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Video: Polk TL250 Blackstone Speaker System

Make every movie night way more exciting with Polk's TL250 five-speaker system. These speakers use some advanced technologies to create incredibly lifelike sound that draws you into your on-screen entertainment. The four Blackstone satellite speakers and the Blackstone center channel speaker produce effortless sound with startling dynamics, especially given their small size. Just add the Polk powered subwoofer of your choice to get deep, room-shaking bass. 

Video Transcript

I've spent some time recently with the Polk Audio Blackstone TL250 satellite system, and was really impressed with the fullness of the sound that they deliver. You know Polk has always been known for high-quality speakers, both in floor-standing and bookshelf, but they've really kind of hit the nail on the head with these compact satellite speakers.

The center channel is maybe the jewel of the system, because it's gonna give you the dialogue and the sort of center-stage information that you may be missing with your normal TV speaker system. So even though it's a small speaker, it can really project out into the room. Great voice and dialogue and great special effects coming through there as well.

One thing I really like about these smaller speakers is they do have 5-way binding posts, so if you're using banana connectors, or pin connectors, or even bare wire they'll accommodate anything that you want to plug into them.

These speakers are perfect for small- to mid-sized rooms. You can also add individual Blackstone satellites to the system as well if you wanted to do a seven speaker system. One of the advantages of small satellite speakers is they don't take up a lot of space, but one trade-off is that you're not getting good bass response from these smaller speakers. To complete the home theater experience or to really add that depth to your music you'll want to add a powered subwoofer. Polk makes a number of woofers that you can pair with this and that will voice match together perfectly.

The Blackstone system does not come with any speaker wire in the box so you'll want to make sure you have that when you go to install it. If you have questions about this or any other product give us a call. Our Crutchfield advisors are happy to help.