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Video: Sennheiser MM Series Headphones

Eric from Sennheiser dropped by to take us through the Mobile Music series of headphones. The MM series offers a wide variety of headphones for listening on the go.

Video Transcript

Hi. Eric with Sennheiser. I'm here at Crutchfield with the industry's best and brightest talking about our new Mobile Music series of headphones. Let's take a closer look.

This series is comprised of the on-the-ear designs and around-the-ear designs, but also noise-canceling and non noise-canceling variants. All these models have a few things in common, and that's the integration of Bluetooth. You can use these headphones wired or wirelessly, but when using them with Bluetooth, such as with your mobile phone, you can stream music, carry on a phone conversation, and also manage your playlist, start stop music, answer in a phone call, all from the ear cup.

Now the MM 400, which I have in my hand, is an on-the-ear foldable design with a rechargeable battery that you can charge anywhere in the world, or via USB. It has a sister called the MM 450. Again, you can use these wired or wirelessly. So this one cancels noise and also streams audio and does phone calls as well. Again, foldable compact size — perfect for your next trip or for use at the office.

So this is the MM 550. It has an around-the-ear design, but also features the noise-canceling circuit and Bluetooth functionality we just talked about. There's a version of this without the noise canceling called the MM 500.

Now all of these models have a designation of "X" at the end of them. The "X" stands for the apt or aptX codec. This is a great way to get audio over Bluetooth that sounds a lot like a wired connection. In fact, for most people it will be indistinguishable. It's hi-fi sound over Bluetooth.

That's the MM series, or Mobile Music series from Sennheiser. You can control your music over Bluetooth. You can stream audio over Bluetooth in stereo. Plus, you can carry on a phone conversation and be hands free from a smart phone. Thanks for checking it out.