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Video: Kicker IX amplifiers

Compact and powerful amps

Crutchfield Advisor Mac takes a look at Kicker's IX amplifiers — powerful but small amplifiers perfect for tight spots.

Video Transcript

If you want more power and better sound in your vehicle, adding an amp is a sure fire way to get what you're looking for. Now today we're going to look at Kicker IX amps.

IX amps are just one of several amp lineups that Kicker makes, but these amps have one thing going for them that Kicker's other amps don't: size. All Kicker IX amplifiers are built into compact chassis that are the smallest Kicker's engineers have ever made — as small as 10"x9"x3". Now that makes them ideal for vehicles with limited mounting space like pickup trucks or subcompact cars.

Let's put that into perspective. Here's a pretty typical 2-channel car amp, power output of 200 watts, and here's the Kicker IX 500.1 with 500-watts of power — more power, smaller design, Kicker quality. Class D technology, combined with a high-current power supply, let's them pack a heavy-duty amp into a compact package you can put just about anywhere.

And here's something that makes installation a little easier. All the inputs and outputs are on the back of the amp, plus the controls are mounted on the front so they're easier to get to. For a really slick install get Kicker's IXSM stack brackets so you can securely mount one amp on top of the other. It saves space and looks great too.

Powerful compact amps with a Kicker pedigree, built for great sound when space is tight. Now, to learn more about these amps contact us at, via chat or e-mail or give us a call.

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