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Video: A Review of the Zoombak GPS Locator

Crutchfield experts Robert and J.R. put the Zoombak GPS locator to a real-world test to check out its tracking capabilities. See the results of that test in this quick video, where we experiment with Zoombak's Safety Zones, phone texting, and real-time tracking features.

Please note that use of the Zoombak locator requires a monthly service subscription with Zoombak, to be activated within 60 days of purchase — call us at 1-888-955-6000 for more information. Also, the use of GPS tracking devices may be regulated by local, state or federal law.

Video Transcript

JR: Hey, I'm JR

Robert: And I'm Robert. And we're sitting here in my office at Crutchfield today to tell you about the cool new Zoombak GPS locator.

JR: You know, we've been using the GPS, or Global Positioning System, satellites for years to help navigate us from Point A to Point B in our cars. Zoombak's figured out some pretty cool things to do with it besides that.

Robert: They have taken GPS technology, combined it with cell phone technology, and created this portable tracking device. Now the idea is that you put this in your car, or on your dog's collar, wherever you want it, and Zoombak will send you text messages on your phone, or emails, or you can just check on their website, to see where the device is, any time of the day, day or night. And what we're going to do is see how it performs here for us. So I'm going to send JR out with the Zoombak to go for a ride and using my cell phone and Zoombak's website I'm going to see if I can keep up with him and find out where he's going.

Robert: JR is out and about, on his way who knows where. I'm sitting here preparing to watch his progress on Zoombak's website, and I'm expecting any moment now to get a text message from Zoombak telling me that it has left the safety zone that is Crutchfield. [beep] Ah. Just got the alert. And yes, the Zoombak has left Crutchfield and is heading down the street away from our company. So, we're on our way here. Our map just refreshed and it looks like JR is heading down the main road. [cell phone rings] Maybe that's him now. Let's take a look.

[answers cell phone] Hello, it's Robert.

JR: Hey, it's JR.

Robert: Hey man.

JR: So could you tell when we left Crutchfield?

Robert: I watched you leave Crutchfield, the map just refreshed as your phone call came in, and I see that you're on Route 29.

JR: So you do know where I'm at.

Robert: Let's see, it tells me that you are actually at Timberwood Boulevard.

JR: That's exactly where I'm at, right here at the grocery store.

Robert: All right, well, as long as you're there pick me up a loaf of bread.

JR: OK, that's good, I was going to get some milk anyway.

Robert: OK. OK. So that's it. He's going to come home. And again, I can use this either via telephone or the website to find out where the Zoombak tracker is. And that way, if I want to check if my teenager has gotten home from school on time, while I'm at work, I can do that. Or if it's late, they aren't back on time, I can get a rough idea where they are just to make sure they're safe and not in any trouble. Hey JR.

JR: Hey Robert, how are ya?

Robert: Doing pretty well.

JR: So I'm back, and, you found me.

Robert: I found you, I had a really good idea where you were the whole time.

JR: Wow.

Robert: It's pretty cool.

JR: Well, since I'd rather you not have that ability, you can have this.

Robert: All right, well, I'll take this back from you. And this was our real-world trial of the Zoombak GPS locator and it did a great job.

JR: Pretty cool.

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