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Video: Alpine CDA-9886 CD Receiver

Crutchfield car audio experts Zak and Ken get a hands-on look at the Alpine CDA-9886 CD receiver.

Video Transcript

Zak: Hi, I'm Zak.

Ken: And I'm Ken.

Zak: And we're here today with the Alpine CDA-9886 CD receiver. It's got built-in USB and iPod controls separately, so you don't lose your USB slot to your iPod. And it's, above all, a very nice looking machine. What do you think, Ken?

Ken: It is — classic styling and I love this display. Alpine calls this the BioLite display. It is crisp, clean, I mean it even has a great font. I just love the look of that display. I'd like to see that in my car, I think.

Zak: What I like about it is it's easy to get to fine-tune your audio. All you have to do is push that big dial, and here you can adjust your subwoofer level if you've got one, or you can pump up the bass if you want to. It's great.

Ken: That's nice. You know, if you want to go the extra step in adjusting your sound, you can get Alpine's optional imprint sound processor. You hook it up to this model, you take the included microphone and put it in your car, you play a test disk, and it'll analyze the sound, customize it for your car, so you have perfect sound every time.

Zak: Nice and easy. There's another model in the Alpine line that retains most of the same controls. It's the CDA-9884. It's a little less expensive, and the difference is you have a slightly smaller display that's not a BioLite display. You also don't have a USB slot, but you do keep your iPod control.

Ken: Sounds good. This is the Alpine CDA-9886.

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