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Video: Kicker Yellow Series car audio gear

Get Kicker quality at an affordable price

Kicker's Yellow Series of amps, speakers and subs gives you the performance you expect from Kicker at a more affordable price. And this year's models are better than ever. We took a close look at the Yellow Series at the Kicker booth during CES 2013.

Kicker Yellow Series CS speakers

Kicker Yellow Series CX amps

Kicker Yellow Series subs: CompD and CompS

Video Transcript

Zak: I'm at the Kicker Booth at CES 2013 with Aaron, and Aaron, take us through the Kicker Yellow Series.

Aaron: Well, the Yellow Series from Kicker is our value-driven line. Everybody wants Kicker, but not everybody can afford the 10,000 watt warhorse amp and the Solo-X woofers. So we offer the same engineering, the same technology, at a lower price point. So, that's what you get with the Yellow Series.

For example, CompS woofers, CompD. These are based on our legendary Competition Series woofers way back from the eighties. But of course, they've been evolving for the last twenty years. So CompS means single voice coil, CompD, dual voice coil — a little more flexibility. And the power is double what it was last year, so you get a whole lot more value for your dollar.

Moving on to the amplifiers, again notice they're yellow, so they match perfectly with the power ratings of the woofers and the Yellow line speakers. One of the cool things about Kicker amplifiers — you don't have to use line output converters when you install them with factory radios. Sometimes you buy a nice car, it's got a nice radio, but you want to add an amplifier. With our amplifiers you can run the high-level signal directly into the amp with no converter necessary. So, it's a great value for the customer.

In addition, the Yellow line speakers known as the CS, they will drop into 97% of the cars with no alteration. So it's a real simple install for anyone who wants to do it themselves. They don't take a lot of power, so if you really don't want to buy an amp, you just want better sound, you can simply drop those speakers in the factory holes, and they work perfectly.

Zak: Great. Thanks, Aaron. That's the Yellow Series from Kicker.

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