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Video: Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

An alarm that connects to your home network

The Nest Protect is a smarter smoke alarm. It connects to your home network and can send alerts to your smartphone if the alarm is triggered by either smoke or carbon monoxide, and it's available in a battery-powered or wired version.

Video Transcript

Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm

Voiceover: Vernon from Nest stopped by Crutchfield Headquarters for a training session so we asked him to take us through the features of the Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm.

Vernon: The Nest Protect is actually a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector all in one. It's a pretty revolutionary product. Now you'd expect a device like this, of course, to have a smoke sensor. Of course have a carbon monoxide sensor too as well.

But there's a couple of other sensors in here that really make the unit work well. We have a heat sensor and a humidity sensor. And there's a lot of other intelligent features that go into the device. So if Nest Protect detects an emergency, whether it's carbon monoxide or smoke what it will do is it will automatically send a notification to your phone or even send you an email.

With Nest Protect we actually use a mother's voice to help tell you about something, so it's not such as jarring as an alarm, but it'll also help keep your kids calm and direct them to safety too. Now you saw the ring go blue there. We normally only see that during set up and test, but when you turn off the lights what actually will happen is for a second you'll get a quick green glow, and that tells you that all the sensors in your smoke alarm are working properly and that it's connected to the internet. All those things work together in Nest Protect to make your life easier.

So if you have more than one device, we have a technology called Wireless Interconnect that allows these devices to share information. And this is separate than Wi-Fi communication, so even if the Wi-Fi communication went out in your home — let's say you had an electrical fire — well, with Wireless Interconnect they're still able to communicate. Ninety percent of all carbon monoxide poisonings in residential homes actually come from a furnace. So if you've got Nest Protect, it can actually work with your learning thermostat and actually shut off your furnace to help reduce the probability of a carbon monoxide poisoning death.

Voiceover:If you have any questions about Nest products, please give Crutchfield a call.