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Sony gets back into the OLED TV game

These screens are a bit larger than 11 inches


Sony's BRAVIA A1E OLED TVs don't have traditional stands but their inverted-v design offers much more flexibility.

Sony combines BRAVIA picture quality with OLED technology

Been lusting after the dazzling picture quality of OLED? More options are headed your way: Sony is returning to the OLED TV field after a long hiatus. 

Longtime tech geeks may remember Sony’s early foray into OLED TV back in 2008 with the small-but-pricey 11” Sony XEL-1. That TV was a great harbinger of screen quality to come, but it didn’t really take off because most people didn’t want to spend half the price of a used car on a TV smaller than most laptops.

After nearly a decade out of the game, Sony’s back with large-screen OLED models (known as A1E) ranging in size from 55” to 77”. As has been the case with every Sony TV since they entered the flat-panel business, Sony is having the actual panel supplied by someone else — in this case, LG — but Sony relies on their special video processing to deliver superior picture quality.

Design-wise, A1E TVs boast an unconventional stand-free look, allowing the connections to be combined in the support/mounting mechanism which lies behind the screen. A nearly invisible bezel is possible in part because the sound comes through the screen itself (yep, you heard right), with two pairs of "audio exciters" on the rear of the display (the support mechanism houses a subwoofer). 

We're guessing this introduction of the Sony A1E line will be especially welcomed by diehard Sony BRAVIA fans, who now have a chance to upgrade to OLED technology and see what the fuss regarding ultra-thin screens and superior picture contrast and black levels is all about.

  • Dominic DeVito from Crutchfield

    Posted on 7/11/2017

    Hi Dan Thanks for sharing your insight into this TV. We recently had Sony here for training and I was able to check one of the new OLED TVs out for myself. I have to say that the sound actuators really held their own in the sonics department. But I agree, pairing one of these TVs with a dedicated sound system would make a winning combination.

  • Dan Moses from Toledo

    Posted on 7/8/2017

    Sounds great (for a TV) will not have the dynamic sound of a good quality sounbar on a separate audio receiver of course. can not be used as a center channel. Nor would you want it to be. If you are going the separate speaker route you would want you front 3 - Left, Center, Right to match as close as possible. I will say this is by far the best TV on the market today.

  • John Kutasz from Portland, OR

    Posted on 2/22/2017

    I'll be very curious to hear more about the sound quality, once these become widely available. And, if it actually sounds good, can the TV take over the duties of a center channel speaker? What kind of coordination would it take to allow an existing receiver to decode and drive all other speakers in a surround system? Maybe just directing an amplified center signal to the TV via regular speaker cables? I guess time will tell....

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