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Video: The Peachtree Audio Story

From CES: David Solomon, one of the founders of Peachtree Audio, tells us about his inspiration and the early days at his company. Peachtree Audio's audio gear is a favorite of audiophiles everywhere.

Video Transcript

Tara: This is David Solomon, one of the founders of Peachtree Audio, and he's going to tell us a little bit about his company and how you all got started.

David: First off, even with all of the cool products that we've got these days, actually came from this little box. And seven years ago when we were carrying this thing around, people just looked at us like we had, you know, six eyes. It was just the most different, it was the most different thing that they had ever seen because it wasn't just an integrated amplifier that we were carrying around. It was something that we felt that people were starting to use their computers more and more for music and it was, we had the hair-brained idea that at some point CDs would just go away.

Well, we would come and tell people that owned stores this, and it was just they would look at us like the CD is never gonna go away. And we're going, "Well it is, or at least we think it is, and this is the kind of product that's gonna end up taking its place." Although it's, you know, kind of ugly, it actually really sounded very good. And what made it different than anything else that was on the market at the time or anything that any of the other big companies were showing is that it actually handled what we thought would become what people would listen to more than CDs. It had a USB input. It had an optical and a coax input. You had to switch it like this.

And then it had, we went ahead and put an analog input on it. And to even get this thing to work you had to do, you know, really kind of weird switching on it, but it was kind of fun. But this is what the deck...okay, there was a few dealers that went, "You know what, we really buy into this. We think this is the way it's gonna go." Well after carrying this thing around for a year and a half, we finally came out with the Decco, the original Decco, and it just went crazy.

I've been doing this a long time, and I've never had a single product that was ever that successful from ground zero to, you know, really as many units as we sold, which was actually thousands of units. And from a company that at that point had been completely unheard of, that was kind of unheard of. You just didn't do that. But at any rate, this is how the whole company started and I'll always keep this little piece just because it's got a lot of nostalgia for me and it is, you know, where the company started.

Tara: Awesome. Thanks David.