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Video: Pioneer DEH-P4000UB CD Receiver

Crutchfield's car audio experts, Zak and Ken, get a hands-on look at the Pioneer DEH-P4000UB CD receiver.

Video Transcript

Ken: Hi. I'm Ken.

Zak: I'm Zak.

Ken: We're going to talk about the Pioneer DEH-P4000UB today. It's a single-size CD receiver. It's got USB and aux inputs built-in, plus built-in iPod controls.

Zak: Yeah and I love that about it, Ken. And it's so fast and easy to use. Since it's built in, like you said, all I do is choose USB as my source. And then from there, it's real simple to scroll through whatever genre I feel like listening to, playlists, lists of songs... whatever you want. It's just real easy to use.

Ken: And it looks fast, too.

Zak: It's very fast. The USB connection pushes data through very quickly — it's nearly instantaneous.

Ken: That's great. One problem you run into with iPods is that the sound can be a little compressed sometimes, because the files scrunch it down. Pioneer's built in something they call "Sound Retriever," which really opens those files back up and gives them a nice, sparkling sound. I mean you love what you hear with you use the Sound Retriever. It's a nice feature.

Zak: Another nice thing about this is that you can add all kinds of things onto it. You can add HD radio if you want, satellite radio, it's ready for Bluetooth, and it's also compatible with third-party steering wheel adapters.

Ken: That's nice. There is a step-down model from this: the DEH-P3000IB. Now it doesn't have the USB input, and it doesn't have Sound Retriever either. I'd say if you're going to use your iPod a lot, you ought to step up to the 4000. It's just ready to go right out of the box with great iPod performance.

Zak: And there it is: the Pioneer DEH-P4000UB CD receiver.

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