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Video: Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport

A CD specialist that's a great match for your outboard DAC

Cambridge Audio's CXC CD transport was designed to do one thing extremely well: read your CDs with the utmost precision. It delivers digital data from your CDs straight into a digital-ready integrated amplifier. Ben from Cambridge Audio stopped by Crutchfield headquarters for a training session, and explained what makes the CXC CD transport so great in this video.

Video Transcript

Voiceover: Ben from Cambridge Audio held a training session at Crutchfield so we asked him to explain the features of some popular products.

Ben: So part of the new CX series is our CXC CD transport. And that's an important point to note. It is a CD transport rather than a traditional CD player. What that means is that we have moved the DAC outside of the CD player and we've put in into the CX amplifiers instead. One of the reasons for doing that is having the DAC inside the amplifier means it's more useful to more people with a wide variety of digital sources. So there is an optical or coaxial digital audio output from the CXC and that keeps the digital signal in the digital domain as long as possible where it's converted to analog at the very last minute by the DAC inside the amplifier. And that minimizes analog signal deterioration which can happen with an analog audio connection.

We also use our S3 servo in the CXC. Now that's something that we developed for the flagship 851 range CD player and it's a CD servo that is designed to spin your CDs very, very accurately but only at CD speed, getting the maximum possible information with the lowest possible jitter from the CD.

Voiceover: If you have any questions about Cambridge audio products please give Crutchfield a call.