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Video: Pioneer AVIC-F900BT Navigation Receiver

In this short video, car audio experts Deb and Zak highlight some of the coolest features of Pioneer's AVIC-F900BT in-dash navigation receiver.

Video Transcript

Deb: Hi, I'm Deb.

Zak: I'm Zak.

Deb: We're here with the AVIC-F900BT navigation receiver. Now the first thing you notice about the receiver is the size. It's a double-size receiver with a gorgeous 5.8-inch touchscreen display.

Zak: It is a gorgeous touchscreen and it's got these big icons which make navigation easy. For instance, here we are at Crutchfield Park, and it's got text-to-speech directions, which means it'll tell you out loud what street to turn onto.

Deb: Instead of just "turn left" it'll say "turn left on Main Street."

Zak: Exactly. And if you have an MSN Direct subscription, you can get real-time traffic and weather, plus movie times, local restaurants, things like that.

Deb: And even a feature for gas prices; it'll tell you where the nearest gas station is and how much gas is per gallon.

Zak: That's great.

Deb: For your iPod, it's got voice control of the iPod. You can tell it to shuffle, you can look up artist and album titles.

Zak: Exactly. Well, this unit also has built-in Bluetooth, for safe, hands-free calls while you're driving, plus a USB input and a set of A/V inputs for adding sources.

Deb: It also has a rear camera input, so if you want to put a rear-view camera in, you can install that for the larger vehicles. They're very small, very lightweight.

Zak: Yeah, great for bigger vehicles if you're backing into a tight space or something like that. So there we are, the Pioneer AVIC-F900BT navigation receiver.

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