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Video: Adding sources to your commercial audio system

Your commercial system is designed to expand

One advantage of a well-designed commercial system is that if you want to add a source down the line, like a paging microphone or an iPad, you can do so. Your commercial system is designed with future expansion in mind. This short video walks you through the process of adding a source.

Our commercial design experts are glad to answer any questions you might have, and are ready to help you design a system for your space.

Video Transcript

Most of the time, you want to play the same music source throughout the entire space. However, you may want the option to play different sources in different places at the same time. You may also want to control volume levels independently. A well-designed commercial audio system can help you do this.

Each source will need its own amplifier. In our example, the CD player is our source for the dining room, and a TV is connected as our source for the bar area. We also have the first amplifier's preamp outputs connected to the second amp as an additional source. We do that so when there's not a game on TV, customers can hear the same music throughout the entire space. This setup makes it easy to change sources or add additional sources, like a paging microphone. Get in touch with our commercial audio experts to learn how we can help design your system.

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