes I bought 10 Sub from you folks I have a apple 10 s Phone , I have the ap on my phone for Klipsch Nice speakers by the way ..Have record & CD , Yes I know you can plug Record & CD Via cable but it is a pain plugging & unplugging My stuff is in good shape also have JBL flip 5 ..

  • Ricky B Mintz from Leland

    Posted on 1/27/2021

    Hi, Jeff. I have an older Sony MHC-EC55 component stereo system. It really plays great, but I am considering putting it out in my garage/work area, for when I'm out there working. I usually, just play music thru a cheap little Bluetooth speaker, via my Iphone 8-plus. Is there anyway that I can use my component stereo to accept and play music "Bluetooth" via this phone?

  • nms from Phila

    Posted on 12/30/2020

    I have a desktop 2020 Mac in one room and my stereo in another room. The DAC for my stereo is the PS Audio direct stream DAC. The DAC is 30 ft from the computer. I want to stream Idagio through my stereo. Would a bluetooth receiver work and is the Audioengine the best sound to achieve my goals.

  • Jessica from Glendale

    Posted on 12/7/2020

    Got the wireless version of the audioengine adapter (b-fi) to add to a wired home speaker system that was not not comptable with wireless and it was a great way to play radio or other streaming services using an app on a phone, with high-quality audio.

  • Eugene Hayhoe from East Lansing

    Posted on 11/28/2020

    Could it be that the kind of wireless headphone set-up that I'm searching for in vain, one that I can use WITH my "not all that old" stereo system (instead of a phone) is on its way to obsolecence liked my beloved portable CD players? Sigh...

  • Richard Rittenhouse from Rochester

    Posted on 11/20/2020

    Please explain what the components do to a signal. For example, my system is doing: Samsung note > audioengine B1 (DAC) > adcom gtp 450 > adcom gfa 5300 > NHT C3s. Does the adcom gtp (or any other processor or pre amp or integrated amp) change the analog signal or just pass it through? Why?

  • Joe Martin from Greenville SC

    Posted on 10/7/2020

    I have a question for y'all. I have a pretty old Onkyo TX-SV535 that still works great and pumps hard-wired music throughout the house and porch/patio. I currently have an aux cable into RCA jacks to hard connect an iPhone or Droid but would like to go wireless from the phones so I can control it from the porch/patio. The top several suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you very much.

  • Anga from York

    Posted on 9/13/2020

    Hi I have a Harmon/kardon HK3600 receiver that is wired to speakers throughout the house. I would like to stream through my iPhone and iPad. Any suggestions for an adapter would be appreciated. Thank you .

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 9/16/2020

    I say keep it in the H/K family with the Harmon Kardon BTA 10. Checking the connections on your receiver, that should work out well.
  • Sandra Sawotka from BROOKLYN

    Posted on 9/9/2020

    Hello, I would appreciate your advice. I have an old Marantz SR-48 receiver that I'd like to adapt to Bluetooth. I'd like to replace my old, large and wired speakers with a pair of small wireless ones (maybe JBLs?). My receiver has Pre-Out and Aux jacks. I don't know what kind of Bluetooth adapter to get and how to connect it. Thank you, Sandra

  • Tom Erickson from Livingston

    Posted on 7/11/2020

    Hi, I have a JVC RX-558VBK receiver. It does not have an auxiliary input. Can a Bluetooth receiver be connected to it in one of the inputs I'm not using like VCR and TAPE/MD? Thank you for your time and consideration. Tom

  • Jessi from Baltimore

    Posted on 7/4/2020

    hey Jeff, this article, plus the responses to the comments are super helpful! Thank you. however, I believe it is a few years old and mostly about receiving........... I have browsed article here & other places online and have not been able to find a detailed discussion about TRANSMITTING audio from an analog system to wireless (stereo) speakers. I think I have the basic idea of what needs to be done - I need a transmitter plus some speakers, but I am looking for discussion about the best methods & products in 2020. FWIW - I have a Denon DRA-395 and want to have same sound coming from my wired speakers as is coming from 2nd room with wireless...

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 7/14/2020

    Thanks Jessi -- we're planning on updating this article in the next few months, and I think this would be a good subject to cover. Thanks for the suggestion! To help you right now, and to make sure we find the best solution for your specific setup, I'm forwarding your comments to an Advisor.

    They'll follow up with you directly soon.
  • Isao from Columbus

    Posted on 7/3/2020

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for the article. Exactly what I was looking for. We have a LUXMAN R-1050 receiver that we inherited from the previous owner of our house. It is currently set up with Boston Acoustics A150 Series II speakers and a DENON DCD-1520 CD player. What Bluetooth connection would you recommend? Thank you!

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 7/14/2020

    Very cool vintage receiver! I'm going to get you to one of our Advisors -- I tried to do some research online, and couldn't get a clear story on all your connection options. They'll follow up with you directly to give you the best options.

    Posted on 6/20/2020

    I have a Yamaha receiver HTR-3066. I would like to find something to not only play my music from my phone through the amp, but also be able to blue tooth to headphones so I can hear tv better while my family is sleeping. Any suggestions?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 6/23/2020

    Gus -- the HOSA IBT 402 Drive can work as both a Bluetooth receiver or a transmitter. But it can only serve one function at a time. It was designed for use in the car, but will work with home gear too.
  • Ira S. Cohen from Delray Beach

    Posted on 6/14/2020

    will this bluetooth adapter work with my Onkyo tx-ds595 receiver to my bluetooth headphones?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 6/16/2020

    Ira, you'll want to use a Bluetooth transmitter like the Soundcast VGtx for that.
  • Cameron from Lilydale

    Posted on 6/8/2020

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for the great write-up. I have a Denon AVR-3310 receiver and was wondering if the Audioengine B1 connected via digital would work for me? Cheers, Cam

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 6/10/2020

    Cameron, that should definitely work!
  • Kelvin from Asaba

    Posted on 5/31/2020

    My sony dz810 home theater only has the Audio In and no A/V IN. How can i and what type of audio bluetooth reciever do i need to enjoy music from my phone through the home theater speakes

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 6/1/2020

    Hi Kelvin, I looked up your receiver online. It appears that "Audio In" connection is 3.5mm stereo mini. That means the Harman Kardon BTA 10 should work for you. It includes the cable you need to connect it to your Sony unit.
  • Chris from Middlesbrough

    Posted on 5/27/2020

    Hi Jeff, Sorry it wouldn't let me reply to your reply. Connected are the radio tuner, cd player and cassette deck leaving just one set of phono inputs for my turntable, the connectors for the others are really old school kind of large connectors. Thanks for your help. Chris

  • Chris from Middlesbrough

    Posted on 5/24/2020

    Hi Jeff, Thanks for this article, I have a classic Technics SE-HD51 set up, it's old but beautiful and sounds great, I'd like to set up a Bluetooth connection but I currently use the only phono input for my turntable, there is no aux on it, any suggestions?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/26/2020

    Hi Chris

    Just found an image of that amp online. You're right, it is beautiful! Unfortunately, I don't see an easy way to connect a Bluetooth adapter. Can you tell me what other components are in your system? I'll see if our Advisors can get creative.
  • Scott from San Diego

    Posted on 5/16/2020

    Hello, I have a Yamaha RX V1700 receiver that I purchased from you years ago, What is the best way to connect it with Bluetooth?

  • Michael from Westfield

    Posted on 5/13/2020

    Hello, I have a Marantz SR6008 AV receiver which is hardwired via ethernet but which is not connecting to internet. After much troubleshooting with various tech experts at router company and Marantz, it's a probem that I have been unable to resolve. In the alternative, I would like to add a bluetooth wireless receiver to my setup. Marantz had one at one time but the product (RX 101) seems to have been discontinued. Do you have any alternate suggestions as to what I could use? Also, where would it connect on the receiver? Thanks, Michael

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/14/2020

    Hi Michael!

    We have several options that will work with your receiver (excellent receiver by the way -- I've heard that Marantz in action). The Harman Kardon BTA 10 can connect to one of your stereo RCA audio inputs. (Looks like there's a set on the front panel that might be handy.) The iFi Audio ZEN Blue , and the Audioengine B1 offer a digital connection along with the analog one. You can connect either to one of the digital optical inputs on your Marantz.
  • Lorraine Johnson from Waterford

    Posted on 5/11/2020

    I have an Onkyo receiver HT-R520 I would like to make b luetooth. What do you suggest?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/14/2020

    Hi Lorraine, I would recommend the Harman Kardon BTA 10 for your receiver, too. It will connect via stereo RCA.
  • JJ from Exton

    Posted on 5/11/2020

    Hi JEFF, I have an old Yamaha RX-V463 receiver. Can you recommend a blue tooth adaptor that would work with this? Thanks!

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/14/2020

    Hi JJ

    I think the Harman Kardon BTA 10 should do the trick, if you want to connect via stereo RCA.
  • Eapen from Sarasota

    Posted on 5/5/2020

    I have a NAD C 740 receiver. Will the Audioengine B1 work with it?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/6/2020

    Yep. It will connect to the receiver via the included stereo RCA cables.
  • James from Atlanta from Atlanta

    Posted on 5/3/2020

    Jeff, thank you for writing this article and for posting responses to almost all questions below. I have a whole house (wired) sound system being installed with an Onkyo TX-8260 in the basement as part of renovation. We are putting a Bluetooth receiver (wired ) at the far end of the house so that we can play/change music on the Onkyo from dstance from smart phones. What Bluetooth reciever can transmit my TV audio (TV to be purchased soon) as well as smartphone app signals to the house system? Or do I need two? TV will be mounted close to the Bluetooth receiver. Thank you for any advice!

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/5/2020

    Hi James,

    I'm going to forward you to one of our Advisors who can follow up with you directly. We probably need a few more details to give you a solution. They are busier than normal, but I've asked them to follow up and they will be in touch with you soon.
  • Ryan Turner from Philadelphia

    Posted on 5/3/2020

    Hello and HHEELLPP! lol I'd like to connect my phone to my vintage system. Which is better so I do loose sound quality? Right now I have a garbage $20 bluetooth adapter set up and I feel like im loosing sound quality that I deserve from my Marantz 2275. Do I need a DAC or a better bluetooth with a DAC built in or a quality wire connection? I'd prefer bluetooth but not if I'm loose quality ?? Thank you

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/5/2020

    Hi Ryan

    That's a great question, but probably warrants a deeper discussion of what you're trying to accomplish (and the connections on your current Bluetooth adapter). One of our Advisors will follow up with you to help you weigh your options.
  • Owen Gandy from Odessa

    Posted on 5/1/2020

    I purchased a new Dennon pro dn-300br, I've connected it to my bedroom cheapo Yamaha N301 via rca monster cables... I dont have any of the network connected to the receiver will it still work without all of that? The directions on the Dennon are very brief and doesn't state which input on the receiver to connect it... it has line out 1 and 2, cd. Pb, and rec

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 5/6/2020

    Hi Owen,

    Sorry I missed your question. Since you're using the Denon pro DN-300BR to make the Bluetooth connection to your phone, you don't have to use the network features on the Yamaha. You can connect the Denon to of the Yamaha's four analog stereo RCA CD, line 1 or 2 should work.
  • Kevin from Parker

    Posted on 4/28/2020

    I want to get an adapter to plug into my non-bluetooth audio receiver but I need something to plug into my TV to turn the sound into a Bluetooth signal. Got a system that will turn both non-bluetooth devices I to Bluetooth capable devices?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 4/28/2020

    Kevin -- the HOSA IBT 402 Drive can work as both a Bluetooth receiver or a transmitter. But it can only serve one function at a time. It was designed for use in the car, but will work with home gear too.
  • Deborah Trazino from Middle Village

    Posted on 4/23/2020

    I have an older Onkyo TX-SR601 receiver I'd like to bluetooth my iPhone music library to, can you recommend a few options? Thanks!

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 4/28/2020

    Deborah -- I think the Harman Kardon BTA 10 Bluetooth adapter would work for your setup.
  • Kevin Mendonca from Olney

    Posted on 4/21/2020

    Will this work on my Pioneer Elite SC 79, and does it need wifi to work. Have Sonos now but won't work due to poor internet.

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 4/21/2020

    Kevin -- yes, I think all of the home Bluetooth adapters we carry will connect to that receiver one way or another. (By the way, I personally love the sound of the Pioneer Elite series gear from that time frame.)

    You would not have to connect to Wi-Fi with these adapters -- strictly Bluetooth.
  • Milica from Belgrade

    Posted on 4/20/2020

    Heloo, please i loking for help, i have a sony dav dz630 from 2007, is it any pisibility to make this divice to work on bluetooth... I hope you Will find some sollution to help me, thanks Milica

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 4/21/2020

    Milica -- it looks like the receiver included in that Sony shelf system has stereo RCA inputs. The Harman Kardon BTA 10 Bluetooth adapter includes a minijack-to-RCA cable that should connect to your Sony system.
  • Jim Griffith from Santa Fe, NM

    Posted on 4/18/2020

    Want to listen to playlists from I-Phone 11 -- IN STEREO -- via McIntosh C26 and 250 on Elac Debut 2.0 (DF52BK). 1. Is Audioengine B1 my best bet? 2. Any extra cables required? 3. Equipment is housed in wood cabinet (vented), doors typically closed. Does adapter antenna need to be outside the cabinet? Thanks for the help.

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 4/20/2020

    Hi Jim, here are my answers:

    (1) I think that the B1 would work well in your impressive setup.

    (2) It includes a stereo RCA cable that looks like it will connect to the C26's aux input (I pulled up an image of the back panel from Google).

    (3) I can't guarantee that the B1's strong signal will work through the cabinet, but I can share anecdotally that our "demo days" crew tested it in our vendor training room. They left the room with their phone (the music source), and walked way down the hallway through thick walls and doors and even upstairs before the audio dropped out. It was really eye-opening.

    And finally, I bet our social media team would LOVE to see a picture of your setup -- mixing new and vintage gear together is kind of our thing.
  • Rob from Chicago

    Posted on 4/15/2020

    Hi, I have a Yamaha V675. I want to make it Bluetooth for music. It has 2 opticals, a coaxial and usb available. Can I use one of the opticals for Bluetooth hookup? If not, what would be a good option for this receiver to hookup and a couple quality Bluetooth receiver options? If you have a better solution, please let me know. Thanks, Rob

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 4/16/2020


    You could certainly use one of those digital optical inputs to connect a Bluetooth adapter. I really dig the new iFi ZEN Blue adapter . It sounds great and is extremely well-built. You would need a separate digital optical cable to make that connection, but it does include analog stereo RCA patch cables.
  • Frank Millo from Montgomery

    Posted on 4/13/2020

    Does the Audiogene adaptor have a Dac in it??

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 4/14/2020

    Hi Frank! It does indeed, it uses AKM's AKM4396 DAC chip. They've also updated the product recently and it includes Bluetooth 5.0 for an even stronger wireless signal.
  • murph

    Posted on 3/18/2020

    How do I send audio signal from my stereo amp to bluetooth speakers across the room? It has a headphone output in addition to speaker outputs. Is there a converter to take headphone as input and acts as a Bluetooth pairing device which _sends_ the incoming audio to Bluetooth speakers? no smart phone or computer needed?

  • Robert Kammeraad from Gilford, NH

    Posted on 3/2/2020

    I've used bluetooth adapters before (I'm using one now) and some work well while others don't. One thing I find annoying is that most of them don't come with ac adapters. I assume I can add one but so far I've just grumbled every time I have to plug in a USB cable to charge them. Do you have any that already come with an ac adapter? Thanks.

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 3/3/2020

    Hi Robert!

    We have several options that include an AC adapter, including the Harman Kardon BTA 10, the iFi Audio ZEN Blue , and the Audioengine B1 mentioned in this article.
  • James from Mahwah

    Posted on 12/20/2019

    Does blue tooth stream in True Stereo or just L & R Mono FM from Samsung Galaxy s8 to this adapter which will be connected to a vintage stereo receiver. Do any stream in stereo?? Thank you

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 12/23/2019

    James -- each adapter that we carry streams in stereo.
  • Moshe Slonim from Tel Aviv

    Posted on 7/6/2019

    Hi. Can I use Bluetooth adaptor to connect an old receiver to Bluetooth speakers?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 7/8/2019

    Hi Moshe, This Bluetooth transmitter might be what you're looking for:
  • John Smith from Bairnsdale

    Posted on 6/3/2019

    Hi there I'm thinking of adding a bluetooth receiver to my hi-fi system which consists of a Marantz 6006 amp and some old KEF concerto speakers. I listen to all types of music on itunes, spotify etc and also download heaps of podcasts. Do you think the audio-engine B1 would fit the bill? Thanks for any help you can provide. Cheers, John.

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 6/25/2019

    Hi John,

    I think Audio-engine B1 would definitely fit in nicely with your setup. The sound quality is worthy of your classic gear (very cool, by the way!) and it has an extended wireless range, so you can move around a bit.
  • Wayne Coley from Swadlincote

    Posted on 3/14/2019

    Hi, I have a a teac AH500 integrated amplifier. Will this device be suitable for this. I'll I want to do is play the music files from my mobile phone. The sound quality of the teac is sensational with my ae109 speakers. Although they are old components they sound like new.

  • Bill Perlstein from Gainesville, FL

    Posted on 3/1/2019

    Hi. I have an old Onkyo TX-906 receiver with no Aux RCA port and recently got a Belkin songstream BT adaptor. Which RCA port should I use from among the ones I'm not using?-tape-2, video-1, video-? I tried the inputs ti each of these, paired my iPhone, and set receiver to the respective port fot output, but no music.... Thank you for your guidance, Bill

  • Howard from NYC

    Posted on 1/8/2019

    Interested in comparing wifi vs bluetooth for streaming music to my stereo. The link Ralph Graves: "Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth for streaming music" does not work. Any help?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 1/9/2019

    Sorry that link is not working, Howard. Here is the full address:

    Posted on 12/22/2018

    I use the cheap dongle in my 2009 truck, since the radio doesn't have bluetooth, so far it works great. How ever, I would go with the better quality for my home surround system. Right now, I use my smart tv to play from, but then ofcoarse I have to turn the tv on, just to play music via the home theater system.... Great sound tho, with optical cord

  • Marty

    Posted on 9/11/2018

    Will any of these Bluetooth adapters pass surround sound from a new Apple TV?

    Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    on 9/21/2018

    I don't think a Bluetooth adapter would be the solution you're looking for, but I'll forward your comment to one of our Product Advisors. They'll be back in touch with you to get more details on your setup.
  • Jay Blundon from Memphis

    Posted on 5/9/2018

    Make sure your Bluetooth receiver uses a DAC (digital to analog converter) chip to decompress the audio signal. It will enhance both the dynamic range and signal strength.

  • Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    Posted on 4/20/2018

    Michael, I think the Soundcast VGtx Bluetooth transmitter might work for you, but I've asked one of our Advisors to follow up with you directly. He or she will get more details about your setup to ensure this will do the trick.

    That transmitter sends TV audio wirelessly via Bluetooth. It also has an optical digital output that passes audio to your sound system.

  • Michael from Carmichael

    Posted on 4/20/2018

    I have blue tooth hearing aids. I would like to adapt my two year old integra receiver, set up as reasonably good surround sound system, so that I can listen through blue tooth, while AT THE SAME TIME others can listen through the normal speaker

  • Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    Posted on 2/5/2018

    Hey Kevin, check out this article from our streaming media guru, Ralph Graves: "Wi-Fi vs. Bluetooth for streaming music"

    Ralph breaks down the pros and cons of each method.

  • Kevin R

    Posted on 2/3/2018

    A friend did this years ago with an Apple AirPort express. Wanted wireless music in a pool side. How does the Air Port express compare to these devices. I believe the AirPort also strengthens WiFi signal.

  • Walden Go from Wailuku

    Posted on 11/7/2017

    How can i stream movies from my cell phone wirelessly using some kind of bluetooth adapter or device connected to my old home theater amp

  • Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    Posted on 8/21/2017

    Ken -- Great solution! Sounds like it is super convenient

  • Commenter image

    Jeff Miller from Crutchfield

    Posted on 8/21/2017

    Darwin -- I've sent your question to one of our Advisors. They'll follow up with you to see what will work with your receiver.

    Rich -- Most of the Bose wave radios have a stereo minijack input, so you should be able to connect a Bluetooth adapter that way.

  • Ken

    Posted on 8/21/2017

    I took this a step further in my entertainment system and allowed my Amazon Echo Dot to stream music to my old Marantz ONLY when the Marantz is in the correct input. Like you, I attached a simple BT receiver (one I had laying around in fact) to my older receiver but where I took it to the next level is by integrating my Harmony Home Hub, my SmartThings Hub and a z-wave outlet together. My Harmony only turns on the zwave outlet with my BT receiver plugged into it when I've turned on my "Alexa Music" activity. This way when the receiver is in any other input, my Alexa audio responses are played via the internal Echo Dot speaker but when the "Alexa Audio" activity starts, the audio from the Dot is automatically paired with my BT receiver connected to my Marantz and I'm off to the races.

  • Rich from Newberg

    Posted on 8/19/2017

    Will it work on the bose wave radio

  • Darwin Kelly from Baltimore

    Posted on 8/19/2017

    I have a old Fisher receiver " will it work on minds

  • Josh

    Posted on 5/29/2017

    Sweet. I should habe looked before. I recycle the old stereo systems and use them quite often.

  • Mark VanOsdol from Belleville

    Posted on 5/29/2017

    Cool !

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