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Video: Mathilda gets amped

Amplifiers always make the sound better

One of our employees shares the excitement of having an amplifier in her car for the first time. She loves listening to music in her car, but she's never had an external amplifier. So we installed a 4-channel amplifier from Rockford Fosgate in her car and she's more excited than ever to listen to her favorite tunes on the way home!

Read more about her system and why amplifiers rock in our article, Amplifiers Make Music Fun. And don't forget to check out our selection of 4-channel amplifiers.

Video Transcript

Ever since I've had this car it's had a factory installed stereo, which has not been the best stereo in the world. I really enjoy listening to music in my car and because I really like to feel absorbed by the music I tend to turn it up pretty loud. And as a result I've really shot my speakers really badly. So it's been really great to have a whole new system in my car including new head unit, new speakers, new amp to power those speakers.

And I was really surprised at how much more detailed the sound becomes. It doesn't simply provide more power. It really helps to nuance the music a lot more and it's a much more sophisticated sound experience on all levels. The high ends and the low ends both-everything doesn't just get muddied up when you turn up the sound. The sound is much more delineated. I've really been really fascinated by how the amp has been able to do that for my stereo. If you have any questions about amps or how you'd like to improve your sound experience give us a call.

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