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Video: Pioneer DEH-P5000UB CD receiver

Robert and Ken, Crutchfield car stereo experts, illustrate some of the cool features of Pioneer's DEH-P5000UB CD receiver.

Video Transcript

Ken: Hi, I'm Ken and this is Robert. We're going to talk about the Pioneer DEH-P5000UB in-dash receiver. That's a lot to remember, but the important part is UB — stands for USB.

Robert: Oh, how clever. So you can plug in a USB where? Is it behind the face?

Ken: It's not behind the face. A lot of models, different manufacturers will put a slot right on the front. I don't like that, because then you have a thumb drive sticking out or a cable going to something. Pioneer has it on the back, and they've provided handy extension capabilities. Pull the cap off, take your media like a thumb drive, stick it right in there, and you're good to go.

Robert: And the Pioneer recognizes it right away.

Ken: Right away. I'd probably run it to, like, my glove box. Hook up a USB, maybe a hard disc drive. And it even handles an iPod. It's got iPod controls built right in. You hook it up with your iPod cable.

Robert: They're more and more doing that these days. That's really helpful.

Ken: Yeah, Pioneer sells a special iPod cable. It's just like the one you got with your iPod, so you don't have to keep hauling that back and forth. But it's ready out of the box. You can hook it right up and go.

Robert: It sure looks nice, too. That's a nice sleek design.

Ken: It is. Pioneer's been refining this style for quite a while, and they stick with it, which I like. They're not always jumping around. You have a nice big display. Since it's a fold-down face, you've got plenty of room for that CD slot here. The control knob right here — all the buttons are just grouped right around it. You see it's a very clean look. It's kind of what you'd expect on a media bar like an iPod these days. So it really fits into the way people are used to using electronics.

Robert: Nice. And there you have the Pioneer DEH-P5000UB.

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