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Video: 2014 JVC digital media receivers

JVC's 2014 digital media receivers are great for everyone who uses their smartphone as their main source of music. These receivers don't play CDs, but they work great with popular music apps.

Video Transcript

Logan: Here at CES 2014. I've got Jacob from JVC. He's gonna tell us a little more about their new digital media receiver line.

Jacob: Thanks Logan. New digital media receivers, we've got three different models this year. What's cool about these is all of them have a short chassis on it, so it's only about 4.5" deep on the back side of the radio and that's advantageous if you want to install these into like an ATV, a motorcycle, even a boat if have one of the marine units too. So those are pretty cool.

All three of these actually play FLAC files, too. I know a lot of people are starting to use FLAC because of the sound quality and, you know, the compression qualities of the file format. So all three of these will play FLAC files, which is nice.

And then one highlight that we have is this brand new 31MBS, which is a marine motor sports receiver. It has a conformal-coated board so it's kind of moisture-resistant, and also has SiriusXM and Bluetooth built into it too. Another cool thing about this is with the Bluetooth you can download an app for Android phones which let you control your head unit using the Android phone itself wirelessly. So that's a pretty neat feature of the Bluetooth head units too.

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