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Video: Sony GS car amplifiers

Compact and powerful

Sony's efficient GS car amplifiers give you clean, effective power to make your car audio system sing. They sport hefty heatsinks and a variable-speed cooling fan to keep them running cool, and their small profile makes them easy to fit into your vehicle. There are two GS models: a 4-channel, and a mono subwoofer amp. Both feature RCA and speaker-level inputs and are backed by a 3-year Sony warranty.

Video Transcript

This is Nathan Stotts reporting to you live from Crutchfield headquarters here in Charlottesville, VA. Today we're actually going to talk about the new Sony amplifiers that have just come out on the GS line.

We currently have one of the GS100 amplifiers, which is the monoblock which is running the subwoofer at 2 ohms, 500 watts RMS. Then you also have two four-channels, which is running all the speakers inside — everything completely active. So pretty much on these you have full control — subsonic filter, gain control, high-pass, low-pass, or off if you want to run it full range, level control, low boost control. These amplifiers give you every adjustability possible to make your car sound the way that you're trying to get it to do.

Everything here is just kept simple, clean, and easy — out of the way so that way you can throw groceries in here, golf clubs, whatever you need. So for the size, compact ability, class D technology is the way to go. Also they have signal-sensing inputs so if you can't necessarily do RCA level in or remote trigger or anything of that nature, these do have signal sensing input on them as well. That's a big benefit and big gain to people who are trying to still integrate into the OEM application side of things.

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