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Video: Focal Polyglass Speakers

This brief Crutchfield video takes a quick look at Focal Polyglass series speakers.

Video Transcript

Focal stopped by today to demonstrate their incredible line of car audio products, and if you're like me and you really like to listen to your music, I mean really listen to it, this is the kind of stuff you want. They played a track with a stand up bass play, and I'm a bass player myself and we're used to getting kind of lost in the mix there but this stand up bass I could hear every fret buzz. I could hear every time a finger tapped on the fretboard. It was just amazing.

Focal's been around for thirty years and this year, as a thirtieth anniversary tribute, they've introduced the V30 speaker to their Polyglass line. What they did was take the basket and magnet assembly from their higher end speakers and put it down here in this V30; it sounds great.

Now one thing about Focal speakers that makes them special is this inverted dome tweeter here. Now a normal dome tweeter will spread the sound out in your car and it'll bounce all around and get out of phase. Bottom line — you'll hear it and it won't sound as good as it can. The inverted dome tweeter lets you focus the sound in a tricky environment like a car. They've also got a built in phase plug which makes sure that everything from about 30" on out is always in perfect phase. And if you think about it, 30" is about how far you'll be to the closest car speaker in your car; no accident there.

If you're like me and you really appreciate music, really want to listen deep to it and hear all those nuances, all the dynamics, and just hear music how it was originally performed, you need to get to know Focal. They're a company truly obsessed with doing the same. If you want to learn more about Focal, go online and check it out or give one of our Advisors a call.

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