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Is the Crutchfield PC back?

New Crutchfield Computer

Okay, not really...

No, we aren't actually launching a new line of retro PCs.

HOWEVER, once upon a time (the early 1990s), we did make and sell Crutchfield-brand personal computers as well as an array of home office and business essentials like phones, fax machines, and printers. And naturally, we sold everything else you'd need with your spiffy '90s-era computer like extra RAM, a sound card, a graphics card, and a track ball mouse.

Check out these catalog spotlights on Crutchfield computers, and if you're hankering for a longer trip down memory lane, visit our Crutchfield Vintage page.

Computer Image 1
Computer Image 2
Computer 2
Computer 2
  • Rob McGee from Oregon City

    Posted on 9/14/2017

    Wow. That's killer.

  • Kmay

    Posted on 5/16/2017

    Omg.....some of those are Everex.....

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